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I lay upside down in the dark waiting for my master. Earlier as i had prepared for the party I had looked in the full-length mirror that was in the room. I saw a young woman with thick auburn hair, green eyes, and porcelein skin. I am thin with full breasts and hips, long legs, and just a tuft off that auburn hair at the V- of my legs. I had already bathed and perfumed my body. My hair and make-up were also done. The only thing I wore was a thin metal band around my neck, which bore my Master's initial. Now I pulled on my favorite corset. It was wine colored and I thought it went very well with my skin and hair. The corset came up under my breasts, lifting them, but leaving the nipples bare. In the back it ended at my waist leaving my hips and ass bare but in front it came down lower in a V, flattening my stomach, pointing to my sex. After finishing with the corset I pulled on my black thigh-high stockings and then my shoes. They were black stiletto pumps that buckled around the ankle. The heel was 5 1/2" high and I was close to 6' tall in them.

Now I was ready. I went to the basement to the little room that Master had made for us. There were no more instructions to follow. I went to the cabinet that held restraints and toys and other things and got what I needed. Firest, I placed the ball gag between my jaws buckling it tight behind my head. I buckled thick leather bands around my wrists, ankles, and neck. There was one other item I would use but that came last. I went across the room to the table. This was something Master had designed and a friend had made. Master used it a lot during my punishments and our play. The legs on one side were stretched far apart, as wide as I could stretchmy legs and still stand upright. To each of these I carefully attached my ankle bands. The leather bench that I was to lay across was padded and came up to my belly. As I lay across this, instead of hanging straight down, my upper body lay on a table of the same padded leather. Master had adjusted the table the way he wanted before he left so now my upper body was hanging down at an angle.

I reached down the other side of the table and connected the o-ring on my collar to the chain that was attached to the floor. Next was the band around my left wrist. Before I connected my other writst to the table I pulled down the blindfold over my eyes, the last item from the cabinet. Then I clipped my right hand to the last clip, put my head down and waited.

As I lay in the dark I thought about what I must look like. My long legs, made longer by those viscious heels, stretched wide and held there by the bands around my ankles. My black stockings framing my naked ass. The mound of my sex showing between my spread legs, and my asshole peaking out between my cheeks. My full breasts squished underneath my chest, squeezing out the sides. My arms pulled tight above my head and slightly down keeping them out of the way so it is always possible to see any expression on my face. My jaw distended by the ball gag I had inserted between my teeth and the upper half of my face covered by the blind fold. I was completely vulnerable. and now that I had attached my bands I could not get out of this position until Master arrived and chose to release me.

This routine was always followed before I was allowed to participate in any type of recreationthat meant leaving the house. This was especially true if other people would be there. Master said it was my sacrifice for the fun I was going to have. Sometimes it was a simple spanking. Sometimes it was much more than that. As I waited in the dark, I became aware of a greater and greater need. I needed to use the bathroom and I knew that Master could stay away for longer than I could wait. This had never happened before. I had always been very careful to use the bathroom before I came down. This time I had been careless and now I was in trouble. With my legs spread I couldn't even squeeze them together. I tried to think of other things but the pressure continued to build until I wasshaking my ass in need and frustration.

Suddenly, I heard laughter. Master had entered the room and was watching me shake my ass. I felt him run his hand up my leg and fondle my ass for a moment. I moaned with desire and with my need but he had not yet removed my gag so I could not tell him of my need. I felt him move away and heard him opening and closing cabinets. I continued to whimper more and more urgently and continued to shake my ass. Finally I felt my gag removed.

"Well, slave I see you have followed my instructions."

"Please, please," I begged, "please Master, I have a need." The only statement I was ever allowed to make in this position.

"Yes I see that, so you didn't prepare that well, hmm"

"No, sir, please may I use the bathroom"

"Just a moment, slave." Suddenly, I felt something cold thrust between my legs. It was a metal basin!

"OK, slave, you may go." Master said. I gasped. I couldn't do that, not like this, not with him watching! "Slave, you may go!" Master repeated more forcefully this time.

"I can't..." as soon as I said the words I wished them back. I had never denied my Master anything and now shame burned through me.

"You can, slave, and YOU WILL!" Master said in a tone of voice I had never heard before. The basin was removed and I heard him moving around the room again. "You will learn to obey me in all things, slave, and you will learn to never, ever say no to me." He then adjusted the table so I was almost completely bent in half. Then he unclipped my hands. "You will be punished, slave, and you will assist in your own punishment. Reach back and spread your cheeks." I did as I was told, already trembling, inside and out. "Stretch them further, slave, I want that asshole on display for me!" I stretched my cheeks as wide as I could. "Hold them, bitch, and don't let go or your punishment will be repeated. You will receive 5 lashes and I want to hear my grateful little slave bitch count them out and beg for more."

"Yes Master."

"Now, let me hear you scream." I heard the whistle as the riding crop flew through the air and then the unbearable pain as it was brought down on my unprotected asshole.

"ONE," I screamed at the top of my lungs, gasping for air not believing I could take 4 more. "Thank you Master, for punishing me. Please punish your slave more."


"AAAAGGH.....TWO....thank you Master please punish my I have been such a bad slave."


"AAAAGH.....THREE...." I screamed, crying and gasping for breath.

"SPREAD THAT ASS!" Master screamed hitting my hands with each word. I stretched my cheeks apart harder.


"AAAAAGH...FOUR...." This one came up from below hitting my pussy. I was screaming continually now, stopping only occasionally to count off the lashes or to beg for more.


"AAAAGH...FIVE..." Again the basin was placed between my legs and I was told to go. This time I let loose with that last humiliation. Master took the basin away without a word and then wiped me clean with a rough towel causing me to moan in pain.

"Don't move," he said. So I stood there, bent in half cheeks spread by my own hands, asshole and pussy severely punished, moaning and crying waiting for my Master. Suddenly a hand clasped my head and pulled my face up by my hair. I felt my Master's cock rub all over my face.

"Who's face is this Who's mouth"

"Yours Master," and with those words he shoved his cock into my mouth, brutally fucking my face causing me to gag. Tears ran down my face as he rammed his rock hard cock down my throat. Suddenly he stopped and pulled away. Then I felt him behind me. He touched a finger to my sensitive pussy and made me whimper, then he slammed his cock into me, making me groan.

" Who's pussy is this" He yelled as he brutally fucked me.

"Yours Master!" I yelled. He pulled out of me and just as forcefully slammed his cock into my ass. I screamed as he violently began to fuck my asshole, my hands still spreading my cheeks apart, giving him access.

"and who's asshole is this"

" Yours Master, it's all yours!" With that he stopped. He came around to my head and slowly removed my hands from my ass and reattached them above my head.

"You are mine, slave, all mine. And if I wish to fuck you, or beat you, or give you away to be used by someone else I will. And you will obey me in all things."

"Yes, Master," I panted, still gasping for breath in between sobs.

"Good. Now, let's begin or we shall be late."

It always began with a hand spanking. Slowly building the heat rising. I loved this pain. When my skin had been properly warmed Master began again, this time with a wooden hairbrush. Again the pain was familliar and only a little more than the last. I started to moan as each blow landed. The pain building. Again it stopped. This time Master begain again with a wooden ruler. I cried out at each lash, moaning and crying continuously now. Finally everything stopped. The only sound was my crying and moaning.

"I want you to understand something," Master said as he kneaded my sore ass and pussy lips making me cry out in pain, "I am preparing you well and thouroughly tonight because I know you will have a good time tonight, and also because I just love to see my slave with marks on her ass." I heard the whistle of the thin whip cut through the air. At the first bite of the whip into my skin I was screaming. " Come on, slave, let me hear you beg"

"Please, please Master, please no more, please.....AAAAGH....."
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