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Wife's Cum Loving Husband 3

Well it is another day and I was sitting in the bathroom wondering what my kinky wife had in store for me today. I noticed she had the cock cage laid out on the dresser this morning and a large butt-plug, she must be getting horny. All of a sudden she came into the room and told me to put the cock cage on she said she was going to have a sex toy party in a few days and she wanted to make sure I had plenty of cum.

I have been to these kinds of parties before and they are a lot of fun. She sells sex toys for Dr. Johnson and makes a good living doing it. She uses me sometimes to get the other ladies horny during the party. One time she made me come to the party in a g-string and nipple claps the girls all loved it. They was playing with my cock and rubbing my balls, my prick was rock hard. And then my wife made me get in front of all these ladies and jack my cock off for them, every time I was going to cum she would stop me.

There were a couple of ladies in there 60s and they were really enjoying the show one of them has never seen a man jack-off before. My wife told her she could come up front and watch it close up. She got out of her chair and come up to me and started massaging my balls. I looked down at her and she was playing with her pussy, my wife noticed that the woman was real horny. She told the woman that I would get down between her legs and suck her cunt if she would like. The women said that would be nice that she hasn't had her pussy ate in 10 years.

She jerked her dress up and there was the biggest, wettest cunt I have ever seen it had lots and lots of hair all the way back to her asshole. My wife grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face into that cunt. I sucked and licked for a long time her clit got real big; it was like sucking on a miniature cock. She was moaning and grinding my face into her cunt. All of a sudden she cum real hard lots and lots of girl cum came out of her pussy I just kept on sucking. She finally pushed my head away and pulled her dress down. That was the oldest pussy I ever ate and it was damn good. About that time the other old lady came up to my wife and ask her if she could suck my cock. My wife said that if she bought a $100.00 dollars worth of sex toys that she could suck my cock.

The older women said she would, and she dropped down on her knees and started sucking and licking my balls. My wife shaves my balls and anal area before every party and the old women loved it, she said the last time she had a bald cock was in the seventh grade. I must admit she was a good cocksucker for a woman in her sixties she knew everything to do she even had her middle finger probing my asshole. I looked around the room and all the other ladies were masturbating with there newly purchased dildos and sex toys. The old lady that was sucking my cock stopped and said for me not to cum in her mouth. That she didn't like the taste of cum, I said ok.

About that time my wife told me that when I was ready to cum to pull it out of her mouth and jack-off in your hand. I started moaning and told her I was cumming she pulled it out of her mouth and I shot cum all over the palm of my hand. My wife ask the other ladies what I should do with the cum and they all said I should eat it. So I licked the spunk up out of my hand and thanked the ladies for letting me be a part of the party. My wife sold about 9 hundred dollars worth of sex toys that night.

And I got my part I got to suck the cum out of her panties. Well enough day dreaming the cock cage was killing my cock. And I was wondering what was in store for me at this next sex party. My wife was selling a whole new line of sex toys some of them where for FEMDOM & BSDM. She told me that there would be a lot of sex slaves there and that the sex was going to be wild. I am looking foreword to the party.

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