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Workshop for Women: First Response 1

Hi Elena, I'm not sure if you remember me or not, I was the young college-age woman at your last workshop. I'll confess I was shocked by what I saw there. I never thought I would see such a thing but it really taught me a lot. The sight of a man, completely naked and open, begging for his woman to make him come really turned me on. I couldn't help but imagine my boyfriend in that position.

He's the type you always see yourself with as a little girl, responsible, handsome and loving but a real guy's guy. He watches football on Sundays and loves to be outside and work with his hands, the type of man that mothers love to see with their daughter and fathers love to pal around with. I'm usually attracted to more bookish, quiet guys so Ben was a stretch for me. I consented to go out with him after a friend of mine pointed out that I hadn't found anyone worthwhile for months and I was becoming, as she called it, "male deprived".

I couldn't deny it. I'm cute and get my share of guys. They all seem to love my straight black hair and body that hasn't changed since I was a gymnast in high school. but of course the ones I'm attracted to are too shy to talk to me- they're don't frequent the clubs I go to and they are too busy to talk when I see them at class or in the library. We run in different circles so it's not likely I'll get to meet them through friends either.

At first I thought Ben would be like all the other boys that hit on me, full of a cocky swagger and lines as transparent as Saran Wrap. I figured him as the type with the big, clunky watch they always held out hoping I'd see it and be impressed. He was none of those things, what got me to smile and agree to see him again was his sense of humor and how sweet he seemed. Yes, I met him at the bar and he didn't seem the type I'd be attracted to but on our first date I realized he was not at all what I expected. He was intelligent, much more so than any man I'd been with before. He was thoughtful and complex and didn't just pass through life, like I always thought too many did. He was aware of himself, what he wanted and what he did.

At first not very much happened. I didn't make any advances, nor did he, but by the end of the second date I was already imagining him naked on top of me, his arms wrapped around my body. I invited him up to my place and though he was reticent at first, he accepted. I hoped he wasn't too shy because that night I wanted more than a goodnight kiss.

I hadn't had sex in months at that point and though my body was starved for it, it had gotten to the point that I had gotten used to going without so I was able to hold back. We shared some wine, talked about music and looked through my old record collection. It was getting to be morning and I didn't want to pass up the opportunity so, right there among the scattered lps, I pulled his pants off, laid between his legs and sucked his cock until he moaned loud enough to wake the neighbors.

As you can imagine, our relationship progressed quickly after that. The next time I saw him we spent the entire time in bed and he returned the favor. I learned he was very skilled with his tongue and knew his way around a woman's body. I came twice, holding his hand to my crotch as I gushed into his mouth before pushing him down by the shoulders and climbing on top. He humored me and I took over, using his body to get myself off. His cock was larger than I was used to and fit my attention starved pussy perfectly. It brought me to an orgasm that shuddered through my entire body. After an hour of that all I could do was lay naked against his chest and catch my breath.

We had plans for dinner and a movie but I doubt either of us really expected to make it there. Instead we remained naked and pillaged the fridge for anything we could turn into a meal. We brought it back to the bedroom and ate from each other's hands like Romans in their last days.

After that it turned into something I'd always wanted. We spent most of our free time together, had sex often and I learned to orgasm in ways I never thought I could. He's the reason I attended your class. I figured if there's anything I can do to make him feel as good as he makes me feel I'll gladly do it.

Before I go on, I have to thank you. I loved what I saw. I learned a lot and really enjoyed watching the demonstration. Your husband is very attractive and watching his reactions as you described what you were doing was very sexy. I'll admit to going right over to Ben's place and fucking his brains out I was so turned on. I've even gotten myself off a few times just thinking of Ivan on the table in front of us moaning as you stroked him slowly, squeezing his cock of every last drop of come. It's something I don't think I'll forget.

A few days after your workshop, when we both planned to spend the evening together, I gathered everything so he would be the center of attention. He normally doesn't get that type of treatment, with his work schedule the way it is. Most nights he comes home too tired to do much more than have dinner and go for a jog. I figured this would be the way to help him relax.

First I pampered myself with a long bubble bath and a soak in the tub. I shaved myself completely and lathered on moisturizer. He's told me how much he loves how my skin smells so I make sure to be fresh, clean and smelling pretty just for him. I put on some silk French cut panties I got at Vicki's that I knew he would love, along with a silk top that shows off my breasts just right. He loves my chest so I knew seeing me in the doorway would get him off to a good start.

I got some fresh sheets for the bed, collected the lotions you suggested, lit some candles and waited. He came home at the usual time and saw me waiting for him. He didn't know what to think at first but I reached up to kiss him before he could say a word. I could tell he was surprised but I felt him respond to me as his lips moved with mine. I felt his hands squeeze and play along my body. He must have loved the lingerie because he couldn't get his hands off the silk tight against my ass. I felt myself getting wet but, rather than tear off his clothes and mount him right there in front of the front door as I felt like doing, I took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom.

As soon as he was inside and saw the candles burning he must have thought we were going to have sex because he quickly began taking off his clothes. Before he finished unbuttoning his shirt I stopped him and told him to let me do it. I could see his impatience but I wanted it to go slowly. This was for his pleasure but that night I was the one in charge.

He already had a noticeable bulge in his pants and I saw the eagerness in his eyes as I took my time taking off his shirt. I admired his strong chest, and the muscles of his arms as I dropped it to the floor. Normally he enjoys the attention I give him, he loves being fawned over but I knew he wanted me to go faster. As I said, I was the one that set the pace so I wanted to go slowly, savor each moment I had with him.

Then it was down to the buckle of his belt and I heard him exhale loudly when I finally unclasped and opened it for my inspection. Beneath he wore a tight pair of boxer briefs and, with an outstretched index finger, I slowly traced the thin line of hair from his navel until it disappeared behind the garment.

When he was out of his pants and wearing only his boxer briefs, I stood back and looked at him. I felt my body respond to him and, giving him the shyest look, I placed my hand full on his cock. He sighed happily at this and gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen on him. Now here's where I took some advice a friend gave me and used it with all that you showed me. I played the sweet little coquette, living out his fantasy.

"You want to come tonight, don't you baby?" I asked, giving him an exaggerated bat of my lashes that comes naturally to all women. He answered just as I expected.

"Oh god, yeah Kristen. I do."

My hand squeezing a bit on his crotch, I moved closer until we were almost chest to chest. "You don't want to make love?"

"Huh? Oh, of course I do. I want you so much."

"Nope, Uh uh," I teased, nodding my head like I made up my mind. "We're not going to have sex tonight." I was being such a cocktease. I was worried he would think I was such a bitch but he only looked confused. He had no idea what was happening to him.

"But why? Honey?"

"Shhh," I whispered loud enough to get him to be quiet and raised my voice. "Take them off and lay down!"

He quickly did as told, pulling off his boxers in a second and throwing them on the other side of the bed. His cock, fully erect, wagged in the air as he lay back on the bed and rested on his elbows. I reached behind me and found a silk scarf I planted there. I came towards him, holding it out in front of me so he could see. He made no move to stop as I placed it across his eyes and tied it behind him.

"Just do as I say and you'll be a very happy man." He smiled and I saw his cock leap in approval. "Trust me. Lay on your back, hands behind your head and don't interrupt. If you do I'll stop and trust me," I bent down and left a slow, wet kiss on the tip of his prick. "You don't want that."

I gathered the lotions and oils and squeezed a good amount of body lotion in my palm. I straddled his chest and dripped it over him, right between his pecs and below his collarbone. He reached to stroke my bare legs and I let him. It didn't get in the way of what I had planned, so why not I figured?

I made sure he was nice and slick and took my time spreading the lotion over his bare skin, enjoying the feel of his muscles under my hand. I massaged it into him and felt him unwind after what I was sure was another long day. He responded as I hoped, he allowed me to play on him but didn't get too anxious. I knew he was horny but he didn't do anything that sped things up. For now he was content to just lay back and let himself be pleasured just as I wanted.

I moved down his body so I had to sit right on his cock. This turned me on and was difficult but I knew it was even worse for him. He moaned loudly and began pressing himself against me. I told him not to and just lie still but he said he couldn't help it. Guys are like that…

I quickly lathered his torso, loving the feel of his tight stomach and abs under my touch. He never got much from being touched there but I admit it's one of my favorite parts of his body. I couldn't spend much time there though, because he was getting hard to control. I had to get off him and begin with his legs, which, as you know, is the next step you showed us.

He's got beautiful legs; strong and well defined. I love how they feel when he's on top of me but now I got to examine them closely. I enjoyed myself and just let my hands slide over his muscles. His cock was standing proudly and though I wanted so much to take it in my mouth and suck him until he moaned and spilled his juices down my throat, I remembered what you said and held off. Most men aren't used to waiting. It's best to hold off and let them know what it feels like.

I spent an extra amount of time on his inner thighs, kneading them slowly, then brushing them with the tips of my fingers when they were sensitive. He got anxious and started getting pushy.

"Come on Kris, stop playing around." He had no idea what he was in for. "Don't be such a tease, come on honey."

You're right. When guys are horny they get real impatient. He still didn't realize that it was up to me. When he reached to stroke his cock I slapped the back of his hand.

"Don't!" I said, doing my best to sound forceful. "That's mine. Don't touch it." I emphasized this with a slow, deep stroke up his inner thighs so I just barely touched the underside of his balls. "Do it again and this is over. We'll get dressed and just have dinner together. Would you like that?"

He pouted and said he wouldn't do it again.

I acted unfazed and just continued massaging him, taking grips of the strong muscles of his thighs and feeling him tense as I came closer and closer to his cock.

I'd spent enough time tormenting him and I think it was time to let him enjoy himself. Holding his ankles, I carefully opened his legs until I could see everything and just sat and examined him before I went further. He was beautiful. His cock stood quaking in the air, his balls, overly sensitive now, seemed to plead for my touch. I remembered how thankful he always was when I took him in my mouth and sucked him proudly, reveling in the come that marked another trembling orgasm. He was very vocal during sex, which promised to make that night even more memorable.

When I touched him I think he barely felt it. Still he almost leaped up and it was only when I pulled away and waited a moment did he lay back like I wanted. When he did I reached and held his balls on the ends of my fingers gently, like I was handling delicate eggs. Slowly I worked them, rolling his tender balls between my tiny fingers. He was breathing slowly, like he was afraid I'd hurt them but I treated them with such care and love that he had nothing to worry about. They are so incredibly sexy to me, I love how male they are. I love playing with them.

I took some warmed oil and poured it into my cupped palm. It wasn't too hot but warm enough to make him feel good. I held my hand a couple of inches above his shaft and just dripped it out so a thin trail circled him. I could tell it felt good by the way he breathed, slowly and peacefully. I could only imagine how wonderful he felt.

I dripped on down his shaft and over his balls too. It pooled on the tiny crevice between them and when I finished, I wrapped my hand around him, barely letting him feel me touch him. With one single sloooow stroke, I coated his entire cock with it. It looked so beautiful, wet and shiny. I could tell the feeling was getting to be too much for him, his cock was throbbing and he was breathing heavily. I knew he wanted to finish but I wasn't ready for that yet.

I changed tactics. "Easy, hun," I whispered. "Just take it easy and let me do it. Don't worry about a thing. You'll come when you're ready."

He made a sound like he was ready now but I said nothing. My four fingers went beneath his balls and pressed them against his body and his shaft. I felt his body react and saw a smile spread across his face. Each time he tried to speak I shushed him and told him not to say a word, just enjoy, just feel what was happening to his body.

He trusted me enough that he did. I rubbed his balls in slow circles just like you showed us and gripped him loosely around the base of his shaft, just holding him steady. I stroked him in tandem, my hands squeezing and gently pulling on his balls as I ran up and down his shaft. The lotion squeezed between my fingers and helped me slide up and down his cock.

I knew his balls were tender so I didn't stay there long. I brought that hand to his shaft with the other but rather than help stroke him I touched my index finger to my thumb and held them just below the rim of his crown. You said this was a very sensitive spot on a man and boy was it! The skin there, so pink and smooth, got him bucking up and down the moment I touched it. I had to stop for a moment and scold him (playfully, of course) until he stopped. As my left hand milked his shaft slowly, the other held that oh-so-sensitive skin. I twisted my wrist so the ring of my fingers teased him and he started moaning. He couldn't come this way since I wasn't touching the right areas but it really got to him.

I could feel the come bubble up his shaft and I knew if I just jerked him off for a few seconds he would have a nice long, healthy come and he'd be free of teasing. That's what I would have done before your seminar, not anymore though. The new me, with my new technique, knows how to handle my boyfriend's cock and I plan to tame it as a woman should. I'll get all the come I want out of it and it will learn to appreciate my touch. I'll get him craving it. Maybe soon he'll ask me to do it for him instead of jerking himself off when he thinks I'm asleep.

I dripped more oil on him until he was a wet mess and continued with what I was doing. His hips were pressing into me but after several stops and scoldings he learned not to push for anything more. He was learning not to force things when I had him in hand. I liked that.

I continued for a while longer, softly humming to myself as he moaned and his face showed the torment his poor cock was going through. I pretended not to notice. A thin sliver of white appeared at on the slit of his cock and I stopped immediately. His cock wagged in the air but I hushed him and told him to just concentrate on the feeling and absorb the intense need in his cock. He didn't answer me, just kept his eyes closed but I saw him nod slightly.

"That's good honey," I said in the most sympathetic voice I could muster. "You're going to come, just leave it to Kristen. Relax and allow yourself to be pleasured."

It was at this point that I realized why I made the effort to learn all this. His cock was larger than I'd ever seen it. It was so thick I could see it pulse. It was a beautiful organ, proud, stiff and inherently masculine. My mouth watered and my pussy dampened just looking at it. I didn't want to tease it, I wasn't being cruel to it, I just wanted him to know how wonderful I could make him feel.

"Ready, baby?" I asked and saw his face turning red from exertion. Every muscle twitched and throbbed on its own.

I did what you called "The Final Stretch". One hand gripping the fat cockhead and slooowly sliding down immediately followed by the other so they touched. When I reached the bottom of his shaft One hand went up, then the other. As the last one came off the next one immediately stroked down. It was followed by the other which was followed by the other so he felt a constant stroking motion, as if he was entering a deep, wet, soft pussy that never ended. My boyfriend was in heaven!

Of course this is too much for any man to take, especially if he's already been teased for the past half hour so it wasn't long before he was crying out in the soft, high pitched voice that I knew meant he was past the point of no return.

Rather than stop or tell him to hold back this time, I encouraged him. "Let's have a strong, heavy come, baby. You want to show me all you have? I want to see it, let's see that good strong come, lover." I was getting almost as into it as he was. Sweat dripped down my cheeks and I could feel the thin silk of my panties clinging to me like a second skin. I only hoped he had more left in him afterwards because seeing him come would be enough to make me jump him and fuck him until he couldn't move a muscle.

And WOW did he come! The first spurt almost hit the opposite wall, a thick, unbroken line of pure white come. It shocked even me. He was completely helpless, his body shooting load after load of mancome onto me, onto his chest and down my hand until my entire palm was covered in a thick mass of milky white. His cock throbbed violently in my hand as each wave spilled out of him but I never stopped. My movements slowed, allowing him those precious moments when a man is too sensitive and needs the utmost care.

I watched fascinated as he moaned openly. He rolled his hand from side to side and groaned as each shot of jism leapt from his prick to land just beneath my chin to travel down my chest and soak my chemise.

When it was over I didn't say a word, just gently released his cock from my drenched hands and respectfully lay it against his spent body. Neither of us said a word, I wanted things to develop on their own so I lay between his thighs and gazed at his balls. They looked tired and worn but I've never seem them look so pleased. Gingerly I kissed them and though I thought he'd say something or push me away because of their sensitivity, I was glad to see him spread himself wider to allow me access.

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