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Slowly and without thinking i let my hand slide down the length of my stomach, my fingers methodically finding my own pleasure zone, i begin to stroke the tip of my clit. My mind telling me that it is Your fingers Milady…Your soft yet firm fingertips drawing the invisible circles around the base of my clit…Your fingers exploring. i spread my legs wider, spreading my lips just enough to feel the breeze from the ceiling fan blow across my quickly swelling clit. Just as i am sliding off into my own world of self gratification, my other hand lands upon the stem of the rose on the other pillow and i am quickly brought back to reality and am reminded that these were the same actions that got me punished last night. i jerk my hand back from the stem quickly and lick the tiny drop of blood that has formed on the tip of my middle finger.

Still groggy from lack of sleep and a little sore from the previous nights activities, i try to sit up and focus. Today will be another lonely day with Daddy still out of town and You spending time with Your family. Sitting up and dangling my feet over the edge of the bed, i try to plan my day. i am so thankful i do not have to go into work today. i actually do not think i could function normally today. Realizing i really have nothing pressing to do, i ponder going back to sleep, but then i remember the words i heard You speak just as i was falling off to sleep, Tomorrow, you will make up for disappointing Me by pleasuring Me.”

A broad smile forms across my face as i realize that i will see You again today. Today is beginning to look brighter. Daddy will call soon to tell me Good Morning and then i can get myself ready to spend some time with Milady. Oh how i love to please You Milady…to hear Your soft moans of pleasure…too feel Your body quiver at the touches from my fingers and tongue…to feel Your muscles contract as You cum from my efforts…to see the look of approval on Your face…to hear the beloved words, Thank you My pet, you are such a good girl.”

My mind begins to wander again, to how i am going to make up for my unacceptable behavior last night. Of course, You will want a long, hot bath…. However, maybe tonight You will permit me to decide how to pleasure You. Oh, how i love to taste Your sweetness as it drips freely from Your gorgeous hunny pot…i can never be that close to You and not taste You…I live to taste You. In addition, that wonderful ass You have…God how I love to run my hands along its beautiful curves…But i cannot forget Your voluptuous breasts, their smoothness, their silkiness, and how much my tongue likes to tease Your nipples. my hand begins to massage my own breasts…my fingers finding their way to my already hard nipples…tugging at my nipple rings, i can feel Your fingers touching me again…

i jerk part from fear of being caught and part from excitement knowing it is Daddy on the line. Eagerly, i pick up the receiver to hear…

Gooooood Mooooorrrninnnnng Sexy…. How is Daddy's baby girl today”

Doing great Daddy, now that i hear Your voice!”, i answer giddily.

Were you a good girl last night while you were alone”

Uhhhmmmm……uhmmmmmmmm”, i stammer.

Go ahead tell Daddy…you know I hate it when you keep things from me.”

Uhm, no Daddy…Milady surprised me with an unexpected visit and caught me pleasuring myself again,” i answer shamefully.

Oh Really”

Yes Daddy, but i am so very sorry it will not happen again…i swear.”

And did the Lady correct and punish you properly, according to My standards”

Yes Daddy.”

Tell Daddy all about it baby girl.”

Oh trust me Daddy She did like You would have wanted Her too.”

Did She without remorse bring You to the point of cumming, and refuse your pitiful pleas to cum”

Yes Daddy.”

And did you cry out in agony from the urges when they were so strong you could no longer control yourself”

Yes Daddy.”

And did She finally let you cum when you could stand no more”

Yes Daddy.”

Then I trust you rested well when it was over baby girl”

Oh yes Daddy….it was torture but such a sweet release when Milady finally ordered me to cum.”

Did you cum on command for the Lady”

Yes Daddy.”

And did you thank Her”

Yes Daddy.”

And last but most important, did you learn your lesson”

Yes Daddy, i learned that there are consequences to pay when i do not refrain from pleasuring myself without permission.”

Good baby girl….good….Daddy is very proud of you.”

Thank You Daddy.”

Now my sweet baby girl, Daddy must be going, We have many miles to ride today. I will be home to you soon, but in the meantime, the Lady will take good care of you for Me. But remember when I get home, I want to hear every detail of last night's events.”

Ok Daddy, be safe……..”

Daddy loves His baby girl.”

And i love You Daddy.”

Bye baby.”

Bye Daddy.”

i fall back onto the bed, giddy from hearing Daddy's voice and relieved to know He is safe. i wish i could have gone with Him, but i know this trip was a trip just for the boys.” He and His friends had planned this trip at least a year ago. i smile thinking back to the day He left out. He was like a kid going to the zoo for the first time, smiling so big and telling me all the things they would see on their way. His enthusiasm and zest for life has always been such a turn on for me. He is so full of energy and life. And the way He smiles that devilish little smile of His, just like a young boy who is about to play a prank on his parents. i chuckle to myself and take a deep breath. As i turn my head, my eyes fall upon the orange rose, still lying on the pillow. Daddy planted that rose bush for me the first spring W/we were together. How He knew the orange roses were my favorite is still a mystery to me…a mystery that really does not need an answer. my eyes still heavy from lack of sleep, i close them to rest for just a few more minutes.

i am suddenly awakened by the sound of the dogs barking. Trying to focus, i realize there is someone at the front door. Climbing off the bed and grabbing my robe on the way out of the bedroom, i head for the door to see who could possibly be here. Squinting my eyes in the bright sunlight as i open the door slowly, i realize it is the boy from next door. i pull my robe tighter together and open the storm door.

Hello Robbie, how are you today.”

Oh I am fine.”

What can i do for you”

Oh your friend dropped this letter off to my mom this morning early and asked that she give it to you later in the day.”

My friend”

Yeah you know the lady that visits you often and sometimes even stays all night.”

Ohhhhhhhhh…..that lady,” i chuckle, Yes i know who you mean. Thank You Robbie. And please tell your mother thank you for me too.”

i wave as Robbie runs back over to his yard and resumes play with his friends. Hmmm, Milady left a letter for me at the neighbor's house. That is kind of odd, but then again i learned long ago never, never underestimate Milady or what She may have planned. i sit down on the sofa, carefully open the envelope, and remove the neatly folded paper inside.

Sweet pet,

I do hope that you rested well last night. you were sleeping so peacefully when I had to leave you in the wee hours of the morning. As you know, I will be returning this evening after I have made sure my family is taken care of. I am still disappointed in your constant disobedience; however, I do hope you have finally learned your lesson. But do not forget I know how stubborn you can be at times. Tonight W/we will see if you can make it up to me. Below is a list of instructions for you, pet, and I trust you will follow to the letter. Remember my pet, I do report to Daddy and you do have some making up to do with me tonight.

1- Shower and shave. You know how I hate body hair.
2- Leave your hair down.
3- Put on the dark blue cup less bra and crotch less panties that I bought for you two weeks ago.
4- Prepare the tub for me, you know I expect a nice long hot bath to be almost ready for me when I get there….Cherry Bubble bath, My pet.
5- Put fresh sheets on the bed and have it turned back just the way I like it, nice and tight. I want the dark blue sheets on the bed My pet.
6- Rest a bit my pet; for you will need it, tonight…tonight you will be used solely for my pleasure.


Hmmm…interesting, but does not sound too hard to accomplish. i carefully refold the letter, slide it back into the envelope, and head for the bedroom to begin getting ready for later. Smiling to myself with anticipation and excitement, i strip the bed of its garments. i look through the sheet cabinet and find Milady's favorite, Egyptian cotton dark blue sheets. With the delightful thoughts of Milady in this bed, i seem to make the huge wooden bed with ease. Almost humming to myself as I carefully tuck every corner perfectly and smooth every wrinkle from the fresh smelling sheets. i smile, imagining just how beautiful Milady looks when She is laying across this bed, especially with these sheets, the sheets meant only for Her, surrounding Her gorgeous body.

i envision Milady laying there, Her head on the pillow, looking at me. i trace the outline of where Her body would be with my finger along the tightly pulled fitted sheet. Oh yes, can see her perfectly. How her dark hair lays perfectly on the pillow surrounding her face. The wicked gleam in Her eyes…the gleam that i find so sexy. Her legs slightly bent and spread just enough to tease me. Her full, satiny breasts begging to be touched as their erect nipples stand at attention. i can hear her giggle her giggle, a giggle only Milady has…THE giggle that makes me excites me and makes me wet at the first sound, as she beckons me with Her finger to come closer. i can hear Her firmly correct as i approach Her too eagerly as i sometimes do. i do hope She realizes the only reason i am so eager is because i only want to please Her and be allowed to taste Her, feel Her, touch Her, experience Her and service Her in all ways that this goddess deserves. My mouth begins to water as my finger traces the exact spot where Her gorgeous, full ass would be laying…
my mind is quickly drawn back to the night when Milady unexpected showed up needing my immediate service. She had spent time with Sir Steel, Her beloved Master. She did not speak a word to me that night when She came in. She took me by the hand and dragged me behind Her into the bedroom. Before I realized what was happening She was bent over the bed, Her pants removed. i was startled at the rosy red glow of Her full ass cheeks. Then in the softest most pitiful voice She said to me….

”My sweet pet, Milady has just been punished by Sir Steel again for disobedience. Come to Me pet. Attend to My stinging ass.”

i winced at the thought of the pain Milady must have endured but at the same time, the thought of seeing Her draped across Sir Steel's lap getting a taste of the spankings She delivers to me on a regular basis did make my pussy quickly begin to drip. Not to mention the thought of seeing Her in sweet submission to another, humble and at His mercy. Obediently, i rushed to Milady. Softly rubbing and caressing Her almost bruised ass cheeks…then massaging a bit harder. i noticed She began to squirm a bit and knew that my touches were arousing Her just as if they were arousing me…. Automatically, i began to let my finger wander down the length of Her crack…. then slowly i began to delicately tease Her puckered asshole. i felt Her relax as She pressed back, welcoming my entrance. i pressed in a little deeper, then pulled back and then pushed in again…i continued to delicately fuck Her asshole with my finger. She grinded against my hand slowly and as i reached around in front to stroke Her pussy….She came quickly just as my fingertips found Her rock hard swollen clit. i smiled knowing that Sir Steel had pushed Her to the point of orgasm without letting Her release. Milady was not only in physical pain from the spanking but the deeper agony of desperately needing to cum had taken over her being. Thankful to Him for His generosity, i leaned over and softly kissed Milady between Her shoulder blades.

My pet,” She whispered, take off your clothes.”

i quickly obeyed and She climbed up into the middle of the bed and lay there on Her stomach, Her ass still glowing a bright pink from the earlier spanking.

Come here My pet…. Lay down atop Me.”

i knew exactly what Milady wanted. Milady wanted me to hold Her…to feel my soft, warm, gently body against Her tired and aching body. That was a wonderful night. i laid softly draped atop Milady all night, my arms lovingly wrapped around Her chest, My face buried in the curve of Her soft neck. Every now and then when i would awaken, i would softly grind against Milady's ass. i would feel Her respond by gently pressing back against me…. Her way of thanking me. i wrap my arms around myself and squeeze. Those tender moments are priceless to me. Sighing, i get up and quickly finish making the bed, taking extra care to pull the sheets tight, and fluff the pillows perfectly. i trace down the soft sheets one more time with my finger and then gather then make may way to the bathroom to prepare the tub.

i gather the cleaning supplies from under the cabinet and proceed to clean the huge garden tub that Daddy had put in just for Milady and me. He knows how much i love the long hot tub soaks but knows how much of a treat and pleasure it is for me to be able to bathe Milady. As i clean and rinse the tub i smile to myself and wonder if She really knows just how sexy She is to me when She is lying in the tub, the bubbles teasingly covering Her breasts, and pussy area, with Her knees slightly bent.

i think back to the first time i bathed Milady and how nervous i was. i had never bathed A/anyone and it seemed She realized it very quickly. She was so patient with me, as She guided my shaking hand across Her body, softly squeezing the sponge in my hand to release its thick lather. Not being able to help myself when i reached her most amazing breasts, i had teasingly pinched Her nipples. She had laughed aloud, i think part from the surprise and part from realizing there just may be potential after all in this timid sub. Before i knew it, i was gingerly fingering Her pussy and teasing Her clit.

Kiss Me pet,” she commanded.

When i leaned over to kiss Her, She pulled me into the tub on top of Her. To this day, W/we still laugh at the look of surprise on Daddy's face when He walked into the bathroom to find U/us both naked in the tub grinding against E/ach other…. a steamy, hot petting session in full swing. It was then that W/ we all knew this would be a long lasting relationship. The next day He ordered the huge tub for U/us to enjoy.

Quickly pulling myself back to the here and now, i realize i do not have much more time before Milady will be here. i do a final rinse of the tub and position Milady's bath pillow on the back lip of the tub. Putting the cleaning supplies back under the cabinet, i take out the Cherry Bubble bath that Milady loves so much. i position it perfectly on the side of the tub. One final glance over the bathroom to make sure it is perfect, i lay Her towels on the bench by the tub and get ready to take my shower.

The excitement building deep inside of me, the next hour of my own preparations are a blur. i shower and shave, making sure that my pussy is smooth and satiny for Milady, just as She always demands. my hair left down, as She prefers. i giggle to myself as i think that the only reason She requests the down hairstyle is so She can tug at the hair at the nape of my neck and guide my hungry mouth wherever She so desires. Now clad in my cup less bra and crotch less panties, i quickly inspect the bedroom once more, tug at my nipple rings a time or two so that my nipples are hard and erect for Milady, and do a final inspection in the mirror. Everything looks perfect. i smile and scamper back down the hall to the bathroom to begin running Milady's bath water.

i have just poured Milady's glass of cold Dr. Pepper and checked the tub when i hear Her car in the driveway. Hurriedly i make my way to the front door and assume my position, on my knees with drink in hand. i almost leap from within myself as i see the knob on the door turn and know Milady is so close to me. The door opens and there stands the woman i live to serve…the woman i admire and at times almost worship. She enters the house, lays Her keys on the end table, and kisses me on the forehead.

Good Evening My pet.”

Good Evening Milady.”

Extended my hand to offer the freshly poured drink, i smile lovingly at Milady. She takes it from my hand, takes a sip, and smiles approvingly.

How was your day My pet”

Wonderful Milady and Yours”

The usual My pet….you may get up now.”

Climbing to my feet, i begin to rattle about sleeping in, Daddy's phone call, and of course my day of preparation.

Is the bed made to My specifications My pet”

Yes Milady.”

Reaching down and patting my already damp pussy and then tugging at my nipple rings, She comments, and I see you have shaved and dressed as I requested.”

Yes Milady.”

And My pet, you have such beautiful hair, I don't see why you don't leave it down more often, she says, while running Her fingers through my hair.

Thank You Milady…i will try to do better in the future for You.”

Is My bath drawn and ready”

Yes Milady.”

Good, I do not want to waste any time tonight. It has been a trying day for me and I do need some pampering and attention. Besides My sweet pet I do believe you have some making up to do tonight for your selfish transgression last evening.”

Yes Milady,” lowering my head.

Well come on, don't just stand there. I am ready for My bath NOW.”

She starts towards the bathroom and i scamper to stay close on Her heels. As W/we enter the bathroom, i immediately check the water temperature one final time…. Perfect. Milady takes a seat in the chair by the tub, and i lower to my knees in front of Her. Carefully i remove Her shoes and socks and stand up, taking Her hand raising Her to Her feet. i unbutton her blouse, slowly one button at a time as if i am unwrapping the long awaited special surprise gift from Santa, my breath catching in my throat as i undo each button revealing more and more of her beauty. i hear her giggle that devilish little giggle of Hers and look up at her realizing she knows how much lust fills me when i look at Her. i blush slightly and slide Her blouse from her body. my fingers find their way to the waste line of Her pants and i gently slide Her panties and pants down together, my hands slowly stroking down Her hips and thighs as Her garments fall to the floor around Her ankles. Taking Her by the hand, i guide Her to step out of her clothes.

i step back to move the clothes out of the way and glance at Her standing there. Her eyes with the look of confidence because She knows She has me completely in every way. i pause and admire Her for a few seconds…. Her gleaming eyes with plenty of fire dancing in them; the fullness of Her pouty lips, the most kissable lips i have ever seen; the sexy dip at the bottom of Her gorgeous neck at the top of Her collarbone, ahh that dip has got to be one of the sexiest places to me on a woman; Her full, rounded, satiny breasts with perfectly erect nipples…. those wonderful suckable nipples; Her dainty and cute belly button, the same belly button that i love to tease with my tongue just to hear Her giggle; Her soft and tender tummy, the very tummy that i love to fall asleep with my head on; Her perfect pussy, always sweet tasting and welcoming my hungry mouth and eager fingers; Her rounded hips, ahhh those gorgeous hips, i can't count the number of times i have grabbed her hips and pulled her pussy closer to my face; Her perfect thighs, the thighs i live to caress and massage, the very same thighs that i love to run my hands down; and those legs…those strong legs that have on many occasion wrapped themselves around me and pulled me closer. Milady is truly a goddess, right down to Her kissable feet and lickable toes.

Reaching out and cupping my face in her hand, My pet, do you see something you like”

Oh yes Milady, You are the vision of a goddess to these humble eyes. And i am grateful that You chose me as Your own. For that i will forever be indebted to You Milady. You make me complete. Thank You Milady.”

Milady smiles and brushes my cheek with the back of Her hand and then looks towards the tub. i focus on the full tub and step over to check the water temperature one more time. Satisfied with the water temperature, i extend my hand to Milady to help Her into the tub. Taking my hand She slowly steps in, right foot, the left foot. i step in in front of Her and squat as She slips down into the tub. As She begins to get comfortable, i step back out and dry off my legs.

How is the bath water Milady”

Perfect as usual My pet.”

i know how You like to relax in the tub for a few Milady so i will leave You for a few but before i leave the room, is there anything i can get for You”

Yes My pet, a refill please.”

Yes Milady,” as i obediently take the glass and scurry off to the kitchen to refill Her glass.

Returning with the drink, i pause and admire Her beauty as She lay peacefully in the tub. The bubbles cascading down and across her body. She looks up and catches me staring.

Yes My pet”

Startled, i stammer, uh..uh…uh …..Here is Your drink Milady…will there be anything else i can get for You or do for You at the moment”

Give Me a few minutes My pet and then return. I am going to soak for a few moments and enjoy the peacefulness,” as She reaches for and takes the drink from my quivering hand.

Yes Milady.”

i exit the bathroom slowly, pulling the door closed behind me. Again, the feelings of giddiness swarm my mind, body, and soul. i blush slightly as i realize that my pussy is already wet just from her presence and seeing her nakedness. i try to busy myself doing piddly things in order to pass the time until i hear Milady beckon me to return to her side.

Oh My sweet pet…” Her voice rings out after what seems to be an eternity.

i scamper quickly to the bathroom door, not wanting to keep Milady waiting.

Yes Milady”

you can come back in now.”

Eagerly i push the door open and enter. As usual, the sight of Milady astounds me. Trying not to let my arousal show, i walk over to the tub and kneel by its side.

Yes Milady, what can i do for You”

I am ready to be bathed now my pet,” She says as She sits her almost empty glass on the side of the tub.

i do not need to be told what to do. i know this routine like the back of my hand and obediently busy attending to Milady. i get the scrunchie and dip it into the warm, soapy water. i gently place my hand behind Her right heel and lift it from the water. Methodically, i run the scrunchie up and down Milady's calf, front, sides, and back. i submerge the scrunchie again in the fragrant water and proceed to wash Her foot, careful not to tickle and being sure not to miss a spot. i repeat with the left leg in the exact same manner, and then look up for Her approval. She raises Her legs, wiggles Her toes and smiles.

i then move up to Her thighs. Holding Her right leg up in the air, i wash Her thigh in the exact same manner as i did Her calf, only teasingly getting a little high up on the inner thigh. I feel Her tense as the scrunchie brushes across the side of Her pussy. Then moving on to the left leg. This time, doing a little more than brushing across the side of her pussy, but instead, blatantly sliding the scrunchie across.


Yes Milady” i look up innocently.

you My pet are supposed to be bathing Me, not trying to arouse Me.”

Yes Milady,” i snicker.

Excuse Me but are you laughing”

No Milady,” trying hard to stifle my amusement.

Without saying a word, and keeping my head and eyes lowered, i move up towards Milady's head. i dip the scrunchie in the warm, fragrant, soapy water and begin to wash Her shoulders and chest, slightly squeezing the scrunchie and watching the water run down Her chest and pool in the bend of Her torso. Dipping the scrunchie again i begin to wash in circles Her right breast. Her nipple hardens at my touch but i try to act as if i do not notice, then gently raise Her breast, and wash under it. i glance up quickly and catch Her watching me, i half heartedly grin and then move to the left breast repeating the same process only linger around Her hardening nipple again until i feel Her disapproving stare burning a whole in the top of my head. As She clears her throat loudly, i look up.

Again almost smiling, Yes Milady”

Does My pet have a hidden agenda tonight”

No Milady, why” i answer innocently and begin noticeably fidgeting as i wash her right arm, scrubbing as if there is some terrible dirt stuck there.

Then why are you trying to wash the skin from My arm Have i struck upon a truth”

No Milady, just trying to make sure You are clean,” easing up on the scrubbing and realizing Her arm is a little pink.

Without speaking another word, i delicately wash Her hand and each finger, and then move to the left arm and hand. i look up for Her approval and watch as She raises Her arms, turns them inside and out, inspecting my work, then wiggling Her fingers, and nods. It is time now to move on to Milady's back.

She slowly rises up and i move up further along the length of the tub. As i begin to wash the back of Her neck and back, my nipples brush across the cold side of the tub. i jump a bit startled by the wonderful cold sensation. Milady turns Her head just in time to see my nipples harden quickly. She giggles wickedly, reaches back, and twists the right one. i jump. Again She giggles Her wicked little giggle, the giggle that She knows drives me insane with lust. i try not to let Her notice my immediate arousal and methodically scrub Her back, enjoying watching Her squirm and wiggle, pressing Her back closer to my washing hand.

Is Milady ready for me to wash Her hair”

Yes My pet, but be more careful this time and do not get shampoo in My eyes.”

Yes Milady,” as i reach for the pitcher beside of the tub.

i turn on the water and fill the pitcher with lukewarm water. Placing my hand as a shield over Her eyes, i slowly pour the pitcher of water over Her head wetting Her hair entirely. i refill the pitcher and sit it on the floor by my side. I reach for the shampoo, pour a small amount in the palm of my hand, and rub my hands together. Very gently and delicately so as not to pull Milady's hair, i massage the shampoo into Her hair, watching carefully so as not to get any in Her eyes. i take a few extra moments to massage Her scalp, and hear Her softly moaning the sound of relaxation. It is the moments like these that i cherish. The moments of closeness, of bonding with Milady. The quiet moments that W/we share together, just Her and i. i pause and look at Her. Her eyes closed, completely relaxed. i live to please Milady.

Milady, it is time to rinse Your hair. Are You ready”

Yes My pet.”

Again, covering Her eyes with my hand as a shield; i very very slowly empty the pitcher over Her head. Then quickly refill it and rinse again. i sit the pitcher back down and run my fingers through Her hair to make sure all the soap is gone. i gently wipe Her face with a hand towel. She opens Her eyes and smiles at me lovingly. Proud to have Her approval i smile back.

Without saying a word, She lies back against the tub again and spreads Her legs wide for me. i know now is the time to wash Her pussy. This is always the hardest for me. It is so hard to concentrate on the bath and not get carried away with touching more than i should at this time. She looks at me with Her eyebrow cocked as if to say, Now stick with what you are supposed to be doing and not playing.”

i nod in obedience of Her silent command, and submerge the scrunchie in the water again. Carefully, i spread Her pussy lips with my left hand and begin to stroke Her inner lips with the scrunchie. i feel Her tense and slightly wiggle at my touch. Trying hard to concentrate and hurry at the same time so that i do not get distracted, i act as if i do not notice Her movements. i then push Her clit to one side with my finger and wash around the base. This time, Milady softly moans and moves noticeably.

i..i..i…am sorry Milady. i am trying hard not to arouse You.”

MMMM it is ok My pet it is very relaxing. Continue.”

Yes Milady.”

i push Her hardening clit to the other side and gently wash around it. She moans deeper and spreads Her legs wider. i feel the wetness forming around the lips of my pussy again and all i can think about is tasting Milady's sweetness. Trying desperately to stay focused, i slide the scrunchie lower, gently washing around Her beautiful hunny pot and dipping a finger in during the process. She wiggles and presses against my hand. i look up at Her, trying to figure out what exactly She wants from me. She looks up, opens Her eyes, and smiles the smile of approval. i feel my heart quicken as i slowly slide my finger back into Her pussy. i slowly move it in and out and move my other hand back to Her clit. Adding another finger and tugging softly at Milady's clit, i look up and watch Her face as i fondle Her sweet pussy.

She is lost in a world of pleasure. i sigh, smile, and continue to massage Her clit and gently fuck Her with my fingers. i start to increase my rhythm and notice Her grinding against my hands. i work my pinky finger down to Her puckered asshole and tease it with the tip of my finger. She grinds harder, spreading Her legs wider as if to invite me in. i slowly work the tip of my finger into Her tight asshole, and slowly move it in and out. Simultaneously fucking both holes with my hand. i then tug and stoke at Her clit harder. She moans in pleasure. Bucking against my hands, She commands me, HARDER MY PET!”

Obediently i put more force behind my movements, tugging Her clit hard almost pinching and pounding Her ass and pussy with the other hand. Harder and faster, i pound Her, splashing water everywhere. She begins bucking hard against me and Her moans deepen. i begin to feel Her muscles tighten around my fingers and She bears down hard against the bottom of the tub. i tug one last time hard on Her clit and shove my fingers deep into Her as She moans loudly and quivers. i feel the rush of Her wetness flowing across my hands. i hold still until She stops quivering, then slowly slide my fingers out of Her and remove my hand from Her clit. She looks up at me with a smile of satisfaction.

Thank you my sweet pet.”

You are most welcome Milady,” i smile.

Come here and kiss Me pet.”

Obediently i move up to Milady's head and press my lips to Hers. i feel Her tongue as it licks across my bottom lip. She wraps Her fingers in my hair and pulls me to Her, pressing my nipples against the cold side of the tub. i whimper and spread my lips inviting Her tongue inside of my mouth. She kisses me hard, O/our tongues entangled in a dance of passion. She then pulls back from me, and places a soft delicate peck of a kiss on my lips.

you are such a good girl my sweet pet,” as She lovingly strokes my hair.

Thank You Milady. I am glad i please You.”

Now come my pet, it is time to move on to other things, and besides this water is starting to chill.”

i nod and rise to my feet. i pull the plug on the drain and help Milady to Her feet. i hand Her a towel to wrap Herself in and then another to wrap around Her hair. i take Her hand and guide Her out of the tub. She stands still outside of the tub as i lower myself to my knees once again, and begin to dry Her legs. i move up and wipe the water beads from the rest of Her body not covered by the towel She is wrapped in.. She removes the towel from Her head and quickly towel dries her hair as i finish wiping Her shoulders and arms. Taking the damp towel from my hand and dropping the towel She used on Her hair, She leads me out of the bathroom and down the hall to the bedroom.

Once inside of the bedroom, She turns on the lamp by the bed, drops Her towel on the floor, and crawls up onto the bed. She smiles and turns over onto Her stomach. i know She wants me to massage Her back. i climb up onto the bed beside of Her and gently trail my nails first down one side of Her back and then the other. i watch as the tiny goose bumps run down Her skin. Slowly i move closer and straddle Her, my ass against Hers. i start with my thumbs on the back of Her neck and gently rub, increasing the pressure very very slowly.

Mmmmmmmm, you have such wonderful hands My pet.”

Thank You Milady.”

i continue working my way down Her neck, slightly increasing the pressure and area covered on Her gorgeous neck, slowly working my thumbs from the center of Her neck outward. She moves Her neck in response to my touches. As i reach the base of her neck, She stops me.

My pet…..”

Yes Milady Am i doing something wrong Milady”

No My pet, but I want you to remember why I am here tonight.”

i do Milady. i have to make it up to You tonight for disappointing You last night.”

Yes my pet. And that being the case, I am going to deal with you a little differently tonight. I had you dress the way you did tonight for a reason. Not for Me to have easier access to toy with your body, but for you to look like a little slut. A little slut that is going to go out of her way tonight to make Me happy. So tonight My pet, W/we are going to play a little game. Pretend I have paid you to please Me. Pretend I have given you a large amount of money to make sure I fall asleep from exhaustion and completely satisfied. you are free to do whatever you like to please Me.

i beam, Yes Milady. Thank You Milady.”

Just remember my pet, if I am not satisfied, the consequences shall be worse. And as usual, you are not allowed to touch yourself, play with your pussy, or cum. And remember my pet, I expect to be pleased…very pleased.”

Yes Milady, as always Milady.”

i continue the massage, starting at the center of Her shoulders, pressing my thumbs together, and placing them right between Her shoulder blades. i begin to work down and outward, spreading the reach of my thumbs and gently increasing the pressure from my hands.

Mmmmmm……perfect My pet. Just perfect.”

Thank You Milady.”

Continuing down Her back, i realize that the broader i reach my hands across Her, the more She wiggles. Pressing against my touches. i wonder if Milady realizes just how much pleasing Her turns me on. i smile to myself and continue. i feel Her softly grinding, Her soft, full ass rubbing against my ass. i cannot help myself and even though i know it is wrong, i gently press against Her squirming ass. Suddenly, She stops moving and raises up on Her elbows.

And just what do you think you are doing My pet” trying to hide Her amusement and undeniable pride that She has this effect on me.

uhhh..uhhh…massaging Your back Milady, just as You requested.”

I see. Well I asked for a back massage with your hands, not an ass massage with your ass.”

Yes Milady.”

As She lowers Her chest back down onto the bed, i begin again, this time consciously fighting my urges. Half-heartedly i massage Her back, knowing deep inside of me all i want to do is taste Her skin, Her body, Her ass. i lean up and softly kiss the back of Her neck, testing my limits with Her.

Mmmmm….My pet, such soft lips.”

Still testing my limits, i continue kissing down Her back, leaving a damp trail down Her back to the base of Her spine. She does not object to the unapproved behavior. i leave another trail of kisses up Her back, pause, and softly let my tongue trail from the base of Her neck down to the small of Her back.

Very nice My pet…very nice.”

Thank you Milady. Should continue with the massage or….”, i trail off.

Continue as you wish, My pet. Just make sure I am pleasured.”

Yes Milady.”

i slide down and position myself between Milady's legs, my breasts right below Her ass, and raised on my elbows. i begin to lick across the small of Her back. She squirms and i know it is because my tongue is tickling Her. i begin to gently rub Her ass cheeks with my hands. Softly rubbing them as i lick Her lower back. She responds to my touches with small gyrating movements and low moans of pleasure. i let my tongue wander lower, ever so carefully the tip of my tongue dancing around the very top of Her crack.

Mmmmm,” She responds as She wiggles a bit more.

Taking this reaction as one of approval, i continue to rub Her ass cheeks and let my tongue trail down the crack of Her beautiful ass. She arches Her ass upwards as if to request more. Beginning at the top again, i lick the length of Her crack once more, this time letting my tongue sink in slightly. She wiggles even more. Placing hands firmly on each side of Her crack, i gently spread Her ass cheeks a bit and lick down the length of Her crack once more.

Yessssss My sweet pet…Yessssss. Lick My ass. Show Me just how sorry you are for disappointing me last night,” all the while slowing raising Her hips slightly, allowing my tongue more access.

i gently spread Her ass cheeks even wider, and bury my tongue deep at the top of Her crack and lick down the length of Her sweet crack. She arches Her back and moans Her sweet moans of approval. A the last of Her sweet moan escapes Her body, She raises up on all fours”, Her forehead resting on the pillow. i raise myself up to be able to reach Her better and spread Her ass cheeks wider. i drag my tongue down Her crack stopping briefly to lick at the outer edge of Her puckered asshole.

Oh My God My Pet…” She moans deeply.

i begin to lick at the outer edge of Her asshole, my tongue drawing circles around it. She grinds pressing back against my face. Slowly i begin to press the tip of my tongue just barely into the opening of Her now spreading asshole. She wiggles and presses back against me more, as if Her asshole is begging to be violated by my tongue. i press my tongue in deeper and then withdraw it, and lick the length of Her crack once more. She wiggles, Her beautiful ass moving, teasing me. Oh, how i love to please Milady in this way. She reaches Her hands back, brushes my hands away, and spreads Her own ass cheeks as wide as possible, allowing me complete access to Her begging asshole.

MORE!” She demands.

Her gorgeous ass raised high, Her puckered hole begging to be fucked by my tongue, i oblige Milady. i lick deeply from the bottom of Her crack to the top and then back down to Her asshole, dipping my tongue slightly in at first, then pressing in deep. She moans deeper and presses back hard against my face, forcing my tongue deep into Her wanting asshole.

That's right My little slut, fuck My asshole with your tongue…you know why i have you here.”

i begin probing Her asshole with my tongue. Pushing in deeper and deeper, swirling my tongue a few times, then withdrawing slightly before pushing back in again. i repeat this process until my entire tongue is buried deep within Milady's asshole. Holding it deep, i begin to lick all around inside of Her now loosening asshole. Hungrily i lick in circles…. up and down, back and forth. She begins to buck against my face; moaning and groaning like nothing, i have ever heard before. i change my rhythm and in a matter of seconds am actually fucking Her asshole with my tongue. She spreads Her ass cheeks even further than before, further than i even imagined.

FUCK MY ASS YOU LITTLE ASS LICKING SLUT!!!!!” She demands between deep seeded moans.

i press my tongue in hard and deep and lick everything that my tongue can reach. i tongue fuck Milady's ass hard, my head bouncing off Her with each stroke of my tongue as She bucks hard against my face. i reach up and grab Her hips, pulling Her ass closer to me, trying to hold Her still a bit. Her movement slightly restricted She begins to grind more against my face. Mercilessly, my tongue probes Her asshole.

OH GOD YOU ARE SUCH A NASTY LITTLE SLUT!!!!” She exclaims as the entire length of my tongue is moving in and out of Her asshole.

My own saliva dripping from my chin, i realize that this pleasing of Milady is turning me on. i cannot help but to slide my hand down to touch my pussy. My clit rock hard and my pussy dripping from excitement, i inadvertently pause my tongue for a second in distraction and a low moan escapes me.

you had better not be touching yourself….you are not here to please yourself you are here to please Me,” She says between muffled moans.


Hungrily i resume my tongue assault on Milady's asshole, pushing in so deep almost smothering myself in the process. i hold Her hips tight and pull Her back against my face close. As Her bucking resumes to full force and speed, i slide one of my hands down between Her spread thighs. i cannot believe how wet Milady is….Her juices running down Her inner thigh.

As i continue to fuck Her ass with my tongue, i feel Her begin to tighten and know She is close to cumming. i fuck Her ass harder with my tongue, pressing my entire face between Her widely spread ass cheeks.


With that exclamation said, i slide my hand up Her thigh to Her dripping pussy. It is not hard to find Her rock hard clit protruding from Her lips. i begin to stroke Her clit, drawing circles around it at the base. She bucks and gyrates wildly against my face. i have to fight hard to keep my moving tongue buried in Her ass as She moves and thrashes about. i feel Her ass muscles clench down tight around my tongue as Her entire body tightens. She begins to quiver, still bucking wildly.

OOOOOOOH…OOOOOOOOOOOOOH…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH……….AGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!, She screams and digs Her own nails deep into Her widely spread ass cheeks.

She presses back hard against my face and i push my thumb down on Her clit. She bucks wildly and quivers, still screaming out in pleasure as i continue to press my tongue deep into Her tightening asshole. As Her bucking begins to subside, i slowly begin to back off from Her asshole.

i hear Her breathing begin to slow slightly, and withdraw my tongue, softly licking as i pull out. i gently rub across Milady's pussy lips and remove my hand, noticing the puddle of wetness that has formed on the sheets between Her legs. i drag my fingers across it and quickly sneak a taste. She moans softly and collapses onto the bed.

i roll over onto my back and enjoy the sounds of Milady's breathing as She recovers from the intense orgasm. i sigh and without thinking, my hand wanders to my own sopping wet pussy. Slowly i begin to toy with my clit. i close my eyes and imagine it is Milady's hands touching me…

Oh NO, I do not hardly think so My Pet,” as i am jolted from my fantasy.

Uhhh…Uhhhh,” quickly withdrawing my hand, hoping She really did not see.

I see you still have not learned your lesson. But that is ok; I will deal with that later. Right now, My little slut, I believe it is time for you to get yourself up here and clean this mess from My pussy that you have made.”

Y..Y….Yesss M…M…Milady,” i stammer my brain racing trying to anticipate the next punishment i will receive for my continued disobedience.

i slowly crawl up to Her, sliding between Her gorgeous thighs. i half-heartedly lick at Her pussy lips, my brain still thinking about my upcoming punishment.

I SAID CLEAN UP YOUR MESS…NOOOWWWW!!!!!,” as She grabs my head, forcing my face down into Her sopping pussy.

Trying to catch my breath from the shock of Her quick movement, i breathe in deeply, inhaling Her wetness into my nose and lungs. i begin to cough and choke. She pops the back of my head firmly and i cough once more. Realizing i have no choice but to lick i begin to lick, hoping to clear some of the wetness and be able to clear my airways.

That's right you nasty slut…. lick…. lick My cum up…” she giggles Her wicked little giggle.

As i lick and begin to catch my breath, the arousal again begins building deep inside of me. i lick the inside of Her pussy lips with wide broad strokes. Still holding my head in place, She moans and giggles wickedly…i still cannot believe how wet Milady is. Half licking and half sucking i begin to drink in the wetness that has formed around Her clit and down the insides of Her lips. She squirms delightfully at my touches and feeling Her pleasure makes me squirm.

Whimpering softly and grinding slightly against the bed, i continue to lap softly at Milady's pussy. i slide my thumbs down the length of Her slit and slowly open Her. Her lips now spread, i begin to lick and suck on Her clit. My tongue encircling the beloved little cone as my lips suck at it pulling it into my mouth. She loosens Her grip on my head and begins to run Her fingers through my damp hair.

Oh My sweet pet, your mouth is divine.”

i continue to make love to Her clit with my mouth. Soft and gently, i lick and suck at it, pulling it into my mouth repeatedly. She whispers sounds of praise and pleasure, half words half sounds. i enjoy pleasing Milady this way. She has the sweetest pussy i have ever tasted and i savor each and every drop of Her nectar.

Sliding one of my hands down a little further, i slowly dip my middle finger into Her soaked hunny pot. She moans softly and presses up against my hand as if to invite my finger deeper. i continue to lick and suck Her clit and begin to slowly slide my middle finger deeper into her drenched opening. i wiggle my middle finger around, touching the walls of Her pussy and She moans and begins to wiggle again. Adding another finger to Her hunny pot, i begin to slowly finger fuck Her pussy, my tongue still caressing Her still hard clit.

Deeper and faster i fuck Her pussy with my fingers, adding yet a third one. i hear Her deep moan of pleasure as Her breathing quickens. i pull harder on Her clit with my lips and bury my fingers deeper into Her dark, wet hole.

Mmmm…My pet, come here…kiss Me,” She whispers as She pulls me up by my hair.

i obey and quickly find myself, eye to eye with my beautiful Lady. W/we stare deeply into E/each O/other's eyes for a brief second before Her hungry lips descend upon mine. She kisses me deep and hard, Her hungry mouth devouring every drop of Her own wetness from my lips, tongue, and mouth. She pulls back, caresses my cheek with the back of Her hand softly, and pushes me back down to Her awaiting pussy.

Greedily and hastily, i dive into Her pussy. My desire for Milady now so strong i can barely contain myself. i spread Her lips wide with my fingers and bury my hot tongue deep into Her hunny pot. my tongue licking and lapping wildly every single spot i can reach, my face pressed hard against Her pussy. Sucking and lapping like a starved animal, i lovingly rape Her wet hole with my tongue.

She moans in ecstasy and begins to grind against my face. Her fingers entangled in my hair, She pushes me deeper and deeper into Her pussy. i press Her clit down with my thumb and wiggle my thumb. i then add two fingers to Her hunny pot along with my tongue. Pressing down hard against Her, i wildly fuck Her hole and push on Her rock hard clit. Shoving my fingers deeper and deeper into Her with each stroke. In a matter of seconds, Milady is wildly fucking my face and screaming out incoherent words of pleasure. i fuck Her harder with my fingers, lick deeper with my tongue, and press harder on Her clit.


Her body begins to tighten again and i feel Her thighs grip the sides of my head. Harder i violate Her with my hands and tongue. Moaning myself now from the pleasure, i am giving to the beautiful goddess of my dreams.

i feel Her body tighten even more and the juices begin to flow again. Just as i feel the first drops of fresh wetness, i pull my fingers from Her pussy and spread Her hole as wide as possible, stretching it open. i bury my lips deep and shove my tongue in hard. Fighting hard to hold my position as She bucks wildly, i begin to suck Her hard as the nectar begins to flow freely. She bucks against me wildly, yanking my hair hard, half pulling me back and half shoving me deeper. i continue to suck harder and harder, drinking in every drop i can possibly find, almost choking on Her sweetness. Her sweet screams of release are music to my ears. Finally, one last rush of wetness covers my mouth and Her movements begin to subside. i slowly back off, licking the remnants of Her nectar from my lips.

She releases the grip on my hair and begins to relax, still trying to catch Her breath. i lay my head upon Her tummy and tenderly kiss Her mound, just my lips touching Her flesh. She runs Her fingers through my hair again.

Oh My sweet naughty little pet. You sure know how to please Me.”

Thank You Milady,” i smile to myself and snuggle against Her.

However, it would seem that you still have not learned your lesson. I do not know what it is going to take for you to learn that you cannot, must not, and will not pleasure yourself without permission. I am sure Daddy is going to be very disappointed that you disobeyed again.”

But Milady, i didn't actually do it…” i plead innocently.

That is not the point My pet, you attempted again. And that disappoints Me greatly,” still running Her fingers through my hair.

Remember My pet, tonight you were to please Me, not pleasure yourself at all.”

Yes Milady,” i answer shamefully.

She slides out from under me and sits up on the side of the bed. She pats the pillow that She was laying on and i know She wants me there. Obediently, i crawl up the bed as She climbs down onto the floor. i lay prone on the bed, looking over at Her my mind racing as to what She has in store for me this time.

My pet, do you need to use the restroom before I leave you for the evening”

No Milady,” i answer puzzled.

Are you sure”

Yes Milady, i am sure.”

Ok pet, just remember I did ask you.”

Why this strange question Milady”

Do you or don't you' She asks sternly.

No Milady.”

With Her question being answered, i watch Her cross the room to the locked dresser. She unlocks it and opens it. i can hear Her rummaging through the drawer but cannot see what She is doing. i hear the drawer close and the key lock it once more. She returns to my side with Her hands behind Her back. Softly She strokes my hair.

you want to cum my pet, and cum you will.”

She climbs up onto the bed and straddles me. i feel Her still damp pussy pressed against the opening in my crotch less panties. She leans over and kisses me passionately, warmly, deeply, and very full of love. i respond to Her kiss with the same fervor. i am so into the kiss that i do not notice that my right wrist is now secured in the fur lined shackle. i start to protest, but She only kisses me more, holding me down, and securing my left wrist in the other shackle.

As She rises from the heated kiss, She secures my arms over my head to the hooks on the headboard. Puzzled, i look up at Her. She only giggles Her wicked little giggle and trails Her nail down my lips, chin, and down between my breasts. She slides down my body, kissing and licking.

Hmmmmm this is much much better, i smile to myself.

Reaching my crotch, She slowly sinks her teeth into my damp mound. i cringe, part from pleasure and part from pain. She giggles again. Working Her way down my pussy, She licks, kisses, and nibbles. i squirm in pleasure. One wide lick down the length of my slit and i feel Her fingers probing my dripping hole. i whimper and wiggle against Her fingers.

She stops and turns around on me, straddling my body with Her back to me. She continues to fondle my pussy. Her touches sending me into my own little realm of passion. i squirm and whimper as She probes my pussy deeper and deeper with Her fingers. She begins shoving Her fingers deeper and harder into my willing pussy. i writhe in pleasure and as a reaction tug at my wrist restraints. Bucking against Her thrusts, i moan the moans of a very horny slut. my body and mind begging to be fucked like the nasty slut i am.

Oh you are a nasty little slut. you are enjoying me fucking your nasty hole aren't you My pet”

Yessssss Miladdddyyyyyy,” i moan.

i feel something cold and hard at the entrance to my hunny pot. Something large. i realize it is the big purple vibrating dildo that Daddy uses to stretch my ass with on occasion. Quickly without a warning, She shoves it in hard and deep. i scream out in pain. She giggles and pats my mound. Trying to get accustomed to the large object buried deep in my pussy, i try to wiggle a bit, only to notice that during the wonderful finger fucking i was getting, Milady has secured my ankles to the bottom of the bed with the other set of fur-lined shackles. By this point, i am really puzzled and a bit concerned.

Milady slides off my body and onto the floor. She leans over and nibbles at my nipples, tugging my nipple rings with Her teeth. She trails Her nails down my body once more stopping at my clit to pinch and tug it. i writhe in pleasure, moaning, my pussy starting to get accustomed to its very large intruder.

My pet, I know how badly you have wanted to cum all day. I am pretty sure you have played with your pussy at some point today…….”

No..No Milady i have not,” i interrupt.

Shhhh….now now My sweet pet, it is ok. you will now get you wish. you can cum all you want,” she whispers close to my ear.


She reaches down and flips on the vibrator. i immediately moan loudly and begin to writhe.

Now My pet, you can cum til you can't cum anymore, She giggles wickedly.

Leaning over and kissing me on the forehead, I will be here to check on you in the morning My pet.”

Quickly brought back to my senses by this statement, i look at Her bewildered.
But…But…..ohhhhh…..mmmm….But Milady…please ….ahhh….turn this off for a second, i yell.

No My pet, enjoy, this is what you have been wanting”…she giggles and leaves the room.

i begin to writhe the best i can in my restrained position. i can barely hear Her in the other room over the hum of the vibrator as She dresses. As the first orgasm grips my body, i hear the door slam as She leaves the house.

Trying hard to concentrate on how to get out this predicament, another violent orgasm shakes my body. Repeatedly i cum…. screaming, writhing, cumming violently….. Trying to catch my breath the orgasms continue to slam my tired body…My fists clenched and my body tight, i shriek as orgasm after orgasm rips through me…As i begin to feel the lightheadedness approaching, i try to fight the next orgasm to no avail…. Tightening i scream out…. only to hear in my head Milady's wicked little giggle as i drift off into unconsciousness………………….
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