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My female smoking fetish goes back years and every so often I find women happy to indulge me. Let me tell you about the latest time. I was on holiday on a small Caribbean island. I was sitting in an open-air restaurant having breakfast when I noticed two women sitting at another table in front of me. One was quite a lot younger than the other and I thought they might have been mother and daughter. They finished eating and immediately lit up cigarettes. The younger one was facing me and I watched intently as she inhaled deeply on her cigarette and then blew a long plume of blue smoke into the air. She saw me looking at her and smiled. I couldn't see the older one inhaling but could clearly see her long plume of blue smoke when she exhaled. They finished their cigarettes and left the restaurant. The younger smiled at me as they walked away.

I finished breakfast and went about seeking a sunlounger on the beach. As I strolled along I saw the two smokers sitting under a beach umbrella and as there was an empty sunlounger nearby I parked myself down there. As I was wearing sunglasses I could watch the two of them without them seeing that I was watching them. They were obviously mother and daughter. Both were a little overweight but attractive. The younger one had long blonde hair and the mother the same colour but shorter. She also wore glasses. Although they were mother and daughter they seemed very close friends. I was surprised when I heard them talk as they were German. They seemed to enjoy smoking and it seemed as if it wasn't just a habit. When one lit a cigarette she would hand it to the other and then light her own. I really enjoyed watching them smoke during the day knowing they couldn't see my eyes because of the sunglasses. We smiled and nodded at each and when we were in the sea together we chatted quite happily.

Although they were German they both spoke good English. When we sat back on the beach I asked them if they wanted a drink. I went and got the drinks and took them back to them. They invited me to sit down with them. The young one said she was Christina and said, 'This is my mama, Helga'. I shook hands and told them my name. They explained they were on holiday by themselves, they always had a break in the winter away from their husbands. As we drank they started to smoke and offered me one but I told them I didn't. At last I got a real close up view of them smoking. Although Christina was the more attractive of them, Helga was still very attractive too. I saw that Christina in particular looked at me when she actually smoked. I'm sure she realised I enjoyed watching her. Helga took deeper inhales and occasionally exhaled through her nose.

As the sun went down, they had a final cigarette before going back to their room. This time Christina looked me straight in the eye when she smoked.

As I approached the bar for a pre-dinner drink I saw them sitting there. I smiled and they beckoned me over. I joined them and ordered some more drinks. As Helga reached for her cigarettes I picked up her lighter and lit both of their cigarettes. Christina inhaled deeply and blew a long plume of smoke out through her lipstick- coated lips straight at me. I realised at that point that she knew I had a smoking fetish. They both suggested that I joined them for dinner and they made sure I sat opposite them. When we had eaten they both lit up. Christina this time handed me her lighter for me to light their cigarettes. This time they both blew their smoke directly at me. I also noticed they smoked alternately so that I could watch them one at a time. Helga was by now following her daughter and exhaling long plumes of smoke.

When we had finished in the restaurant we retired to the outside bar and again they sat opposite me and treated me to the wonderful sight of an attractive mother and daughter giving a display of sexy smoking. Each time they lit up I was expected to light their cigarettes for them. We had all had a lot to drink when Christina asked how long I had been attracted to women who smoked. I gave them a complete history of my fetish. They were clearly fascinated by it. Helga asked how I felt watching the two of them together and I explained that it turned me on. Christina asked how much it turned me on. I told her I had an erection watching them. Helga was amazed. She said, 'Are you saying you have an erection watching us even though we are fully clothed'. I told her I did. She said, 'I thinks its time we went back to our room'.

We stood up and walked along the corridor to their room. Helga opened the door and Christina and I followed her in. Helga got a bottle of wine and poured three glasses. There were 2 double beds in the room. Helga and Christina sat beside each other on one bed and I sat opposite them. Helga passed her cigarettes and lighter to me. I opened the packed and passed one to Helga. She put it in her mouth and I offered her a light. She inhaled deeply and with the cigarette held loosely between her lips blew a long thin plume of blue smoke straight at me. I offered one to Christina and she duplicated her mother's actions. I sat down opposite them and sipped my wine. They smoked alternately so that first I watched Helga and then my eyes were fixed on her daughter. I felt my cock hardening. Helga said, 'Well lets see what effect we're having on you'.

I stood up and dropped my trousers and underpants. My erect cock sprung into view and I sat down again. Helga and Christina's eyes were fixed on my erection as they continued their smoking exhibition. My cock started twitching as I gazed at the two of them smoking. They soon finished their cigarettes and Helga said, 'I want to watch you play with yourself while we smoke, will you do that for us'. I said, 'I'd love to, I want you to both watch me as I make myself cum while watching you smoke'. My hand went down to my cock and I started slowly stroking it. First I stared at Helga as she inhaled deeply and blew the smoke back at me. All the while she was staring at me wanking myself, and getting excited by her smoking. Then it was Christina's turn. She inhaled deeper and her exhale was long and strong and right over me. Again Christina stared at my cock as I wanked my erect cock. Clearly they were getting turned on by watching me. Helga said, 'I hope you're not going to cum too soon, I'm enjoying the show'.

I was playing with my cock very slowly and although I loved the sensation I knew I could make it last. Helga finished her cigarette first and as I watched Christina finish hers, Helga got up and put some more lipstick on. Before she sat down she took off her dress and sat with her bra and pants on. She reached for another cigarette and lit it. I also noticed that her legs were slightly apart. Christina finished her cigarette and put some more lipstick on and removed her dress. But Christina went further and also took her bra off. I noticed instantly that her nipples were hard and large. She came and sat next to me and put her hand on my cock and started rubbing it. She used the hand that held the cigarette and I could feel the smoke from it on my cock. I looked down and loved the sight of her rubbing my cock with her cigarette held firmly between her fingers. She said, 'I'm going to play with your cock while you watch Mama smoke and then we can change places.' She started rubbing me very slowly at first but I could sense it was exciting her as well. Her other hand went between her legs and she rubbed her pussy through her knickers. Helga saw what her daughter was doing and did the same to herself while still making sure she gave me a good exhibition of her smoking.

Clearly she was now getting as turned on as me but still continued her sexy smoking. Christina was now talking and saying, 'Look Mama how hard his cock is, I'm wanking it for you as he gets turned on by you. Oh Mama, his cock is so hard, finish your cigarette and change places with me. I want you to feel how hard it is, I want you to know what effect your smoking is having on him'. Helga soon finished her second cigarette and changed places with her daughter, but first removed her bra and knickers. I could see she was wet between her legs. Christina lit her cigarette and I stared at the beautiful sight of her smoking. Helga was stroking my cock rather faster than her daughter and I knew she would have to slow down if she didn't want me to cum too soon. I reached down between Helga's legs and inserted a finger deep inside her pussy. Her legs opened wider as she obviously enjoyed what I was doing.

Christina had now taken her knickers off and knelt down on the floor only inches from my cock which was now being frantically wanked by her mother. I said, 'Helga, you're going to make me cum very soon if you don't slow down'. 'Yes, I know, I want you to', she replied. Christina was now only inches from my cock and blowing her cigarette smoke directly onto it, I loved the feeling of the hot smoke on it. Christina said to her mother, 'Mama, wait a minute, lets all enjoy him cumming. Let him lay down on the bed and we can all stretch out. I want you to wank his cock and make him cum all over my face as I smoke my cigarette'. Helga stopped wanking and agreed. I moved to the top of the bed and took off my shirt. We were now all completely naked. Helga lit another cigarette and joined her daughter kneeling on the bed only inches from my cock. I sat up and watched as they took it in turns to blow their smoke over my cock while the other one held it and rubbed it. Then as Christina inhaled deeply she leaned over my cock and took it deep in her mouth while her mouth still held her smoke. The feeling was sensational. Then it was Helga's turn and she followed her daughter's example.

I cried out with pleasure and said, 'I'm going to cum'. Christina said to Helga,' Mama, wank him off into my mouth, make him cum in my mouth'. She took two very long inhales and buried my cock as deep as possible in her mouth. Helga too inhaled deeply and rubbed the rest of my cock. The heat was so intense inside Christina's mouth but it only needed a couple of rubs from Helga to have me cumming deep inside her daughter's mouth. Eventually Christina had to exhale and as the opened her mouth I saw the wonderful combined sight of her cigarette smoke and my spunk coming from her mouth. The two of them finished their cigarettes and left me to recover before Christina said, 'It's our turn now'.

Now they both sat at the top of the bed and leaned against the headboard. With their legs apart touching each other. Christina said, 'we may be mother and daughter on holiday but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy ourselves. She handed Helga a cigarette and lit it for her and then lit her own. I knew what they wanted. Although I had just cum and couldn't manage it again just yet I knew I could still satisfy them. I knelt in between them and still watched as they sexily smoked for me again. I could see they were both wet and I reached out to both of them and found their pussies. I inserted one then two fingers in each one. The look on their faces showed they were soon enjoying it. Christina used the hand that wasn't holding the cigarette to play with her nipples. Helga was happy to lie back and let me play with her pussy. Christina was the most excited and as I rubbed her clit I could sense she was almost cumming. She sucked excitedly on the cigarette as if it was enhancing her sexual pleasure.

Helga could see her daughter was almost there and said, 'Let Christina cum first'. I took my wet fingers out of Helga and replaced them in Christina. My other hand was still playing with her clit. Helga took the cigarette from Christina and let her use both hands on her nipples while Helga held the cigarette to her daughter's lips and let her smoke it. The sight of Christina's mother helping her smoke and Christina playing with her nipples was getting me hard again. I rubbed Christina's clit faster and suddenly her orgasm was upon her. Helga sensed it too as she forced the cigarette back between her daughter's lips for one last long inhale. Her mouth fell open as her orgasm rushed through her body and her cigarette smoke trickled sexily out between her lovely red lips. We let Christina recover for a few minutes, but Helga was now desperate to cum. I was fully hard now and she said she wanted me to fuck her as she smoked.

Again she sat against the headboard and this time Christina lit a cigarette for her mother and held it for her. Helga took the opportunity to play with her tits. She squeezed and pinched her nipples, enjoying the pleasure she was giving herself. I was lying between her legs now and slowing easing my erect cock in and out of Helga's soaking wet pussy. I couldn't take my eyes of the wonderful sight of Christina holding her mothers cigarette for her as I fucked her delightful pussy. Helga's orgasm was soon upon her and as she came Christina had pushed the cigarette inside her mother's mouth for one final inhale. Although I hadn't cum again, Christina was about to change that. She pushed me on my back, lit another cigarette and after each inhale put my cock in her mouth and sucked. As she finished her first smoke, Helga lit another for her and one for herself. Helga sat right in front of my face smoking and exhaling over me while her daughter gave me yet another super sexy smoky blow job that once again had me cumming deep inside her smoke filled mouth.

The rest of the holiday continued like this for the next few days with the three of us enjoying each others love of smoking and sex. On the last day Christina and her mother put on a wonderful lesbian sex and smoking show for me.
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