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One day paul was on his way to an early morning meeting his boss scheduled the day before, when he stopped at a Taco Bell.
Paul ordered at the drive-thru, three challupas. Paul pulled away from the drive-thru devouring the first challupa, while driving.

Paul had already eaten two sandwiches by the time he reached the on ramp of the interstate. Paul decided to wait to finish the last sandwich after the meeting. While on the interstate, he ran into some traffic. He knew he had made the right decision by leaving an hour earlier.

The traffic delayed him thirty minutes, but he knew he wasn't going to be late to the meeting. Suddenly, Paul's stomach started feeling a little gassy. He leaned to one side and,
"Fffffff" A slow, long windy fart seeped from his anus, causing quite an odder.

"Aah," he groaned. Paul's stomach continued to rumble, as he squirmed in his seat. He caressed his stomach with a look of anguish. He thought, I hope I do can still fart like this during the meeting, I would hate to see my farts go to waste."

When Paul arrived at the lobby of his office building, he entered an open elevator with knowone inside. Just as he pressed the button to the 22nd floor, he let out a loud, "Brrrraaap!"

Paul ripped farts all the way to the fifth floor, where two women were entering the elevator. The stench from his farts filled the nose of the women, as they stared horrified at Paul.

Paul stood at the back of the large elevator while the women stood at the door. Suddenly, Paul felt a big fart moving down his colon. Paul poked his ass against the elevator wall, and pushed. His anus opened, and he felt the hot fart wind, "Fffffff" blow warm air in the seat of his underwear. The sensation excited him, as the good feeling relaxed the pain in his stomach.

The elevator reeked. The woman began to bicker and hiss at him.
"Why don't you use the bathroom, you pig!"
Paul never uttered a word in response, he just stood waiting to pass more gas. When the women exited the elevator on their floor, they were eager to leave.

Just then, a beautiful supermodel-type woman entered. She smiled at Paul and said, "Hello." Paul only nodded his head in response, while moving to the other side of the elevator. At this time, the elevator was at the fifteenth floor, the woman pressed the 23rd floor. Just as the doors closed, Paul pushed out a

"Brap!" The loud echoed fart was evident, yet the woman remained calm. Paul wondered why she didn't respond negitively.
She looked over and gave Paul a flirtatious smile. Paul smiled back. "Blap, Blap, Blap," He let go in a row of farts.
Hey, I farted," he said to her with a smile. She nodded, replying,
"I know. It doesn't bother me. When you gotta fart, you gotta fart." Paul's eyes widen with excitement.

"You like it when men fart"
"Sure, I like farting myself."
"Wow, I never knew a woman who admited farting."
"Everyone farts, even if they say they don't, they do."
Paul smiled, then laughed subtly.

She walked over to him and stood beside him, and let out a long,
"Bbbbbbrrrrrrr" growling fart. Suddenly, Paul's dick got hard.
He squeezed, and caressed his dick, as it throbbed with anticipation. Just then, she stood in front of him, and nestled her ass against his swollen dick, and let out a powerful fart.

The vibration caused Paul to have a pre-ejaculation. He uncontrollably grabbed her hips, and began to move, pressing his dick against her ass, sandwiching it between her butt cheeks.
No sooner than that, she let out another powerful fart, this time it had an odder to it. He took a whiff, and said,

"Mm, you smell good."
"Could we go out for coffee sometime"
"Sure," she said, just as he was getting off on his floor.
The motioned a kiss to one another just before the elevator doors closed.
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