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My own Medicine

The door shuts as the tall red head locks the door behind her. Hi I'm nurse June, you must be Derrick, I'v been told that you are having trouble ejaculating. Tell me about it.” Well it's like this…” I lean against the wall not quite sure what to do with myself. For the past few weeks, whenever I would masturbate I could never ejaculate and I would only receive small orgasms. On a normal session I would work at it for a few hours and then give up.” hum, I think I know what the problem is but I will have to look to make sure. Remove all of your cloths.”

I paused not sure what to do or if I heard her right. Don't worry I'll be gentile” she said with a smile as she sat down on the stole. I kicked off my shoes and my nerves begin to grow. I took a deep breath and removed my shirt. I couldn't help but think how luck I was to have to do this in front of a woman. My shorts dropped to the floor, her eyes moved from my face to my genitals. I diverted my eyes from Nurse June as I lowered my boxers. As soon as I had stepped out of them June rolled her stole in from of me. She reached out with her left hand and took hold of my limp cock. Her hand was cold but soft. She held my cock strait up in the air as she fondled and massaged my balls with her right. I was glade she wasn't warring gloves, I hate the feel of latex. I was just getting into her messaging my balls when at once she moved her stole over to the table leaving me standing naked and confused. She was writing in her folders, as I asked so, is it what…” cutting me off to reply ”yes, your sperm is blocked, but we can fix it here today. I need you to get one of those gounds on.” There was one on the table, I started to get dressed init. Nurse June finished writing lay down on the table” I did so. Are you nervous” Yes” I said softly. Don't worry” June said Nurse Alyse will be taking care of you. You'll like her, she's young, blond and ready to ease any nearness you might have. But for now close your eyes and take deep breaths.” Nurse June took my hands above my head. I didn't what she was doing until I felt metal rings close around my wrists. I opened my eyes to see that Nurse June had handcuffed me to the bed. I stared to struggle. Just relax Derrick, it's for your protection, this can get a little rough.” She smiled at me as said it and I believed her. She sank down and poled up a blanket and spread it over me. It might be a little while until nurse Alyse comes. This will keep you worn until then.” Nurse June turned and then left closing the door behind her.

I felt like an hour had passed when the door handle turned. I looked up to see a short, young blond woman enter the room, Hi Derrick” she said. She had a covered tray that she set down on a table beside the bed but it was higher then my head so I couldn't see what was on it when she removed the cloth. I could only make what I thought was a blue round plastic object. I'm Nurse Alyse, I hear you have an ejaculation problem, well I'm hear to fix it.” She had a wonderful smile. Are you ready” She asked as she removed the blanket that covered me. I guess so” I replied. good”. She polled the knots holding the gound together then pulling it to the side reviled my soft cock. That is a very pretty cock you have”. I said nothing. She took a bottle of k-y lube and pored some into her hands. One hand gently stroked my cock and the other massages my balls. You seen nervous, are you A little”, I know what will help” she said. She moved backwards until I could see her head to toe. Reaching up she unzipped her white Nurse uniform, her beautiful C tits rolled out as she stood in nothing but her red g-string. She gave me a wink and pulled down her paints reviling a neatly trimmed monde of public hair. What do you think”, Your very sexy”. Thanks” as she ran her hands over her breaths. I have to get you really heard now” with that she took a penis pump off the try and guided my cock into it. Will this hurt” I asked no, but you will feel it.” I felt the rim of the pump press down around my cock and I watched as she toke the handle and pumped three times on it. Each time I felt my cock expand and get polled. It was uncomfortable and pleasurable at the same time. How does this feel” She asked. All right” I said. I'm going to pump you a few more times, just relax” I took a deep breath as she pumped it. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as she pumped my again. As she pumped my for the six time I let out a cry of pleasure, oh god that feels good”, glad to hear you enjoyed it.” Alyse smiled. She pulled the penis pump away, my rock hard cock lay against my belly. Time for the handjob, this is my favorite part”. Watch as she put on latex gloves and a vibratory off the try. Holding my cock up in the air, she ran the vibratory over the underside and head of my cock. You must be enjoying this!” I smiled. She guided the vibratory over my head and down my cock and onto my ball then back up again several times. She took a deep breath, you not cumming like I expected, I'm going to have to try something else.” With that she spread my legs and sat down at the end of the bed facing me. She unhooked her shoes, reviling her lovely feet. She put her feet on my chest, ”I'm going to give you a footjob now but I need you to suck my toes, ok”, Why” I asked, because it well get me wet”. She moved her right foot to my lips. Please” She begged. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth, her toes dived in and I sucked and licked them the best I could. Removing her foot she said ”Now the right one” and put her right foot to my mouth, I suck and licked it as well. Thanks” as she removed her foot from my mouth, now for the footjob”. She grabbed the bottle of K-y and covered her feet with it. She took my cock in between her feet and stroked slowly up and down. It felt amazing, I begin to moan with each stroke and she quickened her pace. I was sweating and moaning oh My God this is so fucking good. I'M GOING TO CUUUUUM” My hips buckled and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. A long stream of sperm shot up and landed on her ankle as my cock pored cum down my shaft all over her feet and on my balls. I lay back breathless. that must have feel amazing, now its time for you medicine.” Alyse grabbed a mettle spoon off the try and begin to collect my sperm from her feet and my balls into it. Once it was filled to the brim with my sperm Alyse get off the bed and stands beside me again. It that my medicine” Yes it is” as she hodes the spoon in frond of my mouth. But that's my sperm” I said, I know, you need to drink it”. NO, I'm not going to drink my own sperm” I exclaimed. Look Derrick either you drink your sperm willingly or I will have to force you to drink it. Please don't make this hard for you”. I'm not drinking it” I said. Fine. Here it goes”. She grabbed the blue object which turned out to be a funnel and put it to my lips. I tried to close my mouth but she forces the tip of the funnel through my teeth and into the back of my through. Now you are going to drink you sperm”, with that she turned the spoon upside down over the funnel as my sperm pored out into the hole at the bottom and flowed into the back of my throat. It was worm and salty and it had a horrible taste. Nurse Alyse removes the funnel and held my mouth closed with one of her hands and massaged my throat with the other. Just let it slide down you throat.” I tried to stop but her messaging made it impossible and I had to give in, with a loud swallow I let my sperm down my throat. That's a good boy. See that wasn't so bad, was it” She smiled and I couldn't help but to nod my head no. Well, now that it over I need to clean you up”. With that she pointed my sperm covered cock to her mouth and suck the remaining cum into her mouth, taking her cock out of her mouth she gave a load swallow and smiled. I smiled back.

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