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Women in Charge 3

Pat stepped up behind her slave and started to push her strap-on cock into his tight ass. Stevie's mind left the cock at his face and focused on this new and painful invasion of his most private place. He moaned as the seven inches slid home and his wife belly was pressed against his ass cheeks. When she was fully inserted she slapped stevie's ass telling him, "Take that cock deep inside your slut mouth and suck it like the slut you are." She held her cock deep and still inside her husband until she saw him start to suck on Mick's cock, moving his head as best as he could up and down the hard shaft.

When Mick saw Pat start to move in and out of the slave's ass he reached out and took the slave's head in his hands and began to face fuck the man with long strokes that bumped the back of his mouth with each stroke. Pat saw what he was doing and began to match his strokes, both of them going deep at the same time and then pulling out together. They smiled at each other as they fucked the helpless slave for their own enjoyment. Stevie was going a great job of cocksucking, Mick was really getting excited and was a little afraid that he was going to cum too soon and spoil the scene. He quickly shook off the thought and let the feelings take over, if he came, he came. The slave would just have to swallow as he sucked. Mick had a history of being able to cum more than once on several occasions; he hoped that tonight was one of those.

Wendy was the sort of woman who hated to be left out of anything, she walked over and whispered something to Mistress Pat who nodded her head. Wendy then told willy to get his ass under the table and start to suck on stevie's cock, which was hard and waving around as he was buffeted by the two people fucking him. Willy scooted on his back under the slave until he could get his mouth on the hard and neglected cock.

Mick could feel the difference as willy started to suck. Stevie was going wild with all the sex he could handle plus a little more. Just watching was enough to make Mick shoot his load. He came hard into the sucking mouth of the slave, the feeling so intense that he felt like he had to withdraw his cock but he didn't. He did tell stevie to slow down a bit and just lick his dick for a moment, which the slave did. Willy was still sucking like the cock-slut he was and he forced stevie to cum while he was being butt-fucked and had a cock in his mouth. Mick felt him start to suck on his cock again like he was a starving baby at his mommy's titty. But by now his cock could take it and he let the slave do the work as he just sat there and enjoyed it.

Mistress Wendy's slave willy was an accomplished cocksucker and soon had poor little stevie whimpering around Mick's cock as he was forced to cum again. He tried to shift around on the sled but the restraints wouldn't let him. There was no escape from willy's hot mouth for stevie. Mick watched the scene unfold and could see that this might be a turning point in slave stevie's life. His very mind was being overloaded with sexual feelings now and he was becoming what he felt. Mick wondered if stevie had known what he was in for when he came to the party. He figured that if you wanted to be a slave to a Mistress like Pat, you had to know that it was going to be really intense. Stevie was going wild now as he was coming yet again from the sensory overload of the three-way assault on his person. Mick felt his own cum rising again as he watched and felt the ordeal stevie was going through.

Pat could feel the clenching of stevie's asshole on her leather cock as she fucked her husband to within an inch of his sanity. She was getting tired and she could see that Mick was pulling his cock away from those still sucking lips of her slave. Pat glanced over at Wendy. "Do you mind if I ask willy to help me with the clean up?"

"Not at all, he would be happy to help" Wendy replied.

Pat pulled her long cock from the tightly clenching asshole and let it hang beneath her slave-husband's body. "Willy, clean my cock."

Willy pulled away from the shrinking cock of the slave and devoted himself to sucking the wine tasting residue from the leather cock. Stevie was empty now and his cock hung used up and useless between his legs. He raised his face to look at Mick who was still sitting in front of him. He didn't need to say anything, he could see the satisfied smile that was painted all over the man's face and knew that he had did a good job of pleasing him. He felt strangely proud both of his ability to please a man with his mouth but also that he could please him with his ass too if he wanted to. He felt like a slave but he felt like a good one, one that his Mistress could be proud of. That is what he lived for.

Later the group of friends sat around the table eating an early breakfast. Amber had finished the scene that she had did with Leesa and Sheila and everybody was hungry. They could see the first rays of the new dawn approaching, the sun already hitting the mountaintop across from them. Everybody was tired and Mick had brought out his supply of three-inch foam rubber and some sheets so everybody could make a pallet and get some sleep if they wanted too. The speed was still in his system and he thought that he and Leesa might yet get to enjoy each other if they could get up to their room soon.

The parties had become a way of life with them and already he was looking forward to the next one. There would be a few new faces, but a lot of old friends would be at that one too. Overall he couldn't think of a better way to make a living than the way they had found. Leesa eyes found his and they told him that she was ready to go to bed, he got up and reached over the table to take her hand and led her away up the stairs. Over his shoulder he said. " You guys make yourselves at home. If you are still here when we wake up, we will bar-B-Q some ribs and get some cold beer. If you have somewhere you got to go, then we will see you next time."

When him and Leesa were behind their bedroom door they were both so tired they cuddled up and passed out. They had two weeks to get over the excesses of last night, and they both needed them.

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