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Dora Doveton experiences her first flogging. Martinet, the head governess, gives the order:
FETCH TWO OF the No.6 rods, and unlace her if necessary.' Renardeau (the French instructress) darted her hand beneath my clothes and reported that I wore no stays. Nor do I now; my waist is naturally small, and a little stiffening in the body of the dress suffices to keep my breasts in order. Steinkopf (German teacher), who had resumed her place, and Armstrong, then laid hold of me, and despite my prayers and tears, while one held my hands above my head, the other opened my dress behind and stripped off skirt, petticoats, and drawers; then with one shameless drag she furled up my shift in front and rear, and pinned it over my shoulders.

The next moment I was forced upon my knees on the block, with four hands grasping my arms and pressing my neck down. The breeze from the sky-light fanned my back, and I felt that the eyes of all present were riveted on my naked person. Could it be I that was subjected to such indignity Though my arms were squeezed I felt it not, all my sensation seemed to have retreated to another quarter. My skin is so tender that even when bathing I tremble to expose it, and here was I fixed as in a vice, with nothing intervening between that thin skin and the murderous implements behind me.

A pause, it seemed to me an hour long, ensued, till my spine grew cold as ice twixt fear and waiting. Something had rattled on the floor, but the sound had died away, and still the expected blow came not. I looked round with half a hope. Martinet was leisurely re-adjusting a bracelet on her rod arm, her eyes the while devouring my form with a wild impassioned gaze like a lover's. Can she be relenting Alas! the brows contract - the grasps ofthe holders tighten on my arms Whir-r-r Whisp! 'Yah! Yeou! Yeoiks!' Oh! the unspeakable agony of that first murderous lash! Legions of scorpions fastened on my flesh and dug their fangs into my vitals. Vainly I hung back and screwed my front against the block, the rear would not recede; I could only diminish its width by muscular contraction. Whir-r Whisp! Whir-r Whisp! Whir-r Whisp! Nature cannot endure the pain; I struggle to my feet, receiving a fifth rasper in the act, and my shrieks rival the loudest howls of Patty (who had just before been chastised). This was the 'whipping proper', a few strokes more of which would probably have killed or maddened.

The two strong women soon resumed their clutch and dragged me to my bearings on the whipping stool - less reluctantly - for already the charm had worked; the mere act of rising seemed to have brought relief, and a change next to miraculous took place in all my thoughts and feelings. I noted the impressions shortly after they occurred, and shall endeavour to describe them.

Fear and shame were both gone: it was as though I was surrendering my person to the embraces of a man whom I so loved I would anticipate his wildest desires. But no man was in my thoughts; Martinet was the object of my adoration, and I felt through the rod that I shared her passions. The rapport, as the magnetisers have it, was so strong that I could divine her thoughts; had she wished me to turn my person full front to her stripes, I should have fought and struggled to obey her. Then, too, there was a thrill in a certain part, I knew magnetically, of both our persons, which every fresh lash kept on increasing. The added pang unlocked new floods of bliss, till it was impossible to tell in my case whether the ecstasy was most of pain or pleasure. When the rods were changed, I continued to jump and shout, for she liked that, but - believe me or not - I saw my nakedness with her eyes, and exulted in the lascivious joy that whipping me afforded her. This state would have continued as long as my strength, for I had no power to quit the spot till my other selfwilled it.
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