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It did not take Babs long to release her cum, who ran down her legs, and then was Babs laying on the floor, while Furball cleaned Babs' white juice with the condom.

Buttons, Runt and the nurse

The blond nurse had visit by Buttons and Runt in her home, it was an early Saturday night at springtime, and the two dogs and the nurse was lying together in the nurse's bed.

The nurse said to the dogs 'I have something to play with!' and the she found a white rubber glove she haven't used yet, and the nurse said 'Let me inflate this glove for you'

The nurse began to blow the glove up as high as she could, she deflated it, and felt on Buttons and Runts hot and long sticks, and she said 'That glove can be much bigger!'

Then was the nurse taking of her clothes, she was blowing the glove up again, and the glove got much more huge under the second inflation, and as they was afraid that the glove would pop, began the nurse to tie a knot on the glove under a lot of soft squeaks.

After the girl and the dogs had played with the air filled glove for a moment, was the nurse rubbing the huge and balloon like glove against Buttons dick first, and Runt, who moaned softly, was so horny, that he came automatically, and he shot his heavy load long out over the bed, and then was he taking a little rest.

Some minutes later began Buttons to build his climax up, and the nurse said 'I can feel my climax is coming too!'

The nurse rubbed faster and faster, and suddenly was the girl and the air filled glove covered with sticky dog cum, and then was the girl and the dog lying and relaxing on each other with the inflated glove between their bellies.

Slappy Squirrel's Birthday Party

Slappy Squirrel was preparing her birthday party in her house, that laid in a park, and she had invited Fifi La Fume and Minerva Mink.

The three girls was first setting banners up on the wall, and then was they decorating the table with serpentine, small flags and confetti.

Thereafter was Fifi coming with a bag, that contained three blue and round giant advertising balloons from the French restaurant Quick.

The three girls went outside and inflated the double printed balloons, and Minerva Mink started to double inflate one of the balloons with her mouth, so it got much bigger.

After Minerva Mink had Slappy inflated their balloons, was Minerva asking Slappy 'Should we play with my balloon' and Slappy said 'Yeah!'

The mink and the squirrel kicked and pushed the huge balloon over to each other in some minutes, and then was Minerva Mink sitting and riding on her balloon.

The big and crystal clear squeaked loudly in protest, as Minerva Mink sat and rode on the huge balloon, that got reflected by the clear sky, and Minerva Mink moaned softly, while Slappy said 'Just go on, but don't press too hard!'

Slappy and Fifi began to lay on each other with the balloon between their bellies, and the big balloon whined and squealed, as the two lovers rubbed their bodies against the soft balloon skin, and short time after, was Minerva Mink taking of her clothes, and said 'I feel my climax is coming!'

Minerva Minks white liquid ran down on the balloon, the horny mink came again, and she released her cum, that splattered out in the grass, and soon was Slappy and Fifi having their orgasm, and Fifi's juice ran down on the blue balloon, and out on the squirrel.

After the three girlfriends had laid and relaxed for a while, was they deflating the wet balloons, and then they was going on with the birthday party.
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