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My parents were going on holiday to Paris for the weekend. I was left with my sister who was 19 5ft5 inches tall with 34c sized breasts and not forgetting her beautiful feet that she had which were nicely pedicured. I always dreamed of getting a foot job from her. My mum and dad were going and said behave yourself for your sister” I said I will”. My sister Lucy goes where going to have a wicked time” I always thought and dreamed of the sexual way. But I don't think my sister thought like that. I came home after I was hanging around wit my mates. No one was home so I thought I might as well download sum porn and have a wank as I had not had one for two weeks and I needed to release the lead out of my pencil. I went on the computer and checked my email. Then I started downloading sum porn off the internet, it was all foot sex. For some reason I just laughed feet since I was young. I had my room door shut. I didn't realise that my sister came in from the front door as she was out. She opened my door and I was wanking over the porn video. I was just making it to the climax stage and she goes oh my god” and I stopped I just felt like cumming but it stopped. I was so ashamed didn't know what to do as I dint want to go up to Lucy. I stayed in my room for about an hour until it was 9pm. I decided to leave my room and approach Lucy and justify my actions. I went into her room she was putting nail polish on her feet. It was white gloss nail polish her feet looked so gorgeous. She goes what were you doing earlier were u wanking” I said nnno” she said I know what I say Johnny” I said it was natural” she said I know it is” whilst smiling at me. little bro I love u so much and im going to make your fantasies come alive today” she took all her clothes off her body was so creamy. She opened her drawer and took 2 anklets out and passed them to me put these around my ankles” I did it and it made her feet look so pretty and she jiggled her feet and the anklets jingled which turned me on. She pointed at the massage oils and told me to apply it on her. I put some on my hand and rubbed it over al the body. I concentrated on her breasts her nipples were brown and big. I rubbed the palm of my hands over her nipples they were so erect. I then rubbed the oil o her feet and the became so soft and lubricated I sucked her toes so much and in between her toes they tasted so nice .She told me to lie down and told me im going to foot job you that you will remember it forever. I lied down and she got both the sides of the foot and started going up and down my balls were so tight. She rubbed the arches off her foot right over my dick that I blew so hard it went a metre high. I never cummed so much in my life. I then relaxed she goes to me as you have had your foot job you owe me something. I handcuffed her feet and wrists and tied her to the bed. I got the whip she had and I told her I was going to punish her. I got the whip and I whipped her feet instead of screaming she was getting turned on and I beat her feet so hard that there were bruised it looked so sexy all juices were flowing from her pussy. I just grabbed her breasts and played with them I wanted to cum again and I blew a load all over her feet and I rubbed it like lotion she was so sticky. So I united her she was in pain and couldn't move. So I picked her up and took her to the shower we showered together. Then next day my mum and dad returned and my sister should come and give me my footjob everyday at 11pm I told her if she didn't I would tell mum and dad that she had boys around.

Submitted by : Anonymous
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