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i walk over to u and start striping for u very seductively.... i get down to my thong when i walk over.... straddling u i start kissing ur lips.... i take off ur shirt and kiss ur neck working my way down u...... i start to undo ur pants then slide to the floor i take ur cock... licking and kissing... teasing it w/ my tounge.... slowly i let the head pass my lips... i suck gently... my hands caress ur balls as i take more of ur manhood into my mouth till im deep throating u.... you reach down and slowly start pulling on my hard nipples making me moan onto ur cock as i slowly start moving my mouth up and down ur shaft... you start to get inpatient.. grabbing my head you start to fuck my mouth unmercifully till u cum... shots of hot cum hit the back of my throat.... i swallow all that i can... you pull out of my mouth and streams of cum start hitting my face and tits.... i open my mouth trying to taste some more of ur delicious cum.... after you finish i lick my lips and start rubbing ur cum into my tits... you slap my hard nipples saying that i had been a bad gurl and needed to be punished.... you tell me to go clean my face and wait for you in ur room kneeling on the floor legs spread head down and hands behind my back.... i quickly do as you tell me.... after i wash my face i enter ur room and kneel as you told me in front of ur bed facing the door.... it seems like an eternity be4 you come back.... after you enter ur room you ask me if i know what ive done wrong..... i say no master.... you tell me that ive disobeyed you by not keeping the house clean making ur dinner cold b/c i was playing w/ myself all day..... i say im sorry master for not doing as you've told me to and playing w/ myself w/ out ur permission... you say that's not good enough and to go over to the dresser of toys and bring you a whip..... i slowly get up and walk over reaching in getting what you have asked for knowing that it will be used on me.... i had you your whip and kneel back into the position you've told me to in front of you.... you tell me to stand.... you take my hands and secure them w/ chains to the hook on the ceiling.... you tell me ur going to whip my tits first then when you think ive had enough of that start whipping my pussy.... i say yes master and close my eyes waiting for u to start..... you slowly bring the whip down onto my hard nipples making me cry out in pain.... you tell me that i'll regret it if i cry out again and to start counting... i say yes master one may i have another.... you bring the whip up and bring it down hard onto my other nipple.... i cringe b/c of the pain and say 2 master may i have another as you told me to do..... you hit each nipple 20 times be4 the start bleeding.... you lay the whip down and go get a wet cloth to clean the wiped off the blood and rub sum ice over my aching nipples sending shivers down my spine.... you ask if im ok and i tell you yes..... you go to the closet and grab sum ankle cuffs... you attach them to me and place an iron rod between them making me spread open... you grab the whip again and bring it down on my shaved pussy hard making sure it hit my sensitive clit... i cry out in pleasure and in pain..... u continue whipping me sending shocks of pleasures threw my body.... i no longer feel pain just an intence pleasure..... you can sence that im close to cumming so you stop... you set the whip down and release my arms and legs.... you carry me over to the bed and lay me there... you go over to the dresser and grab sum nipple clamps... as u come back you light sum candles... you kneel on the bed between my legs and attach the clamps to my sore breasts making me writhe in pain.... a wicked smile comes to ur face...... you love seeing how every lil thing u do sends shocks up and down my body... making me wetter by the second..... you lean down and kiss me as u rub my clit... i moan loudly and beg u to plz fuck me...... you oblige my request and start fucking me hard.... each thrust making me moan in ecstasy..... i am about to cum when u take ur dick out and ram it into my ass.. i scream out in pain which quickly turns into pleasure.... ur ramming into my ass tearing my hole in two..... you reach in front of me and start twisting my clit making me cum almost insantly all over your hand..... you slam into my ass one last time and start shooting hot streams of cum up my ass... as my orgasm subsides i claspe onto the bed.... you slide out of me and lay next to me... i lean up and kiss you and tell u i luv u and i will not disobey you again.... i rest my head on ur chest and u say u luv me too as we slowly drifted asleep...

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