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Will Work for Panties 6

The first pair of panties I took out was a pair of silver tap pants, Patti’s favorite thing to wear. I laid them on my lap and took out the second pair, a pair of pastel blue tap pants. Sherrie took those and held them in her hand.

“I think these are just beautiful,” she said. “Patti has such good taste.”

“I think so too,” I replied.

The final pair of panties were a thing to behold. It was an elegant thong with material that flowed from the center of the garment. It was a deep rich burgundy color embossed with a gold paisley pattern.

“Oh, I really like these,” I said. I also felt more pressure in my loins at this point.

“Yes, I bought a pair just like these for myself when Patti picked these out for you.”

“You’re going to wear a pair like this?” I asked.

“Does that sound so surprising? You aren’t the only one who likes to wear sexy underwear you know.”

“Well yeah, I figured that, I mean I knew, you know, that you probably…” I stammered in my most eloquent manner.

“Girls get just as turned on as boys you know,” she replied.

“Well yeah, it’s just that, I didn’t mean to say, it was just that…” Fuck, someone please shoot me.

Aunt Sherrie leaned close to me and put her lips right by my ear.

“Just calm down a little,” she advised. “I think you need a moment to compose yourself.”

I did. The mental image of my aunt wearing the very type panties that I saw laying in my lap coupled with the overtone of the conversation was more than a young man can handle. My cock was throbbing at this point, taking so much blood from my brain that I was actually a little lightheaded. It was only after a moment’s respite that I noticed my aunt looking at me in a funny way. She wasn’t looking at me so much as the bulge in my pants. Then she noticed me noticing her notice my bulge.

“Like anything you see?” I asked flippantly.

“Well, as a matter of fact…”

“What?” I said.

“Oh, let’s just drop it,” she trailed off and shifted her position next to me to pull away.

“No, no,” I said. “I want to know what’s up. I think there’s something going on here.”

“Vincent, we all have our little fetishes. Let’s just leave it at that.”

“I don’t think that’s fair,” I complained. “Here I am sitting with a half-dozen panties in my lap because you know so much about my fetish and I don’t know anything about anyone else. Patti said she had hers, but she won’t tell me, and now you’re concealing yours. Come on, fess up.”

Aunt Sherrie put her hand on my knee and squeezed hard. My cock throbbed.

“Okay, Bambi isn’t the only one who likes cocks,” she confessed.

“So, you’re a woman and you like men’s … sexual organs,” I said delicately, “What is so kinky about that?”

She squeezed my knee again and my cock twitched almost with a mind of it’s own.

“What I like is the bulge they make in men’s pants when they get big,” she squeezed again. “Like yours is now.” More squeezing.


“You were really turned on the day that you sat with us and told us all about your activities with the panties.”

“Ye-yeah,” I was becoming incoherent again.

“Well, you aren’t the only one who got something out of it that day. I did too. Your bulge was so big that I couldn’t stop looking at it. You went home and played with yourself that day. I waited for your uncle to come home and I jumped his bones. By the way, thank-you.”

And with that she gave me a tiny little kiss on the cheek.

“So you’re saying that . . . what?” I stuttered

“I’m saying that as a woman there are certain things that turn me on. One of those things is a nice big bulge in a man’s trousers. It’s kind of like the reaction that you get from handling panties.”

“And, are you having that reaction right now,” I asked.

“Yes,” she smiled. “But don’t get your hopes up buster.”

“So when did you first notice your fetish?” I inquired.

“Well, let’s see. When I was in high school I noticed that some of the boys walked around in a perpetual state of arousal. I felt sorry for them all, they didn’t have any control over themselves. My girlfriends and I would play a little game about seeing who we could get to squirm the most. We might go up to some lowly freshman in the library and get him all worked up by striking up an innocent conversation. We called it tenting; we wanted to see who we could get to pitch the biggest tent. You guys are all predictable: a little smile, a few bats of the eyelashes, and you’re all at attention.

“As time went on I found myself fantasizing about some of the cuter boys who had erections that they just couldn’t conceal.”

“So, that still gets you all worked up,” I said.

“Yes, of course. I’m married, not dead. Besides I decided long ago that I liked your uncle’s bulge the most. But I confess that I did indeed admire yours; it seems to run in your family. Now it’s time for you to go. I have to go see my children sledding. By the way did Brian give you that phone number?”

“Wh-wh-wha. Num-number? Wh-wha number?” My bulge? She was fucking turned on by my bulge? What fucking number is she talking about? Where the fuck am I?

“Hey,” she snapped her fingers in front of me to help me snap out of this trance I was in. “Did Brian give you that phone number? His sister-in-law, remember?”

“Oh yeah. Phone number. I’ve got it right here.” I pointed to my pocket.

“Good. Give her a call this week. Her name is Gail. You’ll like her. She’s pretty. Now go on home, okay.” She patted me quickly on the knee and almost caused me to come right there.

“Yeah, bye. Goodbye.” I floated off in a daze.


Sometimes it is best not to learn very intimate things about other people. This was not one of those times. Well, let me clarify that; the time it took me to drive from my aunt’s house back to mine could have been spent more productively. For instance, I could have been watching where I was going. If I had, I would have seen the light turn red, I would have stopped the car sooner, and I would have avoided the brief and financially costly conversation that I had with a traffic cop who issued me a fine for failure to stop on red. He seemed stern enough already, but if he only knew.

But officer, I had a really good reason for not stopping in time for that red light.

Oh really? Well let’s hear it.

Okay, I was just at my aunt’s house shoveling away the snow. And when I finished she gave me three pairs of panties, just like her sister had done earlier in the day because they both know that it is this really big fetish that I have. Actually their other sister knows too. And after I laid out these six pairs of panties in my lap my aunt started looking at the bulge that my hard-on was making and she told me all about this fetish of hers which is she likes looking at men’s erections through their pants and . . . hey, what are the handcuffs for?

I’m taking you down to the station, son. I think I want to check your name against the sexual offender registry.

Yeah, that would have been a scene.

So, several minutes and several dollars later I finally got home. The sun was setting by now, and the early winter sunset just set my mood perfectly. I cleaned up in the shower and got ready for some heavy-duty panty play. My erection never subsided from the time I left my aunt, even during my encounter with the traffic cop.

This time I never even touched the drawer with all my older panties in it. I went straight for the bag that had the new goodies. I took them all out and spread them over the bed, stroking myself all the while remembering the conversations that I had with both Patti and Aunt Sherrie. I was a nice rock solid hard when I took the magenta panties out and wrapped them around myself. I tried desperately to fantasize about Patti. I tried to think about what her secret fetish was, and how I could fit in to it. I thought about the kiss she had given me and how turned on it made me. But much as I desired the mental image of cuddling up in Patti’s bosom, suckling at her soft flesh while caressing her pantied bum I couldn’t stop thinking about Aunt Sherrie.

It was easiest to take the path of least resistance. All I could think about was the look on Aunt Sherrie’s face as she examined the rise in my pants. She had been looking at me like a piece of meat, and that thought turned me on even more. I thought about what she said, that I had made her so horny that she jumped my uncle for sexual release. That turned up my temperature also.

I fantasized about the day that the three women had me talk about my playtime with their soft and silky gifts. I drew the mental image of my aunt grabbing my uncle by the shirt collar and dragging him into the bedroom. I thought about how she might throw him to the bed and drape those long, sexy legs of hers over his body and dry hump his bulge, eventually burying his cock in her pussy.

Then I decided that all that was too good for him. As I stroked myself I wanted to think of Aunt Sherrie riding me. It was I, after all, who turned her on that day. It was I whom she had been looking at today, lustfully. I thought about Aunt Sherrie wearing the maroon and gold thong that Patti had bought for me. I pictured her straddling my body, her thong pulled slightly to the side to allow my cock to ride up into her pussy. I thought about her breasts heaving as she rocked back and forth on my body, as she filled herself with the bulge that she had given me today.

I dropped the magenta panties and picked up the maroon and gold thong. Rubbing it all around my body I continued to stroke my cock and think about what she must have been like in high school. Did she ride any of the boys she turned on back then? Did she ever turn on a teacher and ride him? I had silly thoughts about her riding several members of the football team. But I always got back to the mental imagine of my beautiful aunt wrapping herself around me and giving me her passion.

I incorporated both Patti and Bambi at this point. I fantasized about them stroking my body with soft, silky panties as my aunt slowly rode my erection. I thought about them planting soft kisses on my skin as they caressed me through silk and satin fabric.

When I had all I could stand I decided to let myself release. I grabbed for a condom, the last one that I had, and put it on quickly. I continued stroking my cock with one hand while stroking my body with the magenta bikini with the other, building myself up to a feverish pace. Closing my eyes I leaned back on my bed, dropped the thong onto my face, and continued pounding away at my cock, building up each thrust with more and more force.

Finally I shot my load. I filled that condom with every drop of come that I could muster out of my cock. When I was done shooting everything I had I lay back on the bed and took the new thong in my hand and just gently pulled it back and forth across my chest. I just lay there thinking about everything that had been said that day. It was almost more than I could handle, but it was all so erotic that I just let my mind wander about Sherrie, and Patti, and Bambi, and … Oh crap! I totally forgot. I hope it isn’t too late.


“Hi, Gail? It’s Vincent, your brother-in-law’s sister’s husband’s nephew. Boy, that’s a hell of a roadmap.”

“Hi, how are you?”

“Just fine. So, Brian gave me your number and said that I could give you a call tonight. He said you go to City College also.”

“Yes, I’m a sophomore there.”

“Really. So am I. Maybe we’ve bumped into each other somewhere?”


“So, maybe we could get together this weekend.”

“Are you asking me out?”

“Oh, yeah. I’m sorry. Would you like to go out this weekend?”

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