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I had never gone camping before and I wasn't sure if this was really right for me. My idea of roughing it was a hotel with no room service but my friend Katie from work convinced me that this would be fun so off I went to meet mother nature face to face. Katie and I got the tent set up, a fire going and dinner started. The lake was beautiful and I was speechless when I looked up and saw the mountains off in the distance. So this is what makes people abandon all comforts of home and head out to nature. Soon I felt the need to pee and asked Katie where she thought we should go. She pointed to a small area of trees and bushes and said she thought that would make a great area. I headed over watching out for snakes and such. I wasn't concerned about peeing outdoors. Having been raised in a family of all boys I was good at peeing standing up and peeing outdoors always held a sexual excitement for me. I pulled my shorts and panties over, speard my pussy lips open and waited for the warm stream to start. Soon I felt the pee leaving my pee hole and I had become so enthralled in the feeling I didn't hear Katie walk up next to me. I immedately became self conscious. I never tell woman I can stand and pee for fear they will think I am trying to be a guy. She watched the pee leaving my pussy and hitting the tree and asked how I can do that. I explained the trick was to open your lips so your pee hole is able to make a nice hard stream. She immedately spread her legs pulled her skirt up, I noticed she was not wearing any panties. She spead her lips and showed me her beautiful pussy and clit. I have never touched a woman and never felt such a sexual rush from a woman before but seeing her clit exposed like that and my clit instantly was hard and throbbing. I told her yes and she immediately sighed and began shooting a hot stream of pee against the tree. She was so delighted she laughed and told me this is great, I am standing and peeing. We got done and headed back to the tent. My mind was racing, all I could think about was her sweet pussy and the pee leaving her hole. I was so wet all I wanted to do was rub my swollen clit and give myself some release. We stayed up for hours talking, finally Katie was ready for bed. We laid down inside the tent. Katie took off all her clothes due the heat and laid on top of her sleeping bag. "Silly, get undressed she told me" Now I have a good body but I have never gotten completely naked in bed with another woman. But I couldn't stand the heat and took everything off. The cool breeze felt good on my poor swollen clit. After I laid back down Katie noticed my clit peeking out of my swollen lips and asked me, "Are you as horney as I am" she told me that watching me pee had turned her on and she wanted to know if I minded if she sucked my clit. Minded/ I was dying for her to lick me. She took my nipple in her mouth and gently sucked it. Her small breasts were rubbing against my flat belly. She gently bit my nipple and it immmediately got hard under her sucking. She traveled down my belly to my aching clit. She opened my lips and ran her tounge slowly along the side of my swollen clit teasing me. I moaned softly. Finally she took my clit in between her lips and sucked it gently. It felt so good. Opening my lips wider my juices flowed out and onto her mouth and chin. She looked at me and asked me, do you need to pee Actually I did and told her so. She ran her tounge over my pee hole and told me to go ahead. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. She wanted me to pee into her mouth. It was a dream come true. I gently let a little pee shoot out and she eagerly sucked it up. Ummmm you taste so good she told me. I want more. Let it go. I relaxed my bladder and a warm stream began to come out. My legs were wide open, pussy lips open and I could see my pee streaming into her waiting mouth. She drank most of it the rest ran down my butt crack to the ground. She clamped her mouth over my clit and began sucking all the while her two fingers went deep into my pussy rubbing my G-spot. I knew if she rubbed my G-spot I would squirt but I was to far gone to warn her. Finally after hours of pent of frustration my orgasm let loose and flowed over my. Katie pushed deeply into my G-spot causing me to squirt my juice into her waiting mouth. I lay back spent and exhausted. Katie cuddled up next to me and fell fast asleep.
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