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Wife Forces Me To Type This 2

Hello my name is Kara and my husband has been a bad boy today so he must type this letter while I have fun with my two lovers Dave and Bob. Earlier today I caught my husband masturbating on the computer. He was reading stories on Literotica site, I snuck up behind him and he was reading stories about eating nasty cum filled pussys.

He has always liked to suck the cum out of a well fucked pussy or asshole, but he is supposed to get my permission to jack his cock off. He thought I was at work and he decided to play with his worthless cock. Now he must pay the price for disobeying me. I have noticed that in the last couple of days his sperm count has been down when I allow him to cum, so now that I have caught him jacking off that is the reason he hasn’t been cumming a lot, he has been jacking off in private.

That is why I have two of my lovers over today they are going to give me a little extra cum. Since my husband has been cheating me out of his cum loads. My pussy is all wet watching Dave and Bob playing with each other’s cocks. Both of there cocks are hard and throbbing Bobs cock is bigger than Dave’s but when you add the lengths of both of there cocks it adds up to 19 ½ inches of cock sitting over there.

I’m going over there right now, I’ve got both cocks in my hands. I love rubbing the heads of both cocks together. I am now sucking both cocks at the same time. My husband keeps looking over at us and I tell him that if he hadn’t been a bad boy today he would be getting his cock sucked too. I quit sucking on their cocks and I bent over in front of my husband and told Bob to stick his hard cock up my asshole.

His cock was all wet from my saliva and my ass was loose from me playing with a dildo earlier. His cock eased up my rectum and I could feel my pussy leaking juice out of it, I always get super wet when I have a nice big cock up my asshole. Bob started fucking me with long slow strokes almost pulling his cock out all the way, then slowly shoving it all the way in up to his balls.

That’s 10 inches of rock hard cock as big around as a coke can. Then I told my husband to quit typing for a few minutes, I told Bob to shove his hard cock all the way into my asshole and to keep it deep inside me. Then I told my husband to get down on his knees behind Bob and lick his asshole and lube him up good. As my husband snaked his tongue up Bob’s asshole I could feel Bob’s cock swelling up inside my hungry asshole.

After about ten minutes of my husband lubing up Bob’s asshole I told him to get back over to the computer and start typing again. Then I looked over at Dave with his cock in his hand, I told Dave to get behind Bob and insert his hard meat into Bob’s asshole. Bob didn’t care he loves to have something in his ass while he is fucking me.

Dave inserted his cock into Bob’s ass and Bob’s cock swelled up bigger in my ass. Then Bob started fucking my asshole real hard as Dave fucked Bob’s ass real hard. Dave couldn’t hold out and he started cumming in Bob’s asshole. I told Dave not to pull his cock out of Bob’s ass; I wanted my husband to pull Dave’s spent cock out of Bob’s ass.

I told my husband again to quit typing and to pull Dave’s cock out of Bob’s asshole and to suck all the spent cum out of Bob’s asshole. Bob still had his cock up my ass when my husband started licking Dave’s cum up. My husband licked up all of Dave’s cum and was sucking on Bob’s balls when I heard Bob moan and pump my asshole full of cum.

I ordered my husband to lick my ass clean and to suck all the cum off of Bob and Dave’s cocks. I always love to watch my husband suck a cock. My husband’s cock was hard as hell when I told him to get back to the computer and start typing.

I got up and walked over to my husband and gave him a long deep kiss, I just love to taste the cum of another man in my husband’s cum coated mouth, it makes me super wet between my legs. I’m still real horny so I ask Dave to come over and let be lick his cock and balls and get him good and hard again. I just love to suck on a good pair of balls, rolling them around in my mouth and sucking them in my mouth one at a time.

I never have seen a man that could resist having his balls sucked and nibbled on. While I am doing this I am sliding a finger or two up Dave’s asshole, his cock is so big and hard I am going to need some help sucking on it. So I instruct my husband to quit typing and come down here and help me suck Dave’s huge cock.

I just love watching a big hard cock sliding in between my husband’s lips while I am sucking on Dave’s balls with three fingers wedged in his ass. I now have Bob over licking the pussy juice that is leaking out of my cunt and running down my thighs.

Dave is nibbling on my clit and I am cumming over and over. My clit is so hard it is sticking out like a small penis. I look down at my husband’s other hand and he is fucking his self with the 8-inch butt-plug that has been in his ass the whole time.

Pre-cum is leaking out of his worthless cock. I tell him to put the butt-plug back in his ass and to quit playing with it. I then instruct Bob to quit sucking on my wet pussy and to pull the butt-plug out of my husband’s ass. Bob pulled the plug out and you could see my husband’s asshole begging to be fucked.

Bob took his cock and aimed it at the opening, as soon as the head of it started disappearing up my husband’s asshole, my husband pushed back and took the whole cock up to it’s balls. My husband was rocking back and forth, good and hard on Bob’s cock. I could tell that Bob was enjoying the fast pace my husband was fucking him with, you could tell by the look on his face.

My husband looked up at me and ask me if he could jack his cock off. I replied NO he could not jack-off. I told him, that if he was that horny he should be able to cum just by being fucked in the ass. All of a sudden my husband started breathing heavy and the cum started pouring out of his cock.

Dripping here and there as Bob pounded his asshole. It wasn’t long before Bob emptied his balls up my husband’s ass. I then made my husband reach behind and scoop the cum up that was leaking out of his loose ass and eat it. This is the end of this segment; my husband now is to tell everybody in his own words how he likes to be treated like a whore. And it better be good or I will punish him again. And it better be sweet and short just like his cock!

I am a cum hungry whore that likes to eat the cum out of my beautiful wife’s cunt any time she wishes. I love the taste of my cum and anybody else’s that she wishes me to eat. I will suck the cum out of her pussy or take it straight from her lovers cock I will let her fuck me with a strap-on dildo or one of her lovers can fuck me. I will not be a bad boy and masturbate without her permission. I love my wife.
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