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The Woods

I was handed my clothes to carry as something was placed around my neck. It became very obvious very quickly that it was a leash as I was led off the security of my bridge. At one point I tried to fight but with one quick tug, I am pulled to the ground. "I know you are brighter than that My pet. Do not make Me hurt you. Now rise and walk pretty for Me My pet." I struggle to my feet and walk behind my Captor, though I do not know how pretty it was as I was walking barefoot in the woods. We walked for what seemed like miles. I know it really didn't matter if we were 100 yards or 2 miles from my house, no one would be able to see or hear anyway. "Ah here is the spot" and we stop. "Stand still My pet!" and the tautness of my leash loosened. Being me, I have to push my limits and think I can run at this time. Not only was I flung back into the tree that my leash was now attached to but I also received a hard strike on my thighs with some sort of strap.

His low deep voice was strangely familiar but under the circumstances I couldn't place it and His actions were calculating not hurried. "My pet, I will show you how a Real Man should treat you. you are not properly used. I have read your letters and emails, My pet and you deserve so much more." As He spoke I thought I was going to vomit, thinking this Man has read my emails – what the hell is going on here. "your husband doesn't know what precious gift he has." One of His huge hands were placed on my shoulder as His other hand lubricated my ass. my mind was racing, please don't fuck me in the ass yet it is not ready, knowing that my begging was only in my mind. As He said, "A willing body like this should be used every day in every way," something was shoved in my ass. It filled and stretched me but wasn't painful. my butt muscles squeezed onto the butt plug working to get it comfortably positioned in my ass.

I don't know if He had carried the bag with Him or it was placed here ahead of time but I could hear Him rummaging. Not knowing where I was, what He looked like and what was coming next was scaring the hell out of me. my logic was trying to kick in as I tried to devise a plan of escape, as I was shocked back into reality by clips being clamped to my erect nipples. The pain was excruciating at first but gradually eased into a dull ache. I tried to scream but the gag prevented it. His hand started rubbing my pussy very gently and I was infuriated with myself as the wetness between my legs expressed my true feelings. "Don't be upset My pet, I have known for a long time just what a wonderful willing slut, you really are. your stories and letters as well as the way you behave on the bridge every morning gave you away My pet." I tried to ask how the hell He knew so much but the gag prevented me from talking. All He did was laugh a low evil laugh. "Oh My pet, I know you are smarter than this. you must realize by now that I have been watching you, tapping your phone and hacking your computer. you have no private thoughts, you have told me and shown me everything." As He talked I got aggravated and was trying desperately to talk. "If you promise not to scream, I will take the gag off." I shook my head up and down wildly. "Just in case you are uncertain that I mean what I say…" two firm strikes on my ass with the strap. "Now do you fully understand." I shook my head up and down again and the gag was removed and He said "My pet, you get to convey one and only one thought, use it wisely". I mustered all my composure to say, "Sir, I beg of You, please do not harm my daughter, I will do whatever You want." Letting out a loud laugh, "I gladly accept your offer My pet but am amused that you still don't understand. My goal is to train you and use you in the manner you deserve to be used. you will obey because you want to, trust Me." "Sir, I promise to obey!!" "For being such a good little pet, I will fill your pussy." Feeling a little smug like I had won this battle, I relaxed a little like I had some control. That thought was quickly erased from my mind as my pussy was filled. One ice cube after another was placed in my pussy. They were being replaced as soon as one melted. I was trying to keep count still trying to be logical in this incredibly illogical situation. I counted upto twelve and was preparing for the next one when instead the butt plug was yanked from my ass, causing me to let out a scream. I know I should have felt relaxed by the fact that the foreign object was removed but instead I felt empty and wanting. That feeling lasted only a moment though as a larger, pre-lubricated plug was rammed back in my ass

"Now My pet, I need to decide an appropriate punishment for you being so bad." Stupidly, I forgot my position and yelled, "What the hell are……." Unable to finish my sentence because of the harsh strokes on my ass from the strap. "My pet, you realize those outbursts aren't allowed. Do you understand" I shook my head up and down, only to receive two more lashes from the strap. "My pet, here I was kind enough to remove your gag and you disrespect me by not speaking. I will allow you one more opportunity to get this trivial task correct. My pet, do you understand" I stood straight and tall and said in my most confidant voice, "Yes Sir, I understand completely." Gently rubbing my ass, he quietly whispered in my ear, "Much better My sweet pet!"

"Spread your legs wide for Me My pet." I quickly obeyed and spread my legs about shoulder length, only to receive a few lashes on the inside of each thigh with some of the straps flicking my clit. "I am beginning to believe you enjoy the strap. You keep forcing me to use it on you." Realizing I better remedy this, I spread my legs as wide as I could without falling forward into the tree. "Much better My pet. you are so capable of learning, you need to show your willingness. Today I will make you cum harder and more than you ever have. I desire to make up for all the times you have been denied."

The terror in my stomach had converted to a dread of this time with this incredible captor ending. I would have begged this Man to kidnap and take me away if it wasn't for my children. I have always been the logical, in control one but empty deep inside. Today was the first day I had ever felt fulfilled. my thoughts were interrupted by the sensation of heat on my clit. I couldn't tell what it was at first until it was turned on and was vibrating slowly on my clit. As I got into a rhythm with the vibrations, the chain between my nipple clip was tugged on. I let out a loud yelp and then prepared my ass for a lashing but instead I heard, "My pet that yell is acceptable" The vibrator was then turned up to full. I could feel myself getting close to cumming but having learned a few of my lessons well over the past weeks, I asked "Is it acceptable for me to cum, Sir, or should I ask for permission" "My pet for today, you may cum as freely as you desire." My mind was taken with the words for today, does this mean my mysterious captor expects me to be His again My mind was screaming that it desperately wanted the answer to be yes. "My pet, your first lesson will need to come to an end soon as it is 9:30 and your family will be arising soon. I will command you to return to your home and act normally. Do you understand" I whispered lowly, "Yes Sir, I understand but I do not want to leave." As if He didn't hear me, the handcuffs were removed and I was told to support myself with my hands on the tree. He grabbed my hips and forced His cock deep in my pussy from behind. He fucked me deeper and harder than I had ever been fucked. I pushed my ass and hips back towards Him to get Him as deeply, as was possible, praying I was pleasing Him. I yelled out, "Sir fuck your slut hard." As I was speaking, we both came hard. my legs were shaking and I was having trouble standing. The leash attached to the tree reminded me though it wouldn't be a good idea to fall down. The guttural moans coming from my Captor were so exhilarating; I felt I had pleased Him. He pulled out of me, but returned the vibrator to my clit and kept it on high, causing me to orgasm over and over in waves not stopping soaking the ground beneath my feet.

When He felt I could take no more I was told to not touch my blindfold. The vibrator was turned off, the nipple clips were removed which caused the most incredible pain I had ever experienced, the butt plug was taken out and the leash was removed from my neck and all were placed in the bag. "My precious pet, I will be leaving now but you will be called for use whenever I desire. Your family will never be aware of my presence nor will they ever know of our lessons as long as you obey. Daily you will be given lessons and you will perform them without question. Do you understand My Pet." Knowing this time not to ask the obvious questions, like how will I know what the lessons are etc. and realizing that He will let me know, I stood tall, nipples out, hands by my side palms facing my Captor and stated, "My wonderful Sir, I fully understand and will obey without question." With that I was pulled into His arms and cradled. He felt and smelled so good. I believe I know who my Captor was but knew I didn't need to know just obey. "My precious pet, stand here and count to 100, then remove your blindfold, clean yourself with the supplies I have provided, leave the blindfold and supplies right here, put on your clothes and walk to the bridge. Stay on the bridge for a short time and then go back to the house and continue with your day as if none of this happened." As was answering "Yes Sir", I heard Him walking away. my heart ached as I started to count and do as I was commanded.

When I saw the email on my computer the next morning under the subject line, "Good Morning My pet." I knew it hadn't been a dream. I received my first lesson of many lessons and waited for the time when I would be called by my Captor.

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