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Winning a Massage

Geoff walked into the dimly lit waiting room. His eyes took a few moments to adjust from the bright lights of outside making the room seem even darker than it was. A soft fragrance of scented candles filled the air along with light, relaxing music. Even if he did know where he was he would have known it was a massage therapy front office. Everything seemed designed to sooth and relax the patient.

Geoff felt himself relaxing even as he signed in and sat in the waiting area. He was about ten minutes early. He was glad that he was not late considering the distance he had driven to get here. As he thought about it, it seemed silly to drive forty five miles to get a massage. But he had won a drawing and a free massage was a free massage even if it was far away.

Geoff was waiting patiently when he heard the therapist come up to the counter. She was average in just about every way. She was short and slightly over weight with brown hair and green eyes. She was pleasant looking but certainly not striking. Yet she had a kindness in her eyes that he had seen in just about everyone in her profession.

"Geoff?" she asked.

Geoff nodded.

"I'm Sharon" she replied. "If you'll follow me you can get ready while I finish up with my last patient and close the door. You're my last customer today so I will go ahead and close up while you get ready."

Geoff did not feel the need to say anything as he followed her back to the furthest room on the left. It was lit only by a small candle in the corner. In the room was a large table covered with sheets. It had a circular pillow attached to the table that was obviously meant to lay face down on.

"Go ahead and get undressed" Sharon said "Then lie face down and make yourself comfortable. I will be back in a few moments. I'll knock first to see if you are ready."

Geoff murmured "thanks" and waited for her to close the door. Then he quickly undressed and took off his rings, watch and glasses before lying down on the table.

Geoff felt himself relax while he waited. The soft music and soothing scents lulled him almost to sleep when he heard a soft knock on the door.

"Yes" he called out as Sharon slipped into the door.

She greeted him again, asked if he was comfortable and inquired if he had any injuries or trouble areas she should be aware of. G explained his lower back had been hurting and stiff but was otherwise in good health. Soon the room was silent and G relinquished himself into Sharon's expert hands.

Sharon worked her way from Geoff's neck and shoulders down his body. She expertly found each knot and worked it out before moving on. When she came to his lower back Sharon commented on how warm a spot was. She could tell it must be painful.

Sharon slowly worked on Geoff's lower back. Her hands gradually worked the tenseness out before moving on to his gluteus. She chased the knots and tense muscles down to the backs of his thighs where they stopped. She worked on the backs of his thighs for a long while before moving down to his thighs.

Geoff was in heaven. His lower back felt a lot better and he tried not to think too much about how he enjoyed having his thighs and butt massaged. It was an effort to think about other things so as not to become embarrassed when asked to turn over.

Soon that was not too much of a worry as she began to work on his feet when he got a cramp. Sharon felt the cramp happen and worked it out immediately. Geoff was impressed by how quickly she got it but the issue of how to think about something else was now moot.

Sharon finished with Geoff's feet and asked him to turn over. She held up the sheet covering him and he quickly rolled over and slid down the table. Geoff noticed the table felt a little different as Sharon lined up his legs on it. She pushed the sheet up exposing his legs but leaving him still covered. Then she flipped a catch on the table and moved his legs apart. Geoff was surprised by the movement of his legs as he had not noticed the table was split.

Sharon now had great access to work on the front and sides of his calves and thighs. It was suddenly too late for G to think about something else as she worked her way up past his knee. Her hands working the muscles of his inner thigh from an angle between his legs made him aroused quickly and furiously. Geoff was glad the sheet was bunched up in such a way over his groin that it was not very obvious he was completely erect under it.

Sharon finished one leg and went to move the sheet back to cover his other leg. During the process the sheet slid away from his grin and he popped completely out. Geoff blushed bright red and stammered out "I'm sorry..."

Sharon replied quickly "Don't be embarrassed I am glad you are so relaxed. That is a perfectly normal reaction. I find that most of the men who first experience this table have that happen. It certainly does not bother me. The only problem I have is trying to keep the sheet covering you when the legs are split."

Geoff replied "Well the cat's out of the bag so to speak, so if you want to forget the sheet, it's ok with me."

"I'm glad you asked" Sharon said, "I have to leave it on unless you specifically give me permission."

Sharon folded the sheet and put it under the table then resumed work on Geoff's thighs. He quickly became used to the idea of not being covered and relaxed somewhat while she worked on his other leg. Sharon's work on his leg moved up to the inner thigh again and this time he just enjoyed the feeling.

Geoff almost moaned aloud when her hand brushed his now throbbing cock but he pretended nothing happened. Sharon worked the sides of his hip and up his side. Then she repositioned herself to finish the massage from the side of the table working on his stomach and pectorals. Finally she finished his neck and face.

Geoff relaxed again and was almost asleep as she completed his face massage.

Sharon whispered "I'd like to try something that might help your lower back if you are interested."

Geoff murmured "OK".

Sharon explained "I'm going to strap your ankles to the table then give you straps for your wrists to pull on. This should act like traction to stretch your spine and remove some of the pressure from your lower back. Then I will slide a heat pack under you and finally massage it again to really loosen that area up."

Sharon quickly put two Velcro straps around his ankles then slipped similar ones on his wrists for him to pull. The she urged him to pull softly until he could feel the pressure release. Geoff nodded indicating that he felt the pressure subside a lot and Sharon tightened the straps on his wrists.

"Now you don't have to pull" she said, "I have just the right tension. When I get it warmed up and loosened again we can tighten the pressure some more if you want."

Geoff just nodded as Sharon reached under him and slid a hot pack. Then she massages his lower back. Geoff felt the tension and pain leave completely after just a few minutes and told Sharon so.

"Good" Sharon said. "Let's leave it at this tension for a few minutes while I heat up another heating pad. Then we can see how you are doing. Just relax, if you can, I will be back in a few minutes."

Geoff did as he was told and relaxed. The lack of pain in his lower back was surprising. He did not realize how much he had grown accustomed to it. The lack of pressure made him smile and quickly forget the unusual position he was in.

Geoff heard Sharon open the door. She did not say anything but he soon felt her hands sliding lightly over his upper body. Something felt different. He opened his eyes and it was not Sharon at all. It was Lynn. His internet chat buddy and long time flirting partner was there standing beside him in the dimly lit room. Her smile was sensuous. She wore a dark corset that pushed her breasts up and spilled her nipples out of it.

Lynn did not say a word as Geoff gasped and tried to sit upright. But he was effectively bound in the traction straps and could not move. Lynn traced her fingers lightly over his body. Her nails brushed his nipples and tweaked them playfully. The she slipped them lightly down his stomach and his hip to his thighs.

She lightly stroked his thighs and smiled as he immediately was fully erect again. She continued teasing his inner thighs while watching each stroke cause him to throb in excitement. She loved the effect she was having on him. While Geoff was too stunned and turned on to even speak.

Lynn slid her hands down his legs to his feet and using the latch Sharon had used split the bed to spread his legs apart still bound to each piece. Then she stepped between his legs and spent several moments stroking his inner thighs lightly with her nails. Each stroke made him throb in excitement. She reveled over the ability to move him without touching it like a puppet master and a string. Except the only string was his desire.

Lynn reached beneath the table and flicked another latch with an audible "CLICK" resounding in the nearly silent room. She lifted his leg and he could year a ratchet sound as she positioned it bent at the knee and pushed upward exactly like the position of stirrups in an OB/GYN office. When she made the same motion with the other leg Geoff realized that this was just like the birthing table at the hospital. Both of his legs were now bent comfortable and somewhat obscenely spread apart and in the air. He wondered briefly if it dropped away like a birthing table. Soon he had his answer.

Lynn smiled at her accomplishment then reached beneath him for another latch. Geoff heard the latch then felt a portion of the table drop from beneath his bottom. He was now suspended by his legs with the edge of the table halfway up his butt. He was completely exposed and vulnerable.

Lynn reached under the table and came up with a bottle of oil. She poured the almost hot liquid all over his thighs, cock and balls. The warmth spread down his ass and pooled beneath him. Then she began to spread it slowly up and down his thighs. She rubbed it into his legs and then slid down to his ass. She kneaded his cheeks with the oil and slid it up his crack to coat the sensitive spot beneath his balls. Then she cupped them too in the warm oil as Geoff moaned in pleasure.

Lynn gathered the oils onto her hands and coated her hand with it before sliding even more on his ass. Then she touched his puckered opening. Geoff knew what was going to happen and no one had ever done that before. Yet somehow he wanted it. Bound as he was it would happen whether he wanted it or not.

Lynn's finger slid inside him so easily it surprised him. Geoff moaned again as the unfamiliar penetration went deeper inside him. Geoff's cock throbbed with excitement as Lynn's finger probed inside him. She reached deeper until she found the spot.

When L's finger touched Geoff's prostate he moaned loudly with pleasure. Pre cum flowed like a river out of his cock as it throbbed with excitement. Lynn grinned like a Cheshire cat watching the effect she had on him.

She rubbed her free hand into the pool of oil beneath him then slid it up cupping his balls before sliding her hand up and grasping his throbbing rod. She slid her hand up his shaft until she reached the tip then twirled it with her hand.

He was moaning almost uncontrollably now. She could see and feel how excited he was. She slid her hand back down his shaft while simultaneously bending over him and flicking her tongue across the tip of his cock.

Lynn played her tongue across the opening of Geoff's cock then licked all around the head. She savored the flavor of the massage oil combined with the musky flavor of his copious precum. Then she opened her mouth and took him deeply inside.

Lynn sucked him hard into her mouth while rubbing his prostate with her finger and sliding her other hand up and down his shaft. Geoff thrashed against his bonds in pleasure. He had never felt anything so intense in his live. He could feel the unstoppable orgasm building like fire deep within him. It started from her finger rubbing his prostate and rushed up into his balls before sliding up his shaft.

L felt G's balls tighten just before his cock got rock hard in her mouth. Hot cum filled her mouth as she swallowed to keep from gagging. Geoff shot cum three or four times in hard spasms filling her mouth in spite of her efforts. She swallowed a last swallow then wiped the drip from her chin as she looked up at Geoff.

"My turn" she said with a gleeful grin.

Lynn climbed up on the table and straddled Geoff's head. Geoff was treated to a view that filled him with lust as he looked up Lynn's long legs and saw the tiny wet patch of cloth barely covering her hairless lips. He watched as L slowly slid the thong down her legs revealing her glistening lips. Then she knelt down above his face and lowered herself onto his mouth.

Geoff was in heaven. Her wet lips literally dripped with her excitement. Her taste was musky and honey sweet. He licked all the wetness from them then drove his tongue inside of her to search for more. Lynn spent several minutes just enjoying Geoff's expert tongue as it drove her passion higher and higher. But he was too good. She needed to distract him.

Lynn leaned forward onto her elbows while Geoff continued to drive her wild with his tongue. She slid her hands along his hips and gathered the excess oil that had pooled there. But before she could continue, Geoff's tongue found her clit. She had no choice but to ride out the orgasm that came rushing up from deep inside her. She came hard and fast pouring more wetness onto Geoff's face. Geoff moved away from her clit to lick up the fresh juices from her lips.

That gave Lynn the opportunity to continue her plan. She gathered the oil in her hands and spread it across his groin. She slid her hands across his balls and up the shaft of his cock. It was already starting to get hard again. She planned to complete that process. She bent down and licked the head with light little flicks of her tongue.

Geoff stopped licking Lynn's lips when her tongue hit his all too sensitive cock. He gasped in pleasure. It took several moments for him to go back to licking her. He was definitely distracted. He needed to distract her again. G did the only thing he could; he slid his tongue down to her clit and began licking it fast and furious.

Lynn moaned in pleasure but instead of pulling away from Geoff's cock she took it deep into her mouth. She continued moaning with him in her mouth as she quickly came again. Lynn's moaning on Geoff's cock while cumming on his face brought him back to rock hard in a few seconds.

Lynn could not wait a moment longer. She jumped up off of Geoff's face turned around and sat on his hard throbbing cock. She was so wet from cumming that he slid in easily in spite of the tight fit. His cock was much thicker than she had imagined. It stretched her to the point it almost hurt. Lynn rocked back and forth on his cock and looked at his face.

Geoff was smiling at her in relaxed contentment and control. Having cum so recently he was not as frantic or out of control as L felt he should be. After all this was about her control over him. She decided the last surprise needed to be revealed. She slowly unlaced her corset while Geoff watched. Lynn let the corset fall away revealing her naked body to Geoff while she caught the last secret that had been hidden in the back.

It was a small wand about the size and shape of a crooked finger with a handle on the end. Geoff was too busy staring at her naked breasts to have seen it as she leaned back giving him a better view. This position also allowed her to hide the wand behind her and coat it with oil pooled on the table.

Once it was suitably slick she quickly slid it between his legs under he and into his exposed opening. It slid in quickly causing a gasp of surprise and pleasure from Geoff. Lynn pushed it all the way in and let it sit there while she continued to rock on him. She began to ride him harder in and out causing him to forget the recent intrusion in his ass and focus on the incredible feeling of sliding in and out of her hot, tight vagina.

Lynn was getting close to cumming again and Geoff looked like he could go for days. She rode him harder and faster until she came with a torrent of liquid and squeezed his cock hard inside her. Geoff smiled watching her cum. After she recovered Lynn reached back and turned on the wand handle now sticking out of Geoff's ass. The vibrator hummed to life and hummed right on Geoff's prostate.

Geoff quickly lost that look of control and the vibrations stimulated him deep inside. He began to throb and get even harder inside of Lynn. She smiled and began to squeeze him with her vaginal muscles. Years of Kegel exercises came to play as she squeezed and milked his cock with her well developed muscles.

Geoff groaned aloud as he felt himself loosing control again. This time the orgasm began so deep inside he could hardly keep from yelling at its intensity. It slowly built from deep within and rose up to his balls as Lynn continued to milk him with her extraordinary muscle control.

Geoff began to moan aloud as his balls tightened; his cock throbbed harder and became rock hard before it began to spew its hot load of cum deep inside Lynn. The sensation caused another orgasm to wash over Lynn. Her moans of pleasure joined Geoff's until at last he collapsed in spasms. She reached behind him and turned off the wand before falling onto his chest in a heap of pleasure.

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