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Workshop for Women

There was a collective gasp as Ivan pulled down his pants and laid across the table. His cock was fully hard and swung between his thighs as he climbed onto the table.

"Yes, my husband's been blessed with a wonderful instrument of my pleasure." She leaned over and kissed him slightly. "It helps keep our marriage strong." She turned to face the crowd of women gathered around and smiled proudly.

There was a random assortment of women gathered in the basement of her office this weeknight. She'd held such workshops before but never with such an impressive turnout. She guessed their ages ranged from anywhere from eighteen to the late fifties. Usually it was housewives bored by their failing sex lives with the occasional college neophyte thrown in for variety but today's group ran the gamut. Suburban, wealthy, working moms, older, younger, they all met this evening and gawked openly as his boner stood skyward.

Elena took her time selecting the right oil to allow the women their fill of her husband. As they gawked openly he lay with his hands at his side and his eyes closed as he'd done many times before. She found a container, opened it and held it above his prick to let it slowly drip onto his member. When a substantial amount covered him, she placed a thick amount on her palm and coated her hands with it.

"Now ladies, I'm sure you're aware by know how sensitive a man's penis can be." She got her answer from the varied sighs, nods and giggles from the group. "Well then, imagine if you toyed with that sensitivity, keeping him on edge as long as you wanted." As she talked she began lazily stroking her husband with only the tips of her fingers. She glided along his shaft. Her hands knew the territory well and he murmured happily beneath her.

"When you're in this position, when you take such an interest in your man's cock, you've put him in a vulnerable state. Emotion flows out of him..." there was a giggle at this and she winked at its source. "There is a lot of feelings for him at this point. He becomes almost helpless and he looks to you for his satisfaction. That is up to you, of course," she quickly released her husband and he moaned sadly. "You decide how long to keep him begging, you decide if he climaxes, drips or goes without. You can be the pleasing wife, the cruel mistress or a heartless bitch- depending on your mood, of course."

There were a few questioning looks. "That's right," she continued. "Men lose all control of themselves when you handjob them. Do it well and he can be easily trained." She stopped. "Isn't that right, honey?"

"Yes dear," he answered in a gulp of breath.

"In this position you're his goddess. You control the most important thing in his world." She squeezed him tenderly, the pad of her thumb pressing gently into his glans. "You control his pleasure, his satisfaction, his very maleness. Too often a man lets it take over much of his life and there's no one more suited for keeping it in line than his woman."

"We all know what a climax is, but what is a drip?" A meek blonde dressed in a skirt and expensive jewelry asked.

"Have you ever played with a penis?" Elena asked the group. "Of course you have. Before orgasm, a man becomes overly stimulated. His come, desperate for release, pushes out of his body a slick fluid that enhances and speeds up his orgasm. This is usually what's known as precome and the moment he achieves orgasm his ejaculate follows. The longer you postpone his orgasm the more precome will be made. It drips from the head of his cock." She looked down at her lover's cock for a moment, contemplating the easy motion of her hands as they slid over his shaft, his cockhead and his glans.

When she continued she didn't look up at the class but down at her husband's organ, as if speaking to it alone. "But what would happen if he never got to orgasm? What happens to all that spunk, hmmm?" It was obvious she was enjoying herself. The women were witness to an intimate rite that took place between them. She loved her man's cock, that much was clear, and he seemed to enjoy her touch teasing him and holding him at the edge.

"If he has a large buildup and you stop right before the moment of climax, he will still ejaculate but the feeling will be greatly diminished." She did as described, pulling her hands away and holding them palms up for the class. Ivan whined pitifully and writhed on the presentation table. One woman put her hand on his shoulder, offering sympathy.

"Don't worry," she reassured. "He's not there yet. I've not decided how, or even if he will come. I have a tendency to test him and I can assure you our cockplay lasts longer than the few minutes you witnessed here."

Her hands returned to his member and he relaxed with a happy breath. Michelle, an older woman with auburn hair pulled back into a ponytail, noticed the truth in her words. She could see how emotional he had become so quickly. She was glad she decided to attend this evening. There was much she was learning. Her nipples budded beneath her shirt and she felt a dampening between her legs she hadn't felt in far too long.

"It's up to you, I'm sure you ladies will be able to handle such a crucial decision." Elena continued. The women twittered excitedly around the room. "If I'm upset with him, I may just stroke him until he's begging and stop to watch him leak." She smiled wickedly. "In effect, you make his penis cry. It gives you a very powerful feeling. Or," She stroked him more earnestly now, "You can be a kind woman and give him the release he's pleading for- times ten."

She unzipped her dress so she wore only stockings and a black thong and climbed on the table to sit between Ivan's legs. "Realize what turns your man on and use it to your advantage, that's key. My husband has always loved my legs so I like to watch him enjoy them." She stretched a long, sleek leg covered in the thinnest of stockings over his body to stroke his torso. The fullest part of her thigh pressed against his balls, her toes almost reaching to his chin. "He becomes more aroused, ceding more control to you."

For some time all was quiet, with only the sounds of his heavy breathing and the wet sounds of Elena's hand working his prick. The women circling them were speechless and watched the scene like a pack of hungry animals.

"All men love attention to their cock. They love to be kissed, touched, tickled and stroked. Most have had more than their share of blowjobs and know how good it feels deep inside a woman but, for most men, handjobs are a thing of the past best left to nervous high school fumblings in the back seat but I'm proof that they are an art. Men look down upon such a show of affection, finding it juvenile, but most are nervous about being in such a state in front of a woman." She laughed, "Oh, sure they're used to feeling hands on their cocks- their own, but what about a woman that really knows how to handle them? They'd never forget you." She smiled almost wickedly at the group about her. "Show him you can handle his cock better than he can and it changes your relationship completely. It opens up an intense pleasure too few men ever experience."

Sitting comfortably between his legs she eyed his throbbing shaft as it pulsed in her grip. This was always such a tender moment for them. He became so compliant, so open to her. It made her heart race.

"Some women are born to this but for most it will take some practice." She looked around at the dozen women eagerly listening. "You will learn as you go. Eventually your man may even prefer your hands to anything else and will refuse your mouth in favor of being masturbated. Right now Ivan loves everything I do to him, isn't that right, honey?" She bent over and placed a small kiss on the tip of his cock. He sighed wantonly.

"You'll learn some techniques that will become invaluable. You control when and how he climaxes and how much comes out of him." Her hands stopped and she gripped the base of his shaft. She waved his cock between her fingers, causing him to twist. "If you like, you can even force his come out before he's ready." She demonstrated by pressing the flat of her thumb right above his balls and driving it upwards along his urethra. When she got to the tip, a glob of pearly semen appeared on his slit.

"He's enjoying that, mind you. Anything that gets his goo from his body feels good, but it would feel much better if you eased it out of him slowly and allowed his orgasm to expel it." She whispered to the women, "This is purely a mind-fuck. It drives a man crazy. Their body doesn't know what's happening and he isn't sure how to react. It's good to practice every once in a while to keep him guessing."

It looked like the wind had been knocked out of Ivan and the motions of his body were replaced with an alarming stillness. His eyes were tightly closed and the grimace on his face belied the struggle taking place within him. Surely he could sit up, take himself in his hand and give in to the temptation rolling though his body. That he didn't was very telling. Elena merely sat between his spread thighs and watched the bubble of come thicken on the end of his cock. He turned his head to each side to hide his state from the onlooking women but only faced more curiosity. The crowd watched with a mixture of sympathy and intense arousal as he grimaced in front of them. Most were well accustomed to the sexual behaviors of men but none had ever seen a man in such a state before. The ecstasy turned quickly to torment was evident on his face as his wife spread the thick come over the hypersensitive tip of his prick, seemingly oblivious to his condition.

She looked up at the eager faces around her and addressed the crowd. "Some call it cruel, some call it a show of affection. It can be all of those things; male adoration, cock teasing, cock torture, cock appreciation. I considered all those terms for this workshop but I think male massage is best. Though," she looked down at Ivan's prick as it jerked in her hand once again. "It is all up to you. Remember what I taught you and use it when he's had a hard day at work or you want a unique way to wake him up in the morning." She caught the eye of a tall, shapely black woman that seemed ready to pounce on the desperate man below her. "It's also the most reliable lie detector known to man...and women. When you have your man in this state he's unable to lie, his brain can't handle the pressure at both ends." She chuckled, "Sometimes when you get him going, he won't be able to stop and the flattery flies out of his mouth. It's wonderful if you need an ego boost."

Ivan moaned then, startling the women who were so entranced at the sight of his cock jerking and shining from the mixture of massage oil and his come that they forgot about the person attached. He had a look of extreme pleasure. Looking past the women, his eyes looked glassy, as if he was in a trance. Elena spoke more quietly. "This is the most crucial part. He's going to come and in the next few moments you have to decide how that will happen. I keep my husband pretty ripe. Our sex life flourishes due to my control of his orgasms but you must always consider his needs. No man can take being denied for long periods of time. He grows bitter, irritable and difficult to deal with."

She bent down and gave the head of his cock a long, slow lick. Spit coated his already drenched head.

"Ivan used to be quite shy. I enjoy looking at him and I enjoy allowing others to see him as well. It took some time to get him to agree to be my aide for these workshops but, as you can see, it isn't all work for him." Her hand wrapped fully around his member and traveled up and down in a slow, rhythmic motion. "Now he's going to get what he's been needing all this time, aren't you baby?"

He groaned, barely hearing her. "Yes...oh god, yes..."

She played up to the crowd, winking at them as they smiled at his lack of restraint. He jerked and scissored his legs lewdly. He moaned, his mouth holding the shape of an O.

"You want to come, baby?"

"Yes, so much. I have to come..."

"You have to? Do you think I should let you?"

He looked up at her, his eyes telling volumes. It looked as if he would begin crying any moment. He opened his mouth to speak but the words caught in his throat. She took the initiative and reached below to gently squeeze and tug on his balls. "It's alright, love. I think you're due for a nice big come. Let's see what you could give me." She looked him dead in the eyes and intoned, "I want it all."

He gasped and dropped back to the table. The women grew bolder now and came closer to be a part of this magical moment. Some placed their hands on his body, stroking his heated skin and plucking his nipple in encouragement. Ilyana noticed this but said not a word.

Her thumb pressed into the sensitive flesh between his balls and cock and he cried out with a deep grunt. Come appeared on the tip of his shaft and a split second later shot from his body. Rather than speed up her ministrations to push his climax, she slowed, allowing it to foment and grow inside his body.

Everyone in the room was attuned to his every movement. They seemed to feel the orgasm as it erupted from his body. Some even moaned and shook as he did. Elena was certain that more than one woman in the room came along with him.

She milked his cock slowly, encouraging his seed from the shaft of his dick with light touches and firm presses on his flaring member. It spilled forth in greater quantities than any of the women had ever seen before. When it was finished Ivan lay limp and silent in the center of the group. His body was coated with sweat and spotted with his come that lay in tiny pools on his chest. Most of the women were sweating alongside him. Some breathed heavily.

With the most cautious of movements, Elena extricated herself from the tangle of his legs and stood at the end of the table. Her voice was quieter now as she didn't want to disturb her husband.

Almost in a whisper she addressed the crowd. "This is a very delicate time for a man. Some will cling to you and others will want to switch places. If it's the former I would suggest laying back and enjoying yourself. I wouldn't force anything though. What you just witnessed was very intense and every man will need some time to recuperate. Allow him to rest, lay with him if you like and enjoy the feelings between the both of you. Afterwards he will be very responsive and you'll notice a definite change in both of you."

There was a short period where she answered questions and she was surprised by how willing the group was to discuss what had taken place. Other workshops had been quiet, with few of the women even looking at one another, much less talking but this group was very open and felt comfortable detailing what they witnessed.

"Doesn't this diminish your sex life?" asked a young woman who, until now, seemed embarrassed by the scene.

"Of course not," said Elena. "In fact it heightens it. He becomes much more sexual, almost obsessed with it and you. Men become more aware of the relationship between emotions and sex and it opens up new possibilities between the two of you. You'll never have a dry spell again and if you're not in the mood, you have just the thing for him."

She spent the next hour fielding questions. Turnout was good this time. More than enough people came by to keep it interesting and the questions came easily. She could tell the women were enjoying themselves, which was important for a group such as this.

They watched as Ivan dressed himself behind her. For much of the time he merely rested, his spent body recuperating after such exertion. Casually they watched as he stood behind her and pulled his pants up. His penis was impressive even in its softened state. A couple of the women in the front row smiled playfully when he had difficulty tucking it into the crotch of his pants.

Elena noticed their attention was elsewhere and called to him. Standing by her side, they kissed tenderly and with a dramatic wave of her arm, introduced him to the crowd. He gave a humble bow at the unexpected applause. Some of the women in the back even stood for an ovation. One woman, an athletic Latina addressed him.

"How do you feel when she plays with you this way? What goes through your head?"

Never having had to answer questions before, he looked to his wife for assistance. She appeared surprised but nodded at him to answer.

"It's difficult to say," He paused, searching for the words. "A lot of things are on my mind. My body wants to come- I need to come even- but I can't. I go through all the stages of emotion; love, lust, anger, desperation. It's really hard to describe. Eventually lust comes out on top and is followed by an immense feeling of love. Sometimes I cry, sometimes I really can't take it and it hurts. Elena always carries me through though. I trust her."

She seemed pleased with his explanation and for once, the class was quiet. "Well then," she added. "All I can do now is encourage you to try what I've shown you at home with your man. You have my email if you have any more questions. I welcome anything you have to say; stories, questions or referrals."

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