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Yes, Mistress

Before I begin my story, I need to go back in time a little for everything to make sense. One night about six months ago, my wife, Emma, and I were lying in bed after a fuck session that was pretty satisfying for both us. Trying to be a good husband, I was snuggling with my wife and struggling not to fall asleep immediately. Out of the blue, Emma asked me, "Baby, tell me one of your fantasies."

"What?" I asked.

"You know something you have dreamed about. Something that turns you on more than anything else. Something we have never done. Come on, tell me."

I thought about it a moment, then I turned to her and said "Okay, here goes. Remember, you asked."

After I finished, she rolled over and kind of stared at the ceiling, with a strange look on her face. "Oh fuck, " I thought, "I have really screwed up tonight." Neither one us said anything else that night and went to sleep.

Flash forward to the present. I was at work, when my phone rang. I picked it up, it was Emma calling. "No stops after work tonight, honey. Hurry home, I have a surprise waiting for you!"

"Oh yeah?" I asked. "What do you have for me?"

"You'll find out when you get home. See you then!" Click.

Hmmmm, I thought to myself. What could my beautiful wife have planned for me? It wasn't my birthday. I hadn't forgotten our anniversary. Valentine's Day was months away, so I was safe there. My desk was buried, so there was no way I was getting out of her early tonight, but the surprise waiting me at home was motivation enough for me clear my desk and walk out the office door a little after 5:30.

Traffic was no worse than normal, so that meant I'd be home by 6:15. While driving home, I kept running through my head 100 different things my wife could have planned for me. Happily, however, I had no idea and would have never guessed in a million years.

As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed that there were no lights on in the house. This was a little odd, since Emma had insisted that I hurry home. I unlocked the front door and walked in. "Emma, I'm home baby."

I got no response. I set my briefcase down on the floor next to the door, and walked up the stairs toward the bedroom, to see if she was there. "Emma, you in here?" Still no reply. I flipped on the lights, and our bedroom was empty. Damn it. Where is that woman, I thought.

I headed back downstairs and toward the kitchen. There were no sounds or smells of cooking coming from the kitchen, so I didn't expect to find her there either. I flipped on the lights, and my eyes about popped out of my head!

There was my beautiful wife standing in front of me looking absolutely unbelievable! I started at her feet and worked my way up slowly, making sure to take in every amazing detail. She was wearing a pair of shiny black leather boots that laced up all the way to her knees.

In sharp contrast to the deep black of the boots were my wife's beautiful creamy white thighs. My wife had the most incredible white skin peppered with freckles. It was one of the things that most attracted me to her the first time I met her.

Topping those lovely pale thighs was a tiny plaid mini-skirt, like the kind girls wear to Catholic schools, only much, much shorter. The thing was so damn short I had to wonder how it was covering her luscious ass. I have always been an ass man, and my wife could give J-Lo a run for her money in the ass department.

Once again, I was treated to a view of her beautiful pale skin, as her belly was fully revealed to me, for she was wearing a one of my white dress shirts, that she had tied into a knot just below her sexy breasts. My wife had amazing tits, not huge, but simply amazing, as far as I was concerned. She was a 34C, with perky tits that were topped with tiny pink nipples that grew to almost an inch long when she was really hot and bothered. Once again, these beauties were sprinkled with freckles.

I finally looked my wife in the eyes, and she had her long curly fire red hair pulled into two pony tails on either side of her head. I didn't know what to say other than "WOW!"

I started to walk toward her before she suddenly in a very loud and powerful voice said "Stop! Do not come any closer. If you want me, you'll have to ask me first."

"Okay, Emma, baby, can I come over and get some of your fine ass?"

"NO! You will address me properly, if you wish to have any hope of touching me tonight. If you wish to speak to me, you will address me as Mistress, and you will only speak when I give you permission."

Looking at my gorgeous wife and hearing these words made my cock start to grow in my pants. I reached down to adjust myself, and gave my cock a nice squeeze.

"Do not touch yourself in my presence, you worm!"

"Yes, Mistress, " I mumbled.

"What did you say?

"Yes, Mistress. I'm sorry, " I said more loudly.

"That's better. Now if you want any of this, get your clothes off now and get on your knees, but do not come near me until I give you permission."

I quickly tore of my clothes and threw them in a pile under the kitchen table. I knelt where I was and waited, with my hard cock throbbing and pointing at my lovely wife standing about 10 feet away from me.

"Now worm, on your belly and crawl toward me like the worm you are."

"Yes, Mistress, " I said as I lay down on the cold hard kitchen tile. I started to hurry my way toward my wife before she shouted "Slower! You worthless slave. Let me enjoy watching you squirm on your belly." She started to laugh at me as I crawled on my belly across the floor covering only inches at a time.

Finally, I had worked my way across the kitchen and was now looking straight into her boots, where I could see my reflection. I looked like a man possessed, I thought. I was so hot and my cock ached from being so hard. I was amazed that the cold tile did nothing to prevent my cock from getting harder than it had ever before been.

"Very good my slave. Now roll over on your back," she said, as she used the toe of her boot to lightly nudge me. "Just so you know I am not a cruel mistress you may rest your head on this towel." I thought she was looking out for me, but I was soon to find out she had another reason for placing the towel under my head.

My wife spun around quickly and placed a booted foot on either side of my head. I love the smell of leather and turned my head toward the left to inhale deeply of the smell of the boot. I breathed deeply, but was soon interrupted by a loud clap of hands.

"Up here, worm. Pay attention to what I am about to say, for I will not repeat myself. And, if you do not do as you are told, you will surely regret ever having been born."

I looked up and could see nothing other than my wife's slightly spread pussy, framed perfectly by the skirt. I always told my wife she had the most beautiful pussy I had every seen, and today that was truer than ever before. She kept her pussy almost bald, with just a small bit of that beautiful red hair of hers surrounding the lips and a tiny tuft just above her clit, which I could see from here. Obviously, she was enjoying this as much as I was.

She kicked me in the head lightly to get my attention. "Are you listening to me, slave?"

"Yes, Mistress. Yes!"

"Good. Now pay attention. I am going to squat over your face very shortly. I am going to remain there until you make me cum. You will not use your fingers. You will only use your tongue. I will remain there on your face until you make me cum. I will not get off of your face until I have cum. Is that clear?"

"Yes Mistress."

"And you will not touch your cock while I am on your face. If I find you touching your cock, you will regret it. Do you understand me, worm?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. And, just so you know. I will have a very special treat for you if you do a good job and do not fail me. Very well then, let us begin."

My wife slowly squatted above my face, keeping her beautiful pussy just out of reach of my out stretched tongue. I started to raise my head, when she quickly squeezed my head between her thighs preventing me from reaching her beautiful pink snatch.

"You will do this in my time, do you hear me?" she demanded, squeezing so tightly I could barely hear her. She released just enough so I could squeeze out the words, "Yes, Mistress."

"Good." She let go of my head, and it fell back to the floor, which was thankfully padded by the folded towel she had graced me with earlier.

Slowly she started to squat again, causing her pussy to open, revealing the slick pink hole of her tight pussy. He pussy was glistening and I was just dying to get a taste of her sweet juices. She was nearly on top of my face now and my tongue darted out to lap up the juices starting to drip down her slit, when suddenly she shifted her hips forward and rubbed her clit on the bridge of my nose. She ground it in briefly, then dragged it down my nose leaving my nose shiny. I sucked in deep, getting a nose full of my wife's fragrant pussy. I always loved the smell of my wife's pussy, but tonight it was turning me into an animal. I hadn't touched my cock and I thought it was going to explode.

Finally, unable to take any more of her own teasing, my wife inched her self forward until her knees were about six inches above my head. Then she sat down squarely on my face, her delicious pussy covering my mouth.

"Now make me cum!" she demanded.

Not waiting for any further permission, I quickly drove my tongue deep into my wife's pussy, like an entrant in a pie eating contest. The delicious taste of my wife's pussy was overwhelming. I wanted every drop of the juice that was forming in her tight pussy. I twisted my tongue in very direction as she ground hard into my face. I could hear my wife begin to moan and sigh. I didn't let up.

"Oh god that feels so good you worm. A few more minutes like this and you may very well make me cum. But you know what? I don't thing I am ready to cum yet."

She started to lift her pussy off my face and I took a deep breath before letting out a sigh of disappointment. I was not finished feasting on that gorgeous pink pussy. Unsure as to what she was going to do, I waited quietly, but I didn't have to wait long. My wife stood up and turned so she was facing my feet.

"Now, let's if you can eat ass as well as you eat pussy." As I mentioned, my wife had an ass to dye for and being an ass man, I also enjoyed rimming my wife's amazing ass. She kneeled over my face once again and grabbed a luscious ass check in each hand, pulling them apart revealing her pink rosebud. A second later her ass was planted on my face, with her asshole just out of reach of my tongue. She wiggled her hips and ass until my lips found her asshole. I tried to kiss this heavenly thing, but she drove her ass harder into my face and my head into the floor, until my tongue slid into her ass.

Once she had found the object of her desire, she straightened her back and applied her full weight to my face, forcing my tongue deeper up her ass. I opened my eyes, but could see nothing as my head was covered by my wife's ass and her short skirt. Who cares I thought, I don't need to see anything, and I set about my task seriously working my tongue in and out and around my wife's tasty asshole.

At this point I was so crazed between having my face buried in my wife's ass and hearing her moans, I had forgotten about her earlier warning and I reached for my throbbing cock to bring myself some relief. I don't know which came first, the lightning like pain that shot through my body as my wife grabbed and squeezed my balls or her shouting, "What are you doing worm? I told you not to touch yourself! You worthless piece of crap. You can't do what you are told can you?"

I quickly placed my hand back by my side and tried to catch my breath as the pain slowly eased.

"Now you have ruined everything. I was so close. Now we are going to have to start all over again. No more warnings for you mister. Next time you will really regret it. Now, make me cum!"

With that she thrust her ass into my face again, and began to ride my tongue for all she was worth, forcing my tongue deeper and deeper into her ass. At this point, her pussy juices were running down my chin and neck. Her breathing was slowly starting to grow heavier and heavier. Her sighs louder and louder.

She stood up once again and quickly spun around and dropped her cunt on my mouth before I even knew what happened. She grabbed me by the hair and began to pull my face deeper into her pussy, grinding back harder than she ever had before. Her clit was rubbing back and forth across my nose, causing it to grow harder. Her juices flowed down my throat as I savored every drop of her honey. I worked my tongue all over her pussy lips, making sure no juice was hidden in her crevices. She was moaning so loud now I knew she as close.

"Yes, bitch that's it. Eat my cunt! Make me CUM!"

At this I swirled my tongue around her clit and sucked it between my lips. I bit it softly before lashing it with my tongue. She was rocking so hard at this point she leaned back, her hands on my chest, to balance herself, driving her pussy hard onto my face. I was enjoying myself, but not as much as she was I could tell. Then all hell broke lose, as my wife screamed out "YES" at the top of her lungs. I could feel her pussy start to twitch and tighten around my tongue. She raised herself back up straight as an arrow, and pushed down onto my face as hard as she could, the whole time panting, "Yes! Yes! Yes!!" With one final swipe of my tongue, her orgasm overwhelmed her and she leaned forward, collapsing with her pussy still twitching and dripping into my mouth.

After several minutes, she lifted herself off of my face and eased herself back, so that she was resting on my chest. I lifter my head slightly first to see my wife's snatch, bright red, her lips fully engorged and dripping with a combination of spit and her juices. Her clit had already started to retreat back into her hood.

Looking up further, Emma's tits heaved with each breath she took. Her chest and cheeks were flushed and sweat dripped off of her brow. She looked at me with her loving eyes and said "Wow."

"Now I promised that I would have a special treat for you if you made me cum, and you certainly did make me cum." She leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead before patting my on top of the head like a dog.

"For being such a good little slave, here is your surprise."

I had no idea what was going to come next, but I was hoping it was me, as my cock was ready to explode. She raised herself up on my knees again, above my head. I was expecting her to get up. Instead I saw a small dribble start to form between her pussy lips, which quickly turned into a heavy yellow stream of pee.

"Enjoy yourself, slave," she said as she wiggled her hips obscenely making sure to cover my face in her piss, after she had filled my mouth to overflowing with her steaming piss. She must have had a gallon of water to drink that day, as this continued for at least 90 seconds. I was so happy at this moment. I just sat back and enjoyed the feel of the yellow liquid splashing off my face.

After she had finally emptied her bladder, Emma turned herself to my throbbing cock. She reached out to find it harder and bigger than ever before, her hand barely able to encircle the shaft and the head looking like a plum. Three soft strokes was all it took, and I exploded, spewing cum everywhere! I covered my stomach and chest in cum, as jet after jet exploded from my cock.

I lay on the floor more satisfied than I had ever been before, a puddle of cum and piss on my chest. Emma stood up and glared down at me. "Now get yourself and this mess cleaned up immediately, slave!" She turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving behind a happy mess.

Later that night in bed, Emma explained to me that when I had described my fantasy to her months ago, it totally caught be by surprise. She wasn't disgusted by it, but she wasn't sure if she could go through with it, so that is why she never brought it up again. She didn't want to plan it with me in case she chickened out at the last minute. She didn't want me to be disappointed. However, she had been thinking about it since that night. When she finally built up the courage she had to act on it before she backed out and changed her mind. That is why she had insisted that I rush home directly after work today.

I held her lovely face in both my hands and kissed her lightly. "Thank, you Mistress. I love you."

She giggled and said, "You know that was kind of fun. Maybe we can do it again."

All I could say was, "Yes, Mistress."

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