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Even as a young boy I can remember being intrigued by high heels and pantyhose. Whenever I had the chance I would sneak into my mothers closet and slip into her heels and pantyhose. Even at that tender young age my little cock used to get hard as a rock, and I loved to do it every chance I got. Little did I know that this fetish would follow me for the rest of my life. I was married at one stage but once that marriage failed I indulged my fetish for heels and hose to its fullest. I have over 40 pairs of high heels in my secret hiding place, and about as many pairs of pantyhose. I dont wear them all the time, just when I'm feeling horny.

One afternoon I was enjoying the pleasures of my obsession, and wearing a lovely pair of 5" pink heels and tan pantyhose. I'd been in them most of the day and the crotch of the pantyhose was soaking wet with my pre-cum. I didn't care because I loved to dip down and slip some of it onto my finger and the into my mouth every now and then. I'd got so used to wearing the heels that I could walk in them quite normally even. Weird to think that a male of over 40 could walk easily in big heels but so many girls couldnt do the same thing. I was happily sitting down watching television when I heard a noise in the driveway. What Was there someone here

As the thoughts raced through my mind, my friend Merren knocked, and then walked through the wire door. She knew about my 'fetish' as I'd told her once in a bit of a drunken mistake night, but she'd never actually experienced the phenomenon first hand. 'Hi' I heard her say, then there was silence as she realised what I was wearing... I was relieved to hear that she was cool about it and she came and sat down on the other sofa near me. "Been enjoying yourself have you" she asked and a smile came over her face. It wasn't like I could pretend anything else, so I admitted that I'd been 'dressing up' all day. Once again that smile came across her face, and she admitted that she was still pretty cool with my fetish and it didnt worry her at all.

"Any new shoes that I can try on" She said. "Plenty" I said "Ebay makes it easy for people like me to stock up on such things"

She headed straight into my bedroom and grabbed a couple of pairs. Luckily our sizes were compatible, and a nice pair of Mary Janes fitted beautifully. I was embarrassed beyond belief as she noticed that I had a huge erection while I was watching her. I couldnt help it, it was so sexy watching a woman wearing MY heels. That smile flashed again and she grabbed the bedside drawers and fished out some pantyhose. How did she know Ahh, she had been given a key to my house some time ago, maybe she'd been checking out my stock before

Pulling on some black ones she slipped the shoes back on and stood up. She walked over to me and kissed me softly on the lips. "This is your fantasy isnt it" I nodded in acknowledgement and her hand rubbed against my cock. We kissed for a little bit and then she knelt before me. She began to lick my cock through the pantyhose and I could barely contain myself it was so sexy. She jumped onto the bed and suggested that I might want to return the favour so I pressed my mouth against her pussy and licked away furiously before pulling the top of the pantyhose down a little and then sticking my tongue deep inside her. She groaned and pushed herself against me to maximise her own pleasure..

"Enjoying this are you" she asked "Oh yeah" I said and she sat up and turned me over. Face down on the bed I felt her pull my own pantyhose down and then movement near my ass. I felt some sticky liquid splash onto me and I realised that she'd found the lube in my bedside drawer. Then for the first time ever I was shocked to find something entering me! While it felt like it was huge, all she was doing was sliding her finger into my virgin ass. And it felt GOOD! 'More. MORE" I yelled as she slowly finger fucked me. I couldnt believe how good it was to have something up my ass. "Well, well, you are a surprise" she said to me as she slipped her finger in and out of my ass." So quiet normally, but a real surprise in the bed" My dick was so hard at this time that I couldnt hold on much longer and finally I turned over myself to relieve the pressure. It was harder than I'd ever seen before and she knew what I wanted and took the doggy position in front of me. She reached around and tore her pantyhose so I could enter her and finally I was living my ultimate fantasy. I was fucking a girl dressed in pantyhose and heels while I was wearing them as well. I was sure that I'd come almost straight away but I was so horny that I was able to keep fucking for ages and ages. Every now and then I'd run my hands over her legs or mine and each time the feel of the nylon seemed to give me even more stamina and my dick would just get harder and harder. She didnt seem to mind and just kept pushing back harder against me with each thrust. "OK, my turn now" she said and eased herself away from my cock. She twisted me around and all of a sudden I realised that she'd grabbed the vibrator that I kept under my bed and had it poised at my rear. Then she brought pressure to bear and its entire length was inside me. She began to fuck me with my own vibrator and I I couldnt believe how good it felt. I began to time my own thrusts to meet hers and all the time I was running my hands over my own legs and hers, feeling the sexy nylon hose in my fingers. As she fucked me with my own vibe I was checking out her legs encased in black and the sexy shape of the heels on her feet. I'd never felt so horny in my life and I didnt care how strange it was. I was finally living my fantasy and it was brilliant! She must have sensed that I was getting close to coming and I felt her mouth slowly suck my cock into it. I was living my dream and getting my ass fucked and my cock sucked all at the same time. And, as I got closer and closer to coming I felt her pull away from me and reposition herself with her feet near my cock. She grabbed my cock with her hand and as her hand make its final stroke I exploded with spurt after spurt of cum all over her pantyhosed feet and heels. There was so much there that it must easily have been twice what I'd ever done before. Then she rubbed her feet against my own and then both of us were sporting cum--soaked heels and hose. Even though I'd just cum the most in my life, I was still hard and and I couldnt believe how good I felt. She licked some of the cum off. and then we lay there a while.

"I've been thinking about doing that for a while" she said. "I thought you might enjoy it" And...she was right..
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