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I am a rather shy and submissive guy, so placing an ad or responding to an ad in a magazine or phone meeting line is almost unheard of for me, but I decided to place an ad in a magazine and on a BDSM phone meeting line. I said that I was looking for a strict but kind Mistress, that would dominate me, teach and train me, "break me in". I added that I was relatively new to this and that I am very submissive and willing to learn. A day or two after I had placed the phone add, there was a message in my system mailbox instructing me to contact her. She said her name was Mistress Nikki and she was interested in my ad. It took me a day to finally call her back. A woman with the same voice answered and after I identified myself she asked me detailed questions about my body and my fantasies. These are the questions she asked and my answers. "What is your first name and are you really willing to have me "break you in" as you said" My name is Max and yes I am willing to have you "break me in". "Ok Max, what do you look like How tall are you How long and thick is your cock Are you shaved" I have brown hair, blue eyes, a muscular athletic body, I am 6' 3", my cock is just over 8 inches long and it is pretty thick, and I am trimmed. "Very good slave, very good. Now tell me your fantasies, all of them." Ok, my fantasies are to be dominated by a woman, tied up, teased and tortured, have my cock and balls tied up, some cock and ball torture, fuck my ass with a strap-on, make me suck and lick your pussy, ass and the strap on. Bring me to the brink of orgasm and then leave me there for as long as you want. Make me eat my own cum. I am kind of bi-curious, make me suck a real cock and eat its cum. "I like what I hear slave, I will make your fantasies a reality and even more." I was really excited, my cock was rock hard as I was talking to her on the phone. She invited me to her place (which was just a couple of hours away) for dinner and to see what else would happen on the first night. I was so hard that after I hung up the phone I stroked my cock and balls till I came 3 times. I couldn't wait.

That weekend I drove to her place. It was a nice house out in the country. She had a long driveway and you couldn't see the house from the road. I was greeted at the door by a beautiful woman. She had on a nice shirt and mini skirt with black stockings and black high heels. She had brownish/blonde shoulder length hair. She greeted me and we went into the house and into the dinning room. She had already put everything out for dinner. We sat down to eat and talked about nothing personal during the dinner, the weather, favorite movies, places to eat. When we where done eating she cleared off the table and we moved to the living room. She then asked me if I was still up for what we had talked about on the phone I said yes. "Good", she said. "You will address me as Mistress from now on and you will obey everything that I say. Is that clear slave" Yes Mistress I replied. "Good, now take off your clothes." I did as she said and striped down to my boxers and as I was about to take them off she told me to leave them on. She told me to stay where I was until she returned. When she came back she had a two bags with her. She opened one and pulled out a collar and placed in around my neck. "Now you are mine, slave", She said. She then pulled my boxers down and examined my body. My cock was rock hard as she was looking over my body. She then told me to put my hands behind my back and she put leather cuffs on my wrists and attached them together. Them she put the same leather cuffs on my ankles. She then attached a leach to my collar and made me follow her to the bathroom. "We need to shave your cock and balls and your ass slave." Yes Mistress I responded. She told me to sit on the edge of the bathtub. She got the razor and shaving cream and started to shave my cock and balls. I wiggled a little when she grabbed the shaft of my cock. "Don"t move slave you wouldn't want me to slip now would you," she said with a little laugh. In a minute or two my cock and balls were completely shaven. She told me to turn over and she shaved my ass too. She wiped off the cream and then lead me to her dungeon. It had all sorts of toys on the walls, chains, tables, beds, rope, gags, you name it she had it. She then took my hands and attached them to two chains that were hanging down and then pulled them up. Then she attached my ankles to loops on the ground so I couldn't move. Then she put a blindfold on me and left me there. It felt like forever but when she returned she smacked my ass (with a riding crop I found out later) to let me know that she had returned. "You have a big weekend in front of you, I hope you are ready for it." She said. Yes Mistress I responded. I then felt her put a harness/restraint on my cock and balls. I could feel the blood start to swell in the head of my cock. It was rock hard. "There that will keep you nice and hard for as long as I want, and you won't be able to cum until I let you." I moaned. With that she shoved a ball gag into my mouth. She then released my arms and she told me to get up on the table. She assisted me onto it. I was told to get on my hands and knees. I could feel a leather strap being placed around my stomach. The next thing I knew, my wrists and ankles were tied to the legs of the table, my stomach was pulled up slightly by the strap attached to a rope from the ceiling. My head was then pulled back so I looked straight ahead (if I could see). I felt totally helpless. "Now the fun begins" I heard her say. It started with random whacks with the riding crop. Then came the electro torture. The wand was used tacitly to get the greatest moan/groan out of me. The electric wand shocked my nipples, my swollen rock hard cock and balls (over and over), my ass hole, and any other places where maximum stimulation could be had. All the while the crop, followed by a whip heated up my ass, thighs and back. She finally took a break. "I will be right back slave, don't go anywhere," she said. I wasn't going anywhere, I was on my hands and knees tied to a table, blindfolded and gaged, a collar, and a cock and ball harness/restraint on. I heard her return but I also heard another person with her. "I have a friend here with me slave. Her name is Mistress Stefanie. You are to call her Mistress as well, is that understood" I tired my best to say Yes Mistress, but with the ball gag in it was impossible. She knew what I was trying to say, but she said, "I told you to call me and her Mistress slave, you will be punished for that." With that she and her friend took turns using the electric wand on my cock and balls and ass hole again. Then they enjoyed watching me jump as they teased me with ice cubes. One was even put in my asshole. Their fascination soon turned to my ass. I moaned and groaned as they inserted the end of the electric wand into my ass. That was followed by some fingers. I think a carrot, a dildo, vibrator and finally a vibrating butt plug. Now mind you, I've never had my ass penetrated (by anything), so this was quite an experience Erotic, a little painful and scary, but I was so hot and horny my cock felt like it was going to explode. After what seemed like an eternity, I was released from my table-torture. I still had the leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles, the blindfold on, the ball gag in my mouth. My cock and balls were in the restraint and the vibrating butt plug was still in my ass. A leash was attached to my collar and my Mistresses led me around. I was on my hands and knees crawling behind them. My swollen cock and balls where swinging as I crawled and the vibrating butt plug was being turned on and off by Mistress Nikki. I heard my Mistress say, "I can"t wait to see the video tape of this slave." The entire thing was being filmed Even when I was being shaved. When we got to the next spot my hands were buckled behind my back and my blind fold was removed. I couldn't believe what I saw. Mistress Nikki was wearing the type of outfit I fantasized about: black corset with exposed tits(pushed up), black stockings attached to the corset, black thong, and black high heels. Her hair was pulled back. Her female companion was wearing the same thing. Mistress Nikki was sitting on a bed with her legs crossed. She pulled my leash toward her. I walked to her on my knees and she said, "I see your ever swollen cock is hindering your movement, good" She pushed the back of my head to her high heels and said, "They need a shining." I licked her shoes as well as I could, just hoping to lick her gorgeous legs and pussy. They commented on how good a slave I was so far. She then grabbed me by the hair and lifted my up onto my knees. The butt plug in my ass started to vibrate again and I moaned a little and squirmed when I felt it. "Oh, he liked that. Look at how big and swollen his cock and balls are," Mistress Nikki said. "I like that. His balls are all full with cum. This is going to be a fun weekend," my other Mistress said. My face was right in Mistress Nikki's crotch. I could smell the beautiful aroma of hot pussy. She then stood me up and reached down and grabbed my balls and cock. I groaned and moaned and tried to move so she would be rubbing them. She gripped them tighter and said, "Oh no slave you won't be doing any of the for a while. You will do what we say." With that she let go and my arms where untied from behind my back and pulled up in a spread eagle position. A spreader bar was attached to my ankles. The butt plug was driving me crazy as it was still vibrating even harder and faster now. Then my Mistresses placed like a poster board around me so that was all I could see. On it where pictures of men and women tied up, being fucked. Mostly the women were fucking the men. My Mistresses then asked me different questions about my fantasies. I shared everything that I had ever thought about. I didn't know what they were doing but they where giggling and laughing and I thought I could hear them drawing. Then Mistress Nikki moved the pictures and got on her knees. She told me to keep looking at the pictures and not to look down. I obeyed her. I felt her grab my cock and my balls and put something else besides the restraint on them. I could feel the my balls where now spread and there was something around the head of my cock. It made my balls swell and the head of my cock swell even more. Then she put the pictures back, and her and her friend continued to draw my fantasies. Then al of a sudden the ring around the head of my cock and around my balls started to vibrate as well as the butt plug. I moaned and groaned and was squirming around a little. I felt like I was going to explode, but there was no way I was going to be able to cum with the restraint on. My cock was spasming like when I cum but nothing was coming out. It did this 4 times before my Mistresses returned and stopped the rings around the head of my cock and my balls. "You look like you where having fun slave. I hope you liked the pictures, you will be seeing them again," Mistress Nikki said. My arms where let down and I was forced to walk to something that resembled a padded sawhorse. I was bent over it and my ankles where attached to the legs and my arms where pulled down and forward and then attached in a way so that I was kind of leaning on my elbows. The edge of a bed was right in front of me. Mistress Nikki removed her thong and laid down on the bed and put her hot wet pussy right in front of my face. Her pussy was clean shaven except for a little strip just above it. She removed the ball gag and told me to eat her pussy. I obeyed my Mistress and I licked and sucked her pussy like it was my job. She was pushing my head down in to her wet snatch as her body arched and she climaxed over and over again. She told me to lick her ass too while I was down there. I started to tongue her ass and her pussy just like she told me. Mistress Stefanie was using the riding crop on my ass and legs while I was licking and sucking Mistress Nikki's pussy and ass. She was also controlling the vibrating butt plug and the rings on my cock and balls. I wanted to cum so many times and so badly my cock and balls where hurting, but I was loving eating my Mistress's pussy and ass. My cock spasmed 4 more times just like before but no cum came out because of the restraint. Mistress Nikki got up and came back wearing a strap-on dildo. She laid back down and forced it into my mouth and said, "You better learn how to suck cock good slave. You are ours." I have never touched a man sexually, let alone sucked a cock, but that would change tonight. After a couple minutes of making my suck the strap-on Mistress Nikki got up and pulled the butt plug out of my ass with out warning. My cock spasmed like before but once again the restraint didn't let any cum out. Then Mistress Stefanie laid down on the bed. She still had on her thong. I was too aroused that I never noticed a growing bulge in Mistress Stefanie's thong. I just glanced at her crotch which was right in my face and then all of a sudden Mistress Nikki slide her strap-on all the way into my ass, and turned on the vibrating rings around my balls and the head of my cock. "I know you liked that slave, I heard you moan and groan. Those vibrating rings have three speeds. They have only been on low so far, and you should have cum how many times" Mistress Nikki said. "Nine," says Mistress Stefanie. "Good, are you having fun slave" asked Mistress Nikki. "Yes Mistress," I reply. Mistress Nikki starts to fuck my ass as Mistress Stefanie takes off her thong. She has a huge cock. It is rock hard now and it is 7 inches long. She grabs my head and shoves her cock into my mouth and says, "Here is a real cock for you. Suck it good slave boy." I start to lick and suck her cock as I am getting fucked from behind. "Turn up the vibrating rings, lets really train and torture him," says Mistress Stefanie. The vibrating rings are turned up to medium. I start to groan and moan as I suck her cock and get fucked. "I am going to cum slave and don't you spill a drop." Mistress Stefanie moans. She shoots a huge load into my mouth and I swallow every drop. My cock spasmed 5 times just like before. "That restraint is really doing its job. I've counted that you should have cum 14 times by now, but not one drop. How does it feel slave" Mistress Nikki says. I couldn't say anything because I still had Mistress Stefanie's cock in my mouth. Mistress Nikki said, "I asked you a question slave You will be punished for that." With that she shoved a huge vibrating butt plug into my ass and turned it on high. Mistress Stefanie pulled her cock out of my mouth and shoved her cum stained thong in my mouth and then tied it in place. I moaned and groaned when the butt plug was shoved in my ass. Also they turned the vibrating rings back on medium again. My head was spinning with all the sensations in my ass and my cock and balls. "That will teach him to not answer me when I ask him a question." says Mistress Nikki. Mistress Stefanie was still sitting on the bed and had taken off her corset but still had on her stockings and high heels. The same thing with Mistress Nikki. Mistress Stefanie was playing with her cock and it was rock hard again. She got up and pulled the butt plug out and started to fuck my as hard. "This will teach him to disobey us." She said. Mistress Nikki was using a vibrator on her pussy right in front of my face. Then she put a dildo gag in my mouth. She kept the cum stained thong in my mouth and fastened it there with the gag. Then she slid her wet pussy onto the dildo that was sticking out from the gag. I could smell her wonderful juices and my cock and balls were on fire. The vibrating rings where turned up to high. My ass was getting fucked very hard by Mistress Stefanie and I was fucking Mistress Nikki with the dildo gag that was on me. My cock and balls where spasming now almost every minute it seemed like. After what seemed like forever Mistress Stefanie finally shoot another huge load. This time into my red ans sore ass. She pulled her cock out and put the huge butt plug right back in. Mistress Nikki had also orgasmed a couple times while riding the dildo gag on my face. She got off the bed and took the gag off me and the thong out of my mouth and put the ball gag back. Then they untied me and led me to a different bed and tied me spread eagle to it. I still had the huge butt plug in my ass and the vibrating cock rings on. "You cock and balls are so red and swollen with cum aren't they" Mistress Nikki said. "They sure are. He should have cummed 20 times by now. I bet he would love to have some release." Said Mistress Stefanie. They removed the vibrating cock rings from my balls and my cock and then removed the restraint. My cock was still standing straight up. Mistress Nikki then got on the bed and started to ride my hard cock as Mistress Stefanie made me lick her ass and suck her balls and cock. Mistress Nikki road my cock and stopped me from cumming 4 more time. I was still sucking Mistress Stefanie"s cock and balls. They turned the butt plug on high. "That is 24 times now you should have cum slave. Get ready for some release." Mistress Nikki said. She had orgasmed 3 times while riding me. She started again and this time harder and faster than before. She could sense that I was going to cum and she got off and made me cum into a container. My cock exploded when I finally was able to cum. I shot the biggest load that I have ever seen into that container. Mistress Stefanie then shot her load in there too. Then Mistress Nikki said, "Ok slave, drink up. Every last drop." With that she made me drink all of the cum that was in that container. When I was done both Mistresses kissed me very hard and my cock began to get hard again. Mistress Nikki then said, "You did good today slave. I hope you are ready for tomorrow and then Sunday as well. Hahaha. We are going to have some fun." They both left me there tied spread eagle to the bed. They removed the butt plug and put a blanket over me. Before Mistress Nikki turned the light off and left she said, "Goodnight slave, you better get a good night's sleep because tomorrow you continue your training and serving me. Goodnight." The lights went out and I went to sleep.

The next two days to come later.
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