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Sex in a Bag

Nick and Bridget were an odd couple. They got strange looks everywhere they went together.

Nick was tall with an athletic build. Bridget was short with small tits and a nice, round, voluptuous ass.

She was a lot shorter than Nick, but the height difference was so manifest that it made people stare. Bridget was one of the little people, a midget by any other name.

She and Nick had been together for a long time. It was funny how they got their start together. It was curiosity on Nick's part. He wanted to see what it would be like to have sex with a midget. He found out and that was part of the reason they were still together.

Bridget was great in bed. He wasn't expecting so much.

Her pussy was a lot deeper than he had expected. She could just about take the full length of his huge cock. But it was her blowjobs that reeled him in to stay. Bridget could suck the paint off a car if she wanted to.

Besides that, she was a good person. She was fun to by around. Physical attractions were easy to come by, but finding the right mental match up was like looking for a needle in a hay stack.

The problem was that they really hated the stares that they got from people. That's when Bridget suggested Nick pack her up in a suitcase and carry her around with him.

She was joking, but Nick took the joke a little further. He actually got a suitcase, put it on the floor, and waited for her to get in.

Not wanting to be outdone, Bridget got in and curled up in a fetal position. Nick zipped it up and walked out the door with it.

Bridget was a lot heavier in the suitcase. He could easily lift her up normally. She was so small it was like lifting a kid.

But she was heavy as hell with all her weight piled up in a suitcase with him trying to carry it all on one side of his body. He was sweating up a storm by the time he got down the street.

He wasn't sure exactly where he was taking her. He was just fascinated by the fact that he could carry his girlfriend around in a suitcase. It amazed him and he was sure Bridget was probably smiling from inside.

But there was a hotel right down the street from them and Nick had just about walked all the way to it. He figured he might as well keep going and make something fun out this little joke.

The cashier commented on how heavy the bag looked as he was getting signed in. He asked what in the world could be so heavy.

"I'd tell you but you wouldn't believe if I did," said Nick as he walked towards his room.

Once inside, he mustered all of his strength, hoisted the bag off the floor, and dropped it on the bed. It bounced a few times before coming to a halt.

Nick unzipped it, and out stepped Bridget's sexy little ass wearing a sexy black panty outfit that left her pierced tits exposed. Jokingly, she started jumping around on the bed like a happy little kid when she saw Nick getting his cock from his pants. She was surprised he still had energy to have sex after carrying her so long.

He pulled it free of his underpants and started stroking it. It was almost fully erect when he got it out. Bridget ran up to him and started gulping mouthfuls of his meat into her mouth. His cock was hard as a brick seconds later.

It felt good getting his cock sucked after such a hard workout. He was standing in front of the bed and Bridget—because of her height—was standing up on the bed as she blew him.

They liked oral sex in that position. It amused both of them that she could suck his cock standing up.

"Ohh. That's good," moaned Nick.

He loved the way Bridget sucked cock. Her mouth wasn't that deep so all she could do was go a little past the cock head. Her hands were what made it so spectacular.

She massaged the hell out of it with both hands. She knew how to stroke his cock in different directions in a cork-screwing motion.

Her lips were extremely soft. They worked wonders with the head. It left him feeling so good that he could cum in her mouth at any time, and if she kept going the way she was, that's exactly what was going to happen.

He grabbed her and threw her on the bed. She was on her back.

He lay with his head between her legs. The scent of hot pussy met his nose as he was sliding his tongue inside of her.

She smiled. Her breathing deepened. Her legs were high and wide.

Nick lapped at her sweet juices and used his tongue to stimulate her clit. He loved eating pussy as much as Bridget enjoyed sucking dick.

Once he'd gotten it nice and wet, he came up stroking his cock back to full erection. Bridget moaned and grinned when she saw what he had for her.

They both moaned as he entered. There were traces of pubic hair around her hole that tickled Nick's cock head.

Bridget's juices spilled all over his cock as he went in. It was super tight as always, but her pussy could fit the bulk of his massive cock with no problem.

He screwed her slowly at first. There was something about the sex today that made it better than normal. Maybe it was the hotel or the kinky way they'd arrived there.

Whatever it was, it had Bridget's pussy extra goopy. They could hear every movement Nick made because it caused a loud swishing sound in Bridget's wet cunt.

Nick lay on his side after a while. He thrust slowly into Bridget until his cock was all the way flush. Then he slowly pulled out and shoved it back in.

That was one of things that fascinated Nick about dwarfs in general, not just Bridget. Their bodies were smaller than normal, but their genitals grew to normal size.

Another thing he liked about them was the way it was so easy to manhandle them. When he wanted to switch positions, he didn't have to say anything or motion for Bridget to move. He simply rolled on his back, lifted her up, and dropped her on his prick.

She started riding him. He was thrusting into her so hard that even his own body was lifting off the bed.

"Ohhh," she moaned.

Nick cupped her tits. He kneaded them and caressed the nipple piercings.

Nick wanted her from behind. They usually put something on the bed so Bridget would have something to lean against. Otherwise, because of her height, she'd have to lean all the way over and blood would rush to her head.

Nick found a small stool on the other end of the room. He put it on the bed, Bridget assumed the position, and he was hard-fucking her from the rear.

"Uh-huh. Ohhh! Ohh!" Bridget moaned.

Nick grew more violent as time went on. Her pussy was so deep. It was so hot. The tingles, so fierce. He had her fat, round ass jiggling along with the bed squeaking.

His cock started burning. He fucked faster. It burned some more.

He pulled out and lay on his back. His cock was jumping and pulsing.

Bridget knelt beside him, her mouth agape and panting. She took his cock in her mouth and started sucking and twisting her head from side to side like an attack dog. She slobbered all over it, slurped on it, and stroked his cock and balls with her hands.

It got so good that poor Nick couldn't keep still. He was fidgeting around. He was moaning and his eyes were rolled back into his head.

He grabbed her head to force guide it up and down on his shaft, but the suction was so strong that he lost control of his limbs and his hands fell to her shoulders.

The burning in his cock was getting out of hand. An orgasm was coming soon. He couldn't control himself.

He started thrusting into her mouth. She started sucking him deeper. His cock was almost totally down Bridget's throat.

At one point, his cock went so deep that Nick could feel it bending down the back of her throat. That's when he lost it.

His legs shook violently. "Auurghhh!!!" he screamed as juices streamed up his throbbing shaft.

Bridget continued sucking, but not as deep. She wanted to taste his seed. She kept the head at the tip of her tongue.

"Mmmm," she said cheerfully as it spilled into her mouth. She'd always loved Nick's taste.

She kept stroking him until the last drop was in her mouth. She let cum spill out of her mouth back onto his cock. Then she stroked it into his cock, making it more slippery and wet.

When she was done playing with sperm, Nick got up and put the suitcase back on the bed next to Bridget, who was busy trying to clean cum off her hands (she liked cum when it was coming out of a dick, but after that, it was just an annoying mess).

Nick jumped onto the bed, lifted Bridget up, and zipped her back up in the suitcase. He dragged her out the door, checked out of the hotel, and started walking back home.

As he was walking home, for the first time, Nick realized that he and Bridget had just done some seriously strange shit. He couldn't help but smile about it. It was definitely weird, but who gave a fuck. It was fun.

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