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Wife's Cum Loving Husband 2

I woke up to the sound of my wife moaning and groaning, she had already sucked one of the guy's cock this morning and she had one in her pussy and one in her ass. When they seen that I was awake my wife said for me to go into the kitchen and make some coffee. I went into the kitchen and made everybody a cup of coffee.

I returned to the bedroom and as I opened the door my wife was cumming all over herself. One of her lovers the one in her pussy had not cum yet so she took his cock out of her pussy and she instructed him to jack-off into her coffee cup. (my wife loves a little cream in her coffee) He shot a big load of cum in her coffee and she thanked him and sipped on her coffee. I finished my coffee and she told me to get over here and suck the leaking cum out of her ass. I did as I was told and she said she had something special for me today.

I just looked at her and smiled. She told her lovers that it was time to leave and they got up and thanked me for sharing my wife with them and left. We were lying in bed together and she was asking me how I liked what went on this weekend. I told her that I loved her and would do anything she wanted me to do. She said anything? And I said yes mistress anything. She grabbed my cock in her hand and led me into the bathroom; she got out her enema bag and filled it with water.

Then she had me bend over and spread my ass cheeks she took the nozzle and stuck it in my ass. I have never done this before so I didn't know what to expect. She told me that this was going to be a little game she made up, that she was going to fill my ass with water and I was to hold the water in my ass for as long as I could. She said the longer I could hold the water the better my surprise was. I felt the water going into my ass it was filling me up I felt like I was going to explode. My cock was rock hard and all of a sudden she jerked the nozzle out my ass. I was squeezing my asshole together as hard as I could but I couldn't hold the water in.

The water shot out of my ass and there was cum, shit and more cum all over the place. My ass had been to stretched out from all the fucking it got the night before. My wife was mad as hell; she said I was a loose ass whore and that I was worthless to her. She was going to punish me for being a whore. She told me to take a shower and put the clothes on that she has laid out on the bed. I got out of the shower and walked into the bedroom there laying on the bed was a garter belt and a pair of hose I put them on and my wife came in she said she was going to take me down to the Adult book store. I was to wear a trench coat over my garter belt and hose.

She also pulled out a cock cage and put it on my cock it wrapped around my balls and locked. I had never worn one of these before, my cock got hard and it hurt and made me loss my erection. She told me to get the Vaseline out of the drawer and put it in my coat. We got into the car and she drove me down to the adult bookstore we went inside and there was people everywhere mostly men but I did see a couple women to. All the nasty pictures of people doing all kinds of kinky stuff my cock would try to get hard but it would hurt and my cock would die down. I could tell by the look on my wife's face she was horny.

She reached under my coat and stuck a finger in my ass pulled it out and made me lick it. I had pre-cum leaking out of my cock cage but my cock would not get hard. We looked around for a while and then we discovered that there were peep-show booths in the store. She told me to go up there and pay the women to see a movie. We went into the booth and you could smell cum every where it was so sexy I looked around and noticed two holes in the wall I got down on my knees and looked into the next booth and there was a nice looking kid about 21 jacking his cock off all of a sudden the kid turned around and saw me looking. He got up and stuck his cock in the hole I started sucking his prick when my wife pulled my mouth off of this big cock.

She said my god that is a big cock she kissed it a couple times and told the boy that she was going to let him fuck her husband's ass. She made me pack my ass with Vaseline and bend over and lean up against the hole in the wall. She took the young man's cock and stuck it in my ass. He fucked me until he cum and then he pulled his cock out. She told me to peek into the hole, that she was going to go over to the next booth and let him fuck her to. She left and I could see her in the next booth fucking and sucking this young lad.

When he was done she came back over to the booth I was in and had me lick the cum out of her ass and pussy. We spent the rest of the afternoon there I must have taken 15 loads of cum in my ass before we left. I know my wife had sucked a half a dozen cocks too.

We got back to the house and she removed the cock cage and she let me masturbate all over her tits and then she made me lick it all up. My sperm was thick and tasted delicious I rolled it around on my tongue before I swallowed it. We went to sleep and I was thinking about what would happen to me tomorrow.
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