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Women in Charge 2

Leesa broke the spell of the silence when she said, "we took in a little over sixteen hundred so far, how are you doing?"

Mick answered with a curt, " I got six hundred but I sold a corset and I'll collect half on that tonight, so that will bring me up to eight fifty or so. " He thought for a moment and then added, "I might get to move a set of restraints but I don't think that I will break a thousand tonight."

Leesa answered with a playful lilt to her voice. "I hear that you are doing a scene with Pat and stevie later." She reached over to give Mick a kiss on the lips, letting her tongue slide into his opening mouth. The kiss became more than just a kiss, it was a promise of more to come later. "You save some of that good loving for me later tonight. I am doing a scene with Amber and Sheila and I am going to be so hot when I get done. I am going to need your expert attentions when we get to our room." Leesa was a very take-charge sort of person and it came across as an order but Mick knew her well enough that he knew it was a request.

"I'm always ready to make love to you old lady," he pulled her close and gave her a strong hug and a kiss on the lips. "You are always the main course for me, everything else is just practice warming up for you." As he pulled back from her he asked. "What happened to Wendy and willy, I thought they were supposed to be here tonight?"

"They got held up in Atlanta with bad weather, Windy said they would try to get here but they might be late. What time is it anyway, I've been so busy I've lost track." She handed Mick her small case that contained their crystal-meth supply. "I could use a small line, how about you?"

"Yeah, I guess I could at that," he took the case, shook out a bit of the tiny white rocks onto the polished stone and started to chop it with a razorblade. When he had a fine power he formed two straight lines on the stone. He took a portion of straw and sucked up one line into his nose. He then passed the straw and the stone to Leesa where she snorted up her line, she ran the straw all around the rock snorting everything that might b there. They both chased the drip with drinks of their coffee. In moments the energy began to build inside them and they felt the rushing of the high.

'It's almost midnight." Mick replied, "guess things will start to wind down a bit in about three hours or so."

The words were hardly our of his mouth before they saw the lights of a car turning into their driveway. It was a long black limousine and they waited to see who it could be. They both laughed when they saw the small figure of willy run around the car to open the door for Mistress Wendy.

"We're up here." They both called out together and then laughed, "come on up here with us"

Windy gave willy instructions to go and get her a cup of coffee and bring it to the pool, she then started to walk up the slope to the stairs to the deck. Leesa rose and gave her a big hug when she reached them, Mick had started to chop a line for their friend when he had realized who it was. Windy came over to where she saw the rock with the powered line waiting for her.

"God, I was so hoping that you would have a little boost for me, I am beat." She took the rock and noisily drew the power up the straw deep into her nostril. Handing the rock back to Mick, who licked the residue off, she said. "Damn, that burns good."

"How was your trip south?" Leesa asked as they settled down around the table on the deck.

"It was OK I guess but it is so very third-worldish down there. There is a church on every corner and it is against the law to sell a sex toy. Can you believe that, it's actually against the law and they will put your ass in jail for selling a vibrator in the state of Alabama." Windy didn't take fools lightly and the fact that there was a whole state full of fools was something she had trouble grasping. " You can buy a gun almost anywhere and every country store sells ammo but you can't buy a fucking dildo anywhere in the state. What a bunch of morons." She shook her head in sad disgust for their lack of understanding below the Mason-Dixon line.

Leesa and Mick were both sporting big smiles as they listened to their friend tell of her adventures in the land of the rednecks. Willy brought Windy her coffee and sank to his knees beside the chair she sat in. They talked until Amber came outside looking for Mick; somebody needed something from the leather shop. Mick gave the small case back to Leesa, said his good byes and left the happy little group, time to get back to work. The night was only half way over, but now that Windy was here you could bet that the next half was going to be the hot one.

As he walked back down the hill to the house he thought back over the years they had been having these parties. Damn had it been four years already? It was hard to believe how fast the time went by anymore. The dates didn't lie; next month would mark their fourth anniversary. Four years of two parties a month, he did the math in his head as he walked through the door into the kitchen. Damn that was twenty-four a year times four years, fuck that was hundred parties. Every party was usually about twenty-five to thirty people. The math got too hard to do in his head but he was impressed that they had entertained over three thousand friends and perverts.

When he got back into his shop he found the young girl that he had fitted for the corset waiting for him. She had a check made out to him for the full amount of the corset, not the half that he asked for up front but the whole four hundred and fifty dollars he charged for a corset. He was going to break a thousand on the night. He wrote out a paid receipt for the slave girl and then sent her back to her mistress with his thanks. Now if the guy would just come back and get the set of restraints he was working on they would have made a very good nights work.

He finished his work, put away his tools and equipment, and leaving the door open to his shop, walked into the kitchen. Amber was just finishing cleaning up the area, she came over and helped before and during every party. She liked being in the scene and some times even played with the guess after her chores were done. More than that, she was a friend and both Leesa and Mick loved her like family.

"Good party," Amber said as she placed a hot cup of coffee in front of Mick. "It seemed that the people really got alone with each other, almost like they were friends."

"Hell," Mick replied, "most of them been here so many times that they feel at home. It's one of the nice things about having the parties so often and for so long. A lot of the guys here tonight are friends"

Mick was rudely interrupted by Windy storming up the stairs from the basement yelling for willy. "Willy get the funnel and get your ass in here. Right fucking now! WILLY!"

Willy came running in from the parking lot with a long funnel like you would use to put transmission fluid in with. The funnel was connected to a long piece of tubing; the whole thing was nearly two foot long.

Windy stopped when she saw willy. "Get you ass on your back, I got to piss."

Willy lay down in the floor right there in the kitchen and put the tube into his mouth, he held the funnel erect with his hands.

Windy reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down to her knees. She stepped over willy's face and lowered her self down over the funnel. She started to piss. She looked over to the surprised faces of Amber and Mick. "Can you believe that Scourery guy?"

Mick was still stunned by watching this woman use a man for her toilet, he could hardly focus on what she was saying while she pissed. "What are you talking about?" He asked, as he watched the throat of willy struggle to swallow the piss as it gushed down the tube into his mouth.

Wendy was a born show-off and she was loving this moment, she pretended to not even notice the sounds of struggle that were coming up from poor willy as he fought for his life against a flood of piss. "There's some asshole downstairs going way out of his way to piss off some of the Dom's. He has already paid for a session with Mistress Pat but he has been so rude to everybody that all the Dom's are going to take a turn at him in a few minutes." Windy stopped talking to us and barked out a command to willy, "paper."

Willy reached into his pocket and held up a handful of napkins. Mick could hear him as he swallowed the piss that was still running out of the funnel.

Windy resumed her story as she dried herself with the napkin. "Anyway some of the girls are going to give him a lot more than he paid for. You guys should come on down and watch, this is going to get heavy." She stood up erect and pulled her panties back into place, she looked down at willy. "When you are finished with your drink go back out on the porch and wait for me to call you." She walked away heading back down the stairs leaving willy completely exposed with everybody able to watch the dark line of the fluid as it fell down the tube he held in his mouth.

Mick and Amber decided that they would take her up on her offer; taking their cups of coffee they headed down stairs. Roy and Roxanne were doing a scene where she was sticking needles through his ball sack. It was a pretty intense scene and it had shocked some of the watchers, but not Jimmy Scourery. Only Scourery's voice could be heard as he drowned out everybody else in his general vicinity. "She missed the nut, all she did was stick a needle through loose skin. That ain't no big deal. Hell that's like a trick, an illusion. Hell I want to see some real blood play, let me hold that damn needle and I'll show you how it is done."

Roy and Roxanne were older than most of the people at the party, both being in their late fifties. It wasn't right that they should have to put up with this kind of shit. The guy was really being an asshole all right, Mick felt that he should do something and was getting ready to confront Scourery when he heard Mistress Pat call Scourery's name.

"I'm waiting for you Mister Scourery, you do still want that session you paid for don't you?" Pat was looking so strong in her black leather dress with the boots going up under the hem. She was slapping her hand with a flogger, one of the ones with knots in the leather straps, a very serious toy. "Well, has the cat got your tongue, or are you just all talk?"

"I can take anything an old woman like you can dish out." Came Scourery's reply. You had to give it to him, when it came to being an asshole he was right up there with the best of them. He seemed to strut a bit as he came to her, taking off his shirt as he walked over to where Mistress Pat stood waiting.

"You take your heart medicine old lady? I wouldn't want you to hurt yourself swinging that big whip." Scourery worked up his face into a sneer; it was as close as he could get to a smile. "You better use the restraints with buckles since you properly can't tie a knot."

Mistress Pat never said a word as she secured the man with both of his hands stretched over his head, she then bent over and attached his ankles to a spreader bar. When she was finished and he wasn't going anywhere, she leaned in to whisper something into his ear. Mick couldn't hear what she said but he thought that he saw Scourery shiver or maybe it was more of a flinch.

Flogging can be harmless if you use the right flogger, say one with reindeer straps. The leather is so light that it is like whipping someone with a feather. On the other hand you can take cowhide cut in a thick strap and then tie knots in the straps. Well those heavy straps will beat a man until he is bloody, bruised up so bad that he can't walk. Mistress Pat held one of those floggers as she walked behind her customer. He had paid for this; she wanted to see that he got his moneys worth. She came across her body with an overhand swing bringing the flogger down with the sound of a gun going off as it lay across Scourery's back.

The air was forced out of Scourery's chest in a harsh grasping sound as the hard blow sent the small knots cutting across his back. Several small bloody spots were left to grow on his back as she drew the flogger back for another blow. The explosion of sound as the straps landed was followed by another loud smacking sound as Scourery's body was slammed against the rock wall he stood against. Pat didn't slow down with blow after blow landing on the poor man's back. She was most definitely leaving marks tonight.

A while ago Mick was worried about what to do about Scourery, now he was worried about how to save him. That was the moment when Mistress Pat caught his eye and gave him a big wink. She was in control and everything was going to be all right. Mick relaxed and began to enjoy the beating that the woman was giving to the guy. After all he was an asshole of epic proportions and he richly deserved this. After about twenty minutes Mistress Pat took a break, she was breathing heavy as she sat down on the stairs beside where Mick and Amber were standing.

Mistress Topaz seemed to come from nowhere and took the flogger from Pat. She walked over to whisper something in Scourery's ear. Mick was sure that he saw the man draw up a little when she said whatever she said. Topaz walked back to stand behind the bound man; she laid the flogger on the floor and pulled a thin plastic rod from her toy bag. Scourery actually whimpered when she started to draw a cross pattern of welts across the skin of the man's back. Her blows were hard and precise making his back a bloody grid of red lines and raised welts. She didn't stop until she had worked out her anger on the man. When she was finished she walked over and poured a salt-water mixture over the wounds causing Scourery to scream with pain.

Mick was finding this hard to watch, he was completely taken by surprise when Leesa came downstairs and took her turn whipping the man with her favorite paddle. Leesa had her slave Rob take the man's pants down to his ankles. When Scourery protested Mistress Roxanne put a gag in his mouth, to the cheers of everybody in the basement. Leesa started to work on the mans newly exposed naked ass. The big heavy paddle pounding his ass until it looked like the peel of an orange, not in color but in texture. Making him dance against the hard stones of the wall as he suffered in silence. When she had finished with her paddle she handed off to Mistress Wendy, easily the most extreme woman in the building.

Like all the others Wendy walked over and whispered something in the man's ear. Scourery was so far gone now that Mick didn't notice any reaction at all, the man just hung on the wall. Wendy walked back to take her positions behind the man. She had a wooden ping-pong paddle that somebody had carved several little heart shaped holes through it. It made such a loud smacking sound when she brought it down hard across the mans ass. She whipped him until his ass was almost white looking. If you leave an orange in the fridge too long it will turn a whitish color almost gray looking. That is as close as Mick could come to describing Scourery's ass when those girls were done with him. It had the texture and color of a moldy orange, it had gone past red to become a pale whiteish gray. It didn't look like flesh anymore.

He had waned to get his ass whipped and by god that is what he had done. Mick and some of the guys helped him upstairs where he slowly got his shit back together once more. He was not a happy camper, standing in the sewing room chain smoking complaining about how the women had treated him. Mick went in with him to make sure that the vicious beating he had received hadn't hurt him. Everyone else had heard enough out of him and went back to the party.

"What did the girls whisper in your ear before each one started to whip you?" Mick asked, trying to make small talk.

Scourery looked up at Mick, anger and hurt was in the man's eyes as he replied. "They told me that I wasn't welcome here anymore. They told me that they were going to really hurt me if I didn't start to behave better, They told me that they were going to turn me into a bitch if I ever treated any of them disrespectfully again, the way they said I did tonight." Scourery had a drinking problem and Mick could see the need on his face as he asked, "Mick could I bring a can of beer in from my car and drink it inside?"

Mick shook his head, "no, if you want to drink you will have to leave. You remember the last time that I let you drink here?" Scourery hung his head, mumbling something Mick couldn't hear. After listening to him bitch for a few more minutes, Mick had to ask him to leave and he sullenly got in his car and drove away. He would show up again in about six months, he always had in the past.

When Mick went back into the front room he found a different feeling in the air. All the lightweights had called it a night and went back to Allentown to their rooms. Everybody still partying was part of 'the group' the people who had been to so many parties that they had become trusted friends. All of them were heavy hitters in the sense that they played S&M for real, in the sense that they shed real blood and there was intense pain involved. It was a crowd that Scourery would have belonged with if he could've controlled his desire to be the world's greatest asshole.

Leesa was a heavy hitter and belonged with these people, she loved the lifestyle of FemDom. Mick on the other hand loved sex not pain, humiliation and pain translated as henpecked and hurt in his mind. Leesa was a top and she wanted a bottom. Mick liked the sex but was not willing to suffer to get it, so Leesa getting her own slave, Rob, solved the problem.

Mick liked Rob and they had become friends, no they were closer than that, like brothers. That boy could take a beating and was always thinking up new reasons why he needed one. Leesa seemed always ready to dish it out, so they were perfect for each other. Sometimes Mick would join in when they were playing, He always followed Leesa orders when they played together because it was important to maintain the illusion that Leesa was topping both of them.

Mistress Pat had stevie on the bondage sled, a wooden frame made of two by fours that had strong leather straps to secure the forearms and the legs of the slave who was on it. Pat had put a cushion just ahead of her husband/slave's face. That's where Mick would sit while stevie sucked his cock. She had a large bowl that she was sitting down under the slaves upturned ass. She turned a valve in the butt-plug in stevie's ass and red liquid started to rush down the clear tubing into the bowl. She noticed that Mick was watching and said. "I got him good and tipsy, he has been sucking the a alcohol out of that bottle of wine for hours now."

Mick looked at the slave again and noticed that he did look a little unfocused, a bit watery eyed. He looked drunk. While they didn't allow drinking during the parties, they kind agreed that after the lite-weights had left the rules changed and pretty much anything went with the heavy hitters.

Leesa and rob came up from the basement and stood watching as Mick took off his clothes. Naked he sat down on the cushion, bringing his stiffening cock within inches of stevie's lips. Mistress Pat wasted no time as she commanded stevie to start licking and kissing on the offered dick, warning him not to suck until she told him to. A crowd of their friends gathered around the bondage sled and settled in for a good show. Stevie's lips and tongue was doing a fine job of getting his cock rock hard and Mick was wishing that he could get to the serious sucking, but he waited for Pat to call the shots. She was lubing up her husbands asshole getting it ready for her cock that was going to push her slave into the rank of cum-slut. Stevie was getting excited and his dick was hard and waving under him as he worked on Mick, sliding his wet lips alone the length of the hard cock wanting to take it into his mouth.

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