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Worth It 1

At 5 AM in the morning the pain finally ate at my conscious, nagging just below my ribs and whipping dizziness inside my head. It was time to go, no question about it, and so I found my way to the ER. Kind faces met me, kind smiles asked me questions and I was asked to provide a urine sample, which was no problem. Then all service vanished, and I was left sitting in the waiting room with an aching stomach for an hour. Finally a kind nurse came to the rescue and lead me into a room where she asked me to lay down. The kind blonde looked at me over her shoulder before she left, her warm smile remaining on my iris when she had parted.

Moments later a doctor arrived, started the line of questions and while I was answering his fingers started to poke my stomach in various ways, asking if it hurt or if it hurt more when he pushed harder or withdrew his fingers quickly. The pain was enhanced several times from his actions, but I answered every question with Yes or No if possible. Once I thought he was done with his examination he slid a rubber-glove on his right hand and added some lubricant.

"Please spread." was all he said, and I did.

He let a finger slid in and poked. He asked me.

"Does this hurt?"

My response was as precise as before, yet more verbose.

"What do you think? I'm not used to having a finger up my ass."

The doctor removed his finger and himself from the room, and that was the last I saw of him. It might have been my response that lead to the nurse showing up just moments later with that tender smile on her face. She remained silent as she came in and closed the door, yet I could see that her smile came from some kind of amusement which remained untold.

"Let's give you something for the pain."

She worked in silence, trying to find a vein that she could inject the analgesic into, trying twice in my right arm, she turned to me and said that she would need to change arm and I asked her who she would change it with. She laughed showing her bright white teeth before commenting that I was probably the funniest patient she'd met.

She tried once more, this time in my left arm, but without any success, so she found a vein on the back of my right hand and injected the pain-reliever. For the first time since I had arrived to the hospital, I actually began to feel good again. The pain was subsiding, and the smile of the kind blonde nurse was also helping. Her bright white teeth and pale pink lips kept smiling the entire time she was present in the room, which was comforting in itself. Her soft mellow voice was like a warm blanket surrounding me as I began to doze off. Not really from the pain-reliever but more truthfully from the simple fact that I hadn't been getting much sleep during the night.

The room was bigger when I woke up, and I was feeling refreshed yet very drugged and sleepy. I laid there trying to remain awake when the nurse appeared again. She looked at me with her big blue eyes, correcting her blonde hair with a graceful movement of her hand, before she sat down next to the bed.

"How are you feeling?" she asked with her soft voice.

"It's better, don't feel any pain in my stomach, but I'm a bit dizzy." I replied.

"It's from the drugs you've been given. It's not unusual that they make people dizzy."

Her calm tone of voice made it easy to accept that little side-effect of the pain-reliever, and I smiled back without coming up with something intelligent to say. Instead I simply watched her as she took out a few small tools on a tray. She looked into my eyes and said as if it was the most natural thing.

"I'm here to shave you, so let's lift that shirt."

Before I had any time to react to her words, she already lifted the long shirt that I was wearing, and revealed my naked body underneath, leaving the shirt to cover only my chest and arms. She began to work up some foam in her hands, and then gently began to apply it on the area where the operation would take place.

"Oh my, aren't we a big one."

Her words surprised me and made me look down to see her hands, but it wasn't her hands that caught my eye. My cock was standing straight up like an ivory tower, while her hands were spreading out the foam in circles. I felt embarrassed about the situation, and felt how my cheeks became warm from a nice blush.

"Don't blush, it's okay. It's actually quite warming to see."

Her words didn't make the situation any better, but in a moment of boldness I explained that she probably was used to it all, considering her natural beauty. She smiled even wider, but remained silent as if she was concentrating on something else. Then a long period of time passed without a word being spoken, before her warm voice actually surprised me.

"If you let me shave it all off, I'll make it worth it."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Was she actually talking about shaving off my pubic-hair? My silence must have been to long because without waiting any further, she continued.

"It'll look better on you, cause who needs an unsymmetrical shaved area?"

Her comment made sense, at least to some extent, but did she really mean it? I tried to come up with something that would allow us both to slip out of the situation with our honors intact, but she was way ahead of me as I felt her foamy right hand gently grabbing my erect member. With her soothing voice she started to explain that a handsome man like me would look good shaved, and that she would make it all worth while if I let her go through with the request. Her slowly stroking hand was enhancing what she was saying, and in my leaned back position I finally let out a single word.


Her hands worked with careful movements as all of the hair was removed from my abdomen and sex. The shaving knife removed all of the rough hair that had been there, leaving only a smooth naked area with just a smooth, hairless genitalia. When she was done with her scheduled duties, she picked out a bottle of oil and rubbed it into the newly shaved skin, to prevent irritation and also to make me smell good for later. Her eyes became darker as she commented on that, without explaining anything about her thoughts. I was beginning to feel incredibly sleepy and dozed off while feeling her hand rubbing my balls with oil.

The next thing I was aware of was a nurse asking for my name to make certain she had the right patient. That followed by another nurse asking me the same question, followed by another nurse and an anesthetist again asking me the same question. After repeating my name eight times to different persons, I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to be operated, and also wondering how come no one had clearly said to me that I was to have an appendix operation. Did the doctors know? Then someone tells me that they would move me to the operations table, and my mule instincts telling me that I could move myself which I did, and the last thing hearing the anesthetist saying that it's time to sleep.

The awakening is not much of a memory. Some nurse saying that I have to get up and visit the toilet, and I get up with her clinging to my left arm. I try to explain to her that I have balance, and she replies that she certainly hopes so, because she has no way of lifting me up if I fall.

The next thing was another nurse asking if I have been to the toilet, and I replied yes. The room was different, or rather the same as before the operation. Just to make certain she lifted up the blanket and smiled as she explained to me that she would use ultrasound to see how things really were. She took her time, and found that I had 0.8 deciliters (about 1.7 pints) left, so I let out without thought.

"So make me go again."

She smiled and told me that there were other ways to take care of that, and I felt her warm hand around my soft penis, but nothing else. Moments later she was draining my bladder while I dozed of again.

When I opened my eyes again, the room laid empty in pale moonlight. No one else was in the room, all the other beds laid empty in the four bed room, and I tried to move but was instantly reminded of the recent surgical operation. I reached out to find the button so that I could have something for my aching side, but couldn't find it. Trying to see where it was in the moonlight, my eyes adjusting to the pale blue light, I noticed that it was hanging about three feet over me, tied to a bar. It would have appeared that someone had forgotten to untie it so that I could reach it when I needed to.

Laying there wondering how I would be able to reach the call-button without getting up or hurting myself was something I could have spent time doing if it wasn't for the string of light that lit up the room for a few moments. I noticed a silhouette swiftly moving through the light before it faded away. I knew that I wasn't alone anymore, and I was pleased to see the blonde nurse walking towards the bed. She appeared different in the pale light, but her smile was still as soothing and warm even though the bluish light made the room cold. Perhaps the contrast made her even more appealing?

"How are you?" she asked with a low voice, as if she didn't want to wake up other patients.

"I've been better." I answered with a whisper, pointing to the call-button and the tied wire.

"Oh, you poor thing."

She took a few quick steps to the side of the bed and untied the knot. I could feel the warmth from her body with her so close, and when she lowered the button slowly to appropriate level, our eyes met. Her white uniform parted revealing more of her soft golden skin and a white lace bra. My heart stopped beating while wild thoughts escaped into my consciousness and into my speech center, and before I new it I gazed within her uniform and uttered silently.

"Oh my God."

Still with her eyes in mine she could see where I was looking, and when I returned my eyes to hers again, she smiled and leaned forward until I could feel her breath against my face.

"I told you I would make it worth it, and I keep my promises. Can't you feel your heart racing inside your chest already?"

She placed her left hand on my naked chest, and it was obvious to both of us that my heart was doing the jitterbug. Her hand was still while she kept reading my eyes, and I couldn't help looking away. This only caused her to move her hand to my face, turning it so that she could look into my eyes again and smile. She kept looking into my eyes as her left hand slowly caressed my cheek, chin and down my neck. Suddenly with the grace of a cat, she moved up into the bed, to sit over my chest yet without touching me. She lifted up her short skirt slowly while licking her lips until she revealed her naked venus. The sight of her erotic innocence and her fingers sliding down through the soft hair to part her wet lips was incredible. It was a show like no one I had seen before, and it just kept on getting better as her long mid-finger into the crack and dipped in the clear sauce that was served in the pink bowl of her womanhood. She moved her finger to my dry lips, offering me a taste and I opened my mouth greedy for all her juices.

"Such a wonderful taste of life." she whispered to me while she let her finger be withdrawn from my lips.

With that she turned on the bedside light, which only glowed slightly in an mixture of colors from red to yellow, almost pulsating as if the light was about to go. This only caused her white uniform to change color from the pale blue to warm red, enhancing the intensity of the moment. She returned her fingers to her wet slit and showed of the temptation between her legs.

"Don't you want to taste more?"

I did, no doubt about it. I wanted to put my face into her wet pussy, and do battle with her clit, poke her tight hole with my tongue and make my face wet from her juices, so I raised my head for a brief moment only to feel shoots of pain through my abdomen, and I turned my head to back heavily into the pillow and bit my lip to avoid screaming.

"You poor thing, so close but yet so far."

I could hear her fingers working in her soaking wet cunt without shame, and as I opened up my eyes again I watched her pink pussy and the circling of her index finger on the small sensitive clit above the entrance to her lusty heaven. She was leaning her head back so I couldn't see the expressions in her face, but her moaning made it clear that she was really enjoying the moment, and once again I tried to raise my head up, only slower. It felt the same, I really couldn't move my face any closer, but I could move my hands to her firm ass, keeping my elbows to the bed, and I held her above me. Her body was starting to shake, and she moved herself into my face.

"Oh oh oh oh" she panted without being the least articulate, and her entire body moved in waves rubbing her pussy against my face. My tongue reached out to stimulate her smooth walls, and feeling my tongue in her pussy she changed her chanting to "yes yes yes yessssss..."

She sat down hard on my face, pushing her hips forward in absolute silence and in motionless she just sat there. I wiggled my tongue and I noticed her fingers trying to catch my tongue before she screamed out.

"Noooooooooo...ooooooooohhhhhh YES!!!!"

She was shaking and panting like a fish out of water, and each of her shockwaves shook the entire bed causing me to grunt straight out with her pussy as gag. My hands pushed her higher and I inhale deeply while I felt her juices dropping down on my face and chest. Her slender body feeling heavier and heavier in my hands, and I watched her pussy contract and release as if it was milking a large cock dry. She stepped out of bed, sat down in the chair that stood closest to the bed and held her head in her hands as if she was embarrassed, and in the silence that had spread in the room once more she spoke.

"Unbelievable. I couldn't help myself."

She raised her head and revealed her face in the soft light, her mascara running from the tears in her eyes. I smiled from my horizontal position, reaching out to her with my left hand. She took my hand in hers, leaning her forehead to the back of my hand as if she was praying or resting, and I watched her while she gathered herself.

"I agree" I whispered with a dry voice "you are unbelievable."

She looked at me with a wide smile, and replied.

"Only because you make me."

She placed my hand next to my left leg, and stood up. It seemed as if she was contemplating how she would proceed, and she stood up in bed, with her feet on each side of my legs. She started to slowly dance for me, moving her slender body to an unheard beat. Her hands was in her hair, holding it up while she lowered herself a bit, and then raised herself in a similar fashion. The uniform slid off one of her shoulders, revealing the on of the shoulder straps of the white lace bra she was wearing, and moments later the uniform slid off her other shoulder, landing on my feet. Her hands caressed her body all over, tracing her breasts and down her hips. Her stomach moved in waves from side to side as she lowered herself once more in the same moment she regained eye contact. She was sucking on her index finger, letting her red moist lips surround it tenderly, then withdrawing it slowly. Her fingernails had the exact same color as her lips, a bright red that I suddenly realized she had put on sometime when I was recovering from the surgery. She stood up again, only wearing her bra which held her small breasts with ease and a pair of white heels with ankle straps.

"I promised you that I would make it worth while, and I'm going to do that. I always keep my promises."

She lowered herself until she sat down on my legs, and her hands gently landed on my thighs. I watched down with some difficulty and saw her face in shadows coming closer to my erect cock. It was standing there in all it's pride, and she licked her lips as if she was about to eat a large juicy strawberry. Her hands slid up my thighs to the power center between them and she gripped me softly with both hands. Her bright red nails looked so nasty around me stiffness, and she began to lightly move her fingers to touch it all.

"You're cock seems to tasty, so mouthwatering, I just need to have a lick."

She leaned forward and gave my head a quick lick before she leaned further forward, and let her breasts slide closer to it instead. She carefully guided my cock inside her bra and began to rock back and forth while looking deeply in my eyes. Her voice was delicately soothing yet at the same time extremely erotic and dangerously vulgar.

"You're so strong, and your smooth skin feels so good between my tits."

She kept rocking back and forth, stimulating my cock in a way that I had never experienced before. Her pink tongue sliding over her bright white teeth, and I could feel her pressing herself against my legs, spreading her heat through my skin. Her hand reaching down beneath her chest and founding the tight skin of my sack, and her fingernails scraps gently on the hairless skin.

"That's a full load you have there. Your balls must be aching for a release. Don't worry baby, I'm gonna give it to you. Just relax and let me lead you. No rush, let it take the time it needs."

Her eyes flashing in the darkness with excitement as her slow rocking kept stimulating my hard cock between her smooth breasts. She leaned forward and licked my stomach and bellybutton, moving up until she reached my right nipple, at the same time releasing the bra's grip around my shaft. Her mouth covered my nipple and I felt her warmth spreading into my chest as she began to hum. I could feel her tongue working inside her mouth, poking my nipple which only made me more excited. She hair fell in my face, tickling me as she began to move down. Her tongue making a wet trail over my stomach and her hair softly caressing my relaxed body, until I felt her hands guiding me back inside her bra.

"It feels so good to have you between my tits."

She resumed her rocking motion and it felt so good. She produced a bottle of lotion from somewhere and coated her hands with it. She used so much that her palms were covered in a thin layer of white as she let out my cock again only to trap it in the lotion paradise of her hands. She stroked slowly, almost without touching, from the base to the top and down again, while she continued her low whispering.

"Do you feel how good it feels? It's only gonna get better. Your balls are so large and heavy, with so much of your white juices. Let go in my hands and show me all you have. Let it pump out, I'll be here to catch it all in my delicious mouth. Oh please let me have all of your cum on my tongue and tickle my lips with your spasming cock."

Her hands began to stroke firmer yet still with the slow pace that she had begun with, but I could see how her eyes became hungrier by the second, and she licked her lips repeatedly while her hands stroked me with determination.

"Do I dare to stroke your cock faster?" she asked looking at me.

I was unable to answer through my panting breath, so I nodded eagerly.

"Yes I do, because I only make you feel so so good. Your cock and balls really need my talented hands, so bad. Come on, don't hold back, just let it cum and I'll drink all your cum. I can feel your cock getting harder, you must be so close by now, after eating my nasty pussy, you really need it, and I'm giving it to you."

She was drying me crazy with her seductive voice, and her oily hands that were stroking my cock with a generous pace. I had difficulties keeping my eyes open, so I closed them which she noticed immediately.

"Good boy, let yourself go in my hands, just relax and let me take you there. Surrender your cum to me and shoot it all into my mouth, and I'll drink all of your cum. Give it all, give me. Your cock looks so delicious right now. Your head is so large and dark, you must really be close now. Would you like me to stop now?"

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