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Her friend had a brother and an uncle staying in the same house. The brother was 35 year old and the uncle was around 48. They had an eye on my wife since day 1 my wife had landed there. They would take every opportunity to talk to her, to make her laugh, get close to her, etc. My wife was naive and didnt mind sharing her time talking to them. The brother was a guy who loved women and their ass and didnt mind doing anything to get it. The uncle was a foot lover and loved sucking women's toes.

One Sunday morning my wife's friend had to leave on a very important assignment of her and she told my wife she would be back late in the evening, or maybe night. My wife was Ok with it, told her not to worry and have a good day.

The uncle and the brother, as it was a Sunday were at home itself and had no plans to go out after they saw Debra go. They considered this to be the right opportunity to be with my wife.

My wife was in the kitchen when the brother came behind her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She was taken aback and looked back and saw it was Debra's brother. He looked at her and smiled and said " You are the most beautiful chick I have ever seen. Since the day you are here, I have had trouble doing things" and he went on. He held her tight and kissed her. My wife pleads saying" I am married, please dont do this". He however turns deaf to her wrds and says" Bitch, lets have fun today". He again holds her firmly and kisses her strongly. She tries to wriggle out of his clutches but in vain.

He removes her black lace nighty from her body. My wife was now only in her Black lace bra and panties. She begs him to leave her, but he lifts her on his shoulder and takes her to the Bedroom. He throws her on the Bed and undresses himself. He gets into the bed and starts kissing her whole body. He comes up and starts sucking her tits with his tongue.

She helplessly falls into his mercy. Suddenly she feels a sensation in her feet and feels her toes being sucked and licked. She shockingly discovers that it is Debra's uncle sucking her toes. She feels very helpless at her condition.

The guys continue to play with her body and get her aroused. Slowly my wife starts enjoying the game and starts co-operating. They pull her out of the bed and make her kneel on her knees and get her to suck their cocks. My wife starts sucking their huge 12 inch cocks to and fro and gets them rock hard.

They pul her into the bed back and the brother starts pressing her ass cheeks and screams" Bitch, you are not eligible for your Husband, but are for pleasing us". He thrusts his cock into her ass hole and shoves it in. The uncle starts sucking her toes and licks the soles of her feet. He then gets in front and starts licking her pussy and makes it dripping wet. He takes out his cock and pushes it into her pussy and starts fucking her pussy. Simalteneously they fuck both her ass and her pussy. My wife screams out of pain at the same time, the deep pleasure of her pussy getting fucked gets her going high.

They try her in all manner possible and have sex multiple times all day long. They get her to the bathroom and fuck her ass and suck her feet while she takes a shower. They fuck her all day long, make her cock suck for long hours. My wife has multiple orgams in between

In the evening, they give her a clean shower and go on in their respective ways. When Debra returned, all was normal.

They continued this quite a few times. They would fuck her in her room all night when everyone was asleep. By the time my wife returned, se had turned into a Sex Goddess herself and gave me a great time! Thanks for reading. Submitted by : Anonymous
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