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I watched my wife gloomly as she waved a bra and underwear in front of me.Elane had been married to me for six years.Blond,innocent and with a great body she was the perfect woman.She was 5ft 4 and had size 36c breasts. As our marrage went on she began to devlop an edge.It was never a problem but it ment that our sex life became very interesting.I had no idea wear she learned her bondage techniques but i wasnt going to argue. A problem occured last night when we were out for dinner to celebrate our six years when she caught me looking at another woman.Elane went into a silence and barely spoke to me for the rest of the night.When we arrived home she locked herself into the bedroom and wouldnt say a word.This brings us to a few hours ago.I begged her to come out and when she finally replyed she said i would have to be punished.A grin spread across my face as i imagined the chains and whips she must have planned.I slipped my hand into my trouser pocket to feel my dick growing to a 5 inches.Then the door opened to see the underwear.This brings us to the present. Elane wanted me to dress as a woman and to go to a bar with her and let the assholes stare at me.It was an ironic puinshment for me beng an asshole staring at other women.She grapped my hand an dragged me into the bedroom wear she had make up and a short black leather dress on the bed.I sat down and very slowly began to strip.I dont want to i protested.She grapped my balls in one hand and began to squueze while twisting them.You do this or i'll break off your balls then leave you she said.I wimpered a yes.What if some man trys to chat me up.Well you better flirt you stupid girl.What if someone trys to fuck meThen you take it up the shitter like the slut you are she yelled.Your name is Debra,got that By the time i was finished being humilated i didnt reconise myself in the mirror. I slightly resembled Marilyn Monroe.I had a blonde wig and wore thick red lipstick.Elane ushered me into the car.It hurried into it hoping that no one would see me.We drove for what seemed like ages until we found a bar that was far from our usual hang out spots.Elane turned to me and said we are going inside and i hada better no mess up.She leaned over and gave me a kiss for good luck.Her hand slid up my tigh into my skirt,she fondled with my hard dick.She laughed sayin it feels better when im hairless and wraped in her underwear.I was so embarresed to get a hard on while dressed in drag. We went inside and headed straight for the bar.I noticed i was gettin some looks,most of them directed to my new breasts.I knew Elane made them too big,she wanted to get me into trouble.The night was passing very slowly until Elane decided we should dance.I was dragged onto the dance floor.My heart nearly exploded when i saw a man moving his way towards me.I began to move aside but my wife shoved me into him.We danced together with him moving closer the whole time.He placed his hand around my waist and started to grab my ass.I was so shocked and a little flattered.I started to get a hard on. He asked me my name and i wimpered Debra.He said he liked the way i looked.There was a terrible smell of alcohol off his breath.He then leaned towards me and began to kiss my lips.I was reluctant but i remember what Elane had said and i opened my mouth to him.I could feel his stuble rub against my chin.His tongue whirled around my mouth horribly.He paused and said would i like some fun.Over his shoulder i could see my wife laughing.She had a look which reminded me of the words 'like the slut you are'. My heart sank and i forced the words of course honey out of my mouth.He led me over to the toliets and pressed my back against the wall.He began to play with my body.His right hand grabbed my ass,i could feel his stubby thumb force its way into my asshole.I felt my penis begin to harder.I couldnt deny that this was exciting me.For a moment i almost forgot what i was doing,his left hand began to feel my right 'breast'.I needed to keep my secret before he could find out so i reached for his hard dick.My sudden enthusiam surprised him but he was happy.I began to undo his belt and i was staring at his dick.My knees felt cold on the bathroom floor.Was i about to take the next step Before i could prepare myself for his manhood he reached his hand behind my neck and pulled my face into his cock.I choked on his huge round dick for a moment.The taste was like nothing before.I gagged a little which brough a tear to my eye.Then he stopped pulling and pushing my face.With his dick still in my mouth he said I was ready to be fucked. I panicked as he began to slide my dress down.I gave a moan as i turned around.He eyes liit up as i began to think about what my wife is putting me through.'Dirty girl wants it Anal'I gulped as he now pulled the back of my dress over my ass.Elane had me shave all the hair on my body.A thumb forced its way into my tight hole.It began to swilvel around in no one particual motion.ltough i was fearing what was about to come my dick got harder as i felt this new painful sensation.Without warning he grunted 'its ready' and the wet head of his dick began to rub against my ass.Then in one motion he rammed his huge,hard cock in me.I gave a loud groan.It was a pain i hadnt expected.He slowly began to usher himself in and out.Slowly i began to lossen up. As he rammed me harder and harder i slipped my hand into dress and began to masterbait.I couldnt deny that as painful as this was i was very turned on.I never had a cock in me.He began to move faster and faster.I knew what was about to happen.I began to cum all over myself and then i could feel something different.His juices burst.His cock exploded in my ass.A wet warm liquid filled me.He had come in my hole.I stood there thinking about what happened.His cock softened in me and he slid it out.Not saying anything he slapped my cheek once and left.Elane then entered the room.She say me bent over sink and with painful look on my face.Elane took a look at my cum soaked ass and said that 'i hope ypu enjoyed the mess you caused'
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