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"Do you like master" she asked as she pulled and pinched her nipples in front of him. "Yes, my pet, very much so," he said as he had to change his sitting positions as the bulge in his pants started to become more present. She could tell she was exciting master as he wiggled uncomfortably in his char watching her play with her nipples. She then turned around and grabbed the sides to her now damp panties and pulled them down, letting them fall to her ankles.
Bending over at the hips she made sure that Master could get a good view of her ass and the glistening dew forming on her now moist lips. As she glanced back at him, she cooed softly "do you like what you see Master" with a little giggle. she knew that Master always had a hard time staring at her ass and not touching. She knew exactly how to play Master when it came to pleasing him. As she turned she got on her hands and knees and started crawling towards him very slowly. Her breasts dangling slowly. Her eyes locked on his. When she reached him she placed both hands on his thighs and pulled herself up. Licking her lips slowly.

Then reached for his belt. with a sly moan she unbuckled it and then undone the button and unzipped his zipper. As she slid her hand into his shorts she garbed his shaft and squeezed gently. Then grabbing the waist band, slid his pants and underwear down to his ankles, She placed her hands on his shoulders, pulled herself up. sliding her legs between his knee and sitting down slowly. Rubbing her warm wet clit on his knee. Tilting her head back and moaning softly.

He placed his hands on her firm breasts and plucked her nipples lightly, lowering his head and taking a nipple slowly into his mouth as she moaned softly "MMMMMMMMMMMM Master please suck them hard!" as he sucked harder, her nipple growing harder and harder with every pas of his hot wet tongue. His warm breath on her skin was sending tingles up and down her spine. As she rubbed her pussy up and down his leg, she grabbed his now stiff member and squeezed pumping it up and down in her had. He moaned softly as she paid close attention to the head. She slowly rose to her feet again and backed off of his knee, kneeling between his legs, she pumped his hard cock in her hand as she teased the tip of his cock with her hot wet tongue. Sliding her tongue into the slit on the head and teasing, Opening her mouth and only sucking the head in slowly. she pulled her hair to the side and looked up into his eyes, to make sure he could see what she was doing to him. As he started to moan she opened her throat and engulfed him with one fast movement, send him into a frenzy of soft moans. His hands garbing the back of her head. Sliding his fingers threw her hair and grabbing a hand full of hair. Moving her head up and down on his cock with forceful strokes. He fucked her mouth with the rhythm that he desired. Pumping her head up and down with his strong hands directing her mouth to where he wanted it. If she was to think about how fast he was going she would surly gag. but she wanted to please her Master in anyway she could.

She knew he was getting close when he gripped her hair a little tighter and started to buck and moan, she could feel the head of his cock start to swell in the back of her throat as he started to shoot wave after wave of hot cum into her waiting mouth, a little cum trickling out the side of her mouth as she swallowed as much as she could. He was moaning and bucking harder than ever. She sucked as hard as she could to get every last drop of his hot cum. Raising her head as he released her hair, looking up at him as she licked the cum off the side of her mouth, and moaned in appreciation of what he had given her.

"Are you happy now Master Did pet please you" she said as she hugged him tight. and kissed him softly. "yes my love, very please" he said as she got back to her feet and started to fix him dinner as he strolled into the bathroom to take a shower. After dinner he asked to get him the box that he had brought home for her. She skipped to the living to get the box, and returned with it, placing it on the table in front of master and sitting on her knees at his feet. she could hear the rustling of the tiny chains as he pulled them from the box.

Just thinking of what master was going to do to her made her nipples harden and her spine start to tingle. She looked at the way the chains glistened in the light as he asked her to raise in front of him. As she took her position in front of master, he asked her to close her eyes. As she closed her eyes, she felt him attach the nipple claps to her now hard nipples. He took another chain and attached it around her waist, snug but not to tight. she could feel the cold steel of the chain on her body. He reached down and started to rub her wet pussy lips, making her moan and groan from deep inside. He aroused her to the point that her clit started peaking out from its hiding spot, he slowly ran his finger over it, making it stand out even more. With that he attached the clit clamp, then attached a short chain to her nipple clamp chain, and hooked it to the chain around her waist, making it pull the clamps on her nipple tight.

Attaching the clit clamp chain also to the waist chain, she moan as the chains became more taunt. pulling her clit up and out. As she started to breath heavier her breast rising and falling, pulling the chains tighter with each breath, the sensation in her nipples and clit growing stronger with every breath. when she started to feel the frustration of every breath sending a chill down her body, master reached into the box and pulled out the spreader bar. Placing it on her ankles and slowly clasping it down, tight but not to tight.

Picking her up he moved her to the doorway of the dinning room. attaching a rope and tackle to the top of the door jam. He then tied the end of the rope to her wrists and slowly hoisted her up till she was on her tip toes. her body swaying slowly as she hung there. Master then walked to the freezer, hanging there she could not tell what he was doing because he was behind her. All she could do what hear what he was doing. he pulled out the ice tray and put several ice cubes in a glass and then added some cold water. Looking at his submissive dangling in the door way. he asked her if she was comfortable. "Yes, master, I am comfortable if it pleases you it pleases me Master." He then took the black satin cloth that everything had been wrapped in and placed it over her eyes. Now my pet.

I want you to hear and feel everything I do to you, the sensations will be more aroused that way," "yes master" she replied. She could hear him rustling around a little bit and then she felt the cold leather smack lightly over her bare ass. "OH Master" she cooed, "May I have another please Master" Master raised the flogger again, only this time a little harder. She felt the crisp leather tails bite her ass just a little more, leaving a little sting. as she moved to the touch, her nipple and clit clamps reacting to the increase in breathing and her body movements. Pulling and tugging at the nipples and clit. He again brought the flogger across her ass again and again. every time sending chills up and down her body as the chains pulled and tugged at her. She was wondering what was happening as her aster had stopped using the flogger. she could see nothing, only hear him. She heard the glass of ice and water starting to rustle a little but she thought nothing of it. Master swirled the glass close to hr ear as she hung there, her breath quickening with anticipation of what he was going to do to her next. she felt the coolness of the glass starting to touch her skin. The way it made her shiver, only making the clamps that much tighter. What happened next was a total shocker to her, Master dumped part of the water onto her erect nipples. causing her body to jerk from the cold water traveling down her body, with each jerk the claps pulled tighter and tighter. "OH MY GOD MASTER!!!!" she screamed as the ice clod water traveled down the chains to her now hot and stretched clit. her whole body feeling the sensation. She started to wiggle and struggle trying to get away.

"This is not fair" she thought to herself. Just the she felt a totally different sensation over take her body. Masters Hot, wet, moist tongue swirling over her nipple. first cold then hot, it sent chills into every pore in her body. All of her sensations coming alive. OH MY GOD MASTER!!!!!" she cooed as her sensations started to travel down. Master leaning down and placing his warm tongue on her clit, Licking and sucking it back to life. Her body going into spasms from all the different sensations, she did not think it could get any better than this. But how wrong she was, Master then took and ice cube out of the glass, and placed it on her hot dripping pussy lips. Sending shivers deep inside her pussy. she pulled on the rope holding her in the air as he body started to shake as a massive orgasm over took her. She screamed with delight as he slowly pushed it up in between her folds. The warmth of her pussy melting the ice cube and the cold water dripping down her thighs. She had never felt this sensation before.

It was all new and exciting to her. She thought that this had to be the ultimate that he could do to her, but again she was wrong. Master walked behind her, his hands dragging on her skin as he moved. grabbing her hips firmly he took his hard cock in his hand and started rubbing it slowly up and down her now sensitive pussy lips. She moaned softly as he parted her lips and with one quick shove was deep inside her. The clit and nipple claps pulling tighter as he began to pump her deep and hard. her body responding with pleasure moans from deep inside her. She had never been please for such a long period of time before and was growing more and more excited as her master had his way with her.

Her pussy was on fire as master grabbed the chains and gave them a quick tug. her pussy spammed quickly as he pumped even harder. His grunts and groans growing quicker and quicker as his cock grew more and more. she could tell he was ready to blow at any time. As he started to cum he grabbed the chains and gave them a hard tug. her body responding with a massive orgasm ripping threw her body as he filled her full of his hot cum. OH MY GOD she yelled as she came with such a force that she had never known. His cum and her cum running down her thighs. He took the blindfold off of her and kissed her deeply as he released her from her bound hands. She fell to the floor in exaushtion. she had never felt the sensations like that before, but knew that she would again feel her Masters power in more ways than one threw out her life with him.
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