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I kneel beside her shapely body and slowly wind the white cotton rope around the base of her fleshy mounds. As I do, I pull the rope tight. The rope circles each breast three times. I have plenty to run behind her back and between her legs, I use the rope to spread her swat lips wide apart. The juices are flowing from her into the deep crevice of her ass. Once around the waist, and I tie off the ends just below her belly button.
Her beautiful breasts have already begun it swell round and firm like two ripe melons. The nipples visibly throb and lengthen slightly. Now she is ready. I have everything prepared and laid out.

It is pencil thin and quite supple. The leather handle is something that I spent a lot of time on, as well as the forked leather tongue at the other end. The strong hickory shaft whistles through the air as I swish it over her. I can see her tremble with excitement and fear. Her round mounds have turned darker from the constriction. With a practiced aim, I flick the rod at taut flesh. Each strike makes her jump. Thin lines of white appear. Raising my arm, I cut hard across both boobs. She strains, eyes wide with shock. She twists and writhes as the pain sears through her meat beach balls. One well-aimed strike strikes both stiff nipples. She hisses in agony, through clenched teeth. Soon her dark melons are criss-crossed with thin welts.

The large pillar candle has been burning for the entire time, gathering a plentiful reserve of molten red wax. Setting the rod aside, I take up the candle and hold it over her right breast. Ever so slightly, I tip it to let scalding liquid wax drip onto her tit flesh. A gasp bursts from her lungs. I move it over the right, dribble a little more and listen to her groan. Back and forth, I move the candle, making sure never to touch the same place with the scalding liquid. After a few minutes, both round mounds are coated with a layer of hardening blood red wax. I move the pillar down her body and drizzle some onto her smooth-shaven pussy.

Placing the candle back on the stand, I let the wax dry hard. I then use my fingernails to scrap it away from just her rigid nipples. I take up a short length of chain which has metal-tooth alligator clips at each end. One at a time, I pinch them onto her stiff nubs, she whimpers through clenched teeth. The short steel chain is taut, and pulls her boobs together at her nipples.

I have already stripped before starting this, My engorged eight inch cock bobs and sways with every movement. I crawl between her spread thighs and slide my turgid shaft deep into her. She is sopping wet. I plunge and churn inside her greasy sheath. The squelching and sloshing sounds are very loud and clear. She whimpers as her orgasm erupts through her quaking body. A torrent of cunt cream baths my prick.

I slide my shaft out of her twat and move back up her body. I straddle her with my knees against her ribs. My dick is oiled with her fluids. It makes it smooth and slick as I slide my rod between the hot, firm globes. My hands seize her taut melons, my fingers knead her flesh as I squeeze and push them together.

As I thrust into her ample cleavage, her swells caress my throbbing shaft. I start slow, enjoying the hot touch. I press harder and plunge faster. My fingertips dig into her tit flesh. She is grunting and panting. My bulbous knob bumps against her chin and my balls slap against her lower chest. My cock begins to twitch and my sac tightens.

She is whimpering and groaning about the unbearable pain. Yet, she tilts her head to reach my swollen knob with her tongue. She pleads for me to shoot my cum in her mouth.

It is my turn to let out a groan as my hot cream surges up my meat tube. It jets out in thick spurts onto her lips, chin, neck, and upper chest. Some of it lands in her open and waiting mouth. Spurt after thick spurt splatter over her, coating her in puddles of slime.

Leaving her wrists and ankles bound, I remove the rope. One by one, I remove the clips. She writhes and whines as sensation returns to her tender flesh. I take up the apparatus. It is comprised of two small bell-shaped cups of clear hard plastic. Each cup is an inch in diameter and three inches long. Tubes connect them to a piston pump. I place each cup over a turgid, tortured nipple. I apply slight suction, until I am sure they are secure. Now I can begin.

As the suction increases, her nips grow longer and thicker. After four pumps, I place the piston on her belly. Holding my inflating cock club, I slap each wax-coated and welted boob. I draw twice more on the piston. Her face contorts in agony.

Moving up beside her head, I feed my dick into her mouth. She instantly starts to suck. Her talented mouth and tongue soon have me bone hard. I pull free with an audible pop and crawl back between her thighs. I slide my dick up into her with ease. As I churn her quim, I maul her boobs, gouging her pillows with my nails. I abuse her big, beautiful breasts until she is crying out in pain and pleasure.

Once again I pull out of her greasy gash. She is begging me not to stop. She whines that is so close. I ignore her pleas, untying her ankles at the foot of the bed. I retie them to the head posts. I pull the ropes until her legs are poised over her body, spread as wide as they can go. Now, it is time to remove the suction cups. Her sweet, rigid pegs are nearly two inches long and thicker than little finger.

I get on my knees and press the blunt tip of my spear against her tight puckered little pooper. Seizing those jutting pegs, I twist and pull them until she is whining in pain. Inch by inch, I push my engorged muscle rod into her rectum. Once I am buried completely in her bowels, I grab her tits and push them up, forcing her to suck and nibble on them herself. I watch her take one then the other between her lips and lips. My schlong slams into her shitter as she goes back and forth with lustful attention to her swollen teats.

She is beginning to convulse with orgasm. Her legs shake violently. She gasps and grunts at the battering of her butt hole, I sharply slap her flesh mounds. Each slap makes her shriek and beg, Don't stop! Slap them harder! I am going to...” She is cut short by the ravaging waves of climax. She is barely aware that I am spewing another copious load of jism into her sucking ass.

I watch her as she carefully picks the hardened wax off her boobs and bald pussy. I suggest we take a nice hot shower when she id finished.

She smiles so sweetly at me and says, that is why you are my favorite nephew.”

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